How To Make Your Camping Spot Feel Like Home

Camping Spot

Setting up a camp can be a daunting task, especially if you’re preparing it for your family and friends. In all our years of camping, we’ve already experienced how to set up a camp in many different ways. What we’re most proud of is how we were able to glam up our campsites in simple ways.

In this article, we’ll share some easy tricks on how to make your simple camping site turn into something glamorous (glamping), from hanging welcoming lights to playing your favorite music, to putting up a hammock, to having your home-cooked gourmet meals with your family and friends.

So, how can you spice up your camping experience? We’ll talk about making your tent warmer, your camp beds more snuggle-friendly, your dinner table cheerful, and creating a hangout area. Just sit back, relax, and read about these exciting ideas.


The heart of your campsite is your tent. No matter how comfortable your camp may be, if you do not have a good camping tent, your camping experience will not be as satisfactory as you want it to be. If you want to invest in a good tent, check out our article on the best tents for camping where we listed and reviewed the top tents available in the market today. 


Making a warmer camping tent

There’s nothing more welcoming than having a tent that has warm lights, soft rugs, hanging flags, and organized baskets. So whether you’re camping in the summer or winter season, here are some tricks to make your tent warmer on your next trip.

1. Accessorize with blankets and rugs

A great way to add color and life inside your tent is by placing a rug or a blanket right in front of the door after you enter. This way, you can enforce the no-camp-shoes-in-tent rule, and create an instant cozy feeling for your guests.

2. Put up warm lights

Out of the many things that you can do to warm up your tent, putting up some yellow lights is one of the easiest ones. If your campsite has power, then go get yourself some rope lights and lanterns, and hang them inside your tent or put them on top of your camp tables.

3. Put up decorative flags

Another trick to impress your family and friends when camping is by decorating your place with bunting. Nothing can take out the festivity feeling when you see triangle flags hanging around the area. Not only does it give the place an energetic vibe, but you’ll also instantly feel connected with the people around you.

4. Hang dream catchers and wind chimes

Want to experience that dream-like, bohemian lifestyle? A great way to achieve this is by hanging a dream catcher right at the center of your tent, and putting up some wind chimes on the trees near your tent.

5. Decorate with table-topped books and flowers

If you’re on a week-long trip with your family and friends, having some books around is a great way to encourage some down time or just to pass the time. Like in your bedroom, put small bedside tables on either side of your camping mattress, cover them with tapestries, and bring out your favorite books and magazines.

Accessorize your design even more by gathering some honeysuckles and flowers within your campsite, and put them on top of your pre-designed tables.


Snuggly camping bed

Now that you’re done decorating the interior of your comfy camping tent, let’s go straight to the most important part of it — your bed. Turn your sleepless and cold nights into dreamy and snuggly nights. Here are some ideas on how you can glam up your camp beds

6. Invest in air mattresses

Although sleeping pads can still be comfortable, glamping means total comfort. To achieve this, it’s a great idea to invest in air mattresses or cots. Not only will it be more comfortable, but it will also last a good few years. If it gets cold, you can also put a duvet or another mattress for extra insulation.

If you’re looking for suggestions on which sleeping pad to get, you can check out our Best Camping Beds and Pads article where we curated and reviewed the top products on the market today.

7. Colorful duvets

Since we’re already talking about duvets, make sure that you bring colorful and bright duvets from your home. There’s a big difference in bringing your already-used duvets, which your family is familiar with, and buying new ones for every family trip.

8. Cushions and pillows

Although pillows and cushions are alike, it’s a different feeling if you have cushions specifically designed to provide comfort inside your camping tent. Decorate the top side and the foot side of your bed with colorful and fluffy pillows.


If you’re looking for more ways to make your tent and campsite more comfortable, check out our article on how to set up a comfy camping tent for tips and tricks on how to set up the most comfortable campsite. We have mastered the art of being comfortable outdoors and we’re more than happy to share what we know with you. 


Preparing a proper camping dinner

For some people, camping means sitting in a fold-up camping chair, and eating with plates on your hands. But if you want to make your camping spot feel like home, it’s important that you have a designated area where you can set up a great dining experience.

9. Set the table

Your dining table doesn’t have to be fully decorated for you to make it feel like home. All you have to do is set up your table cloth, and bring out your durable dishware, and some cloth napkins.

It’s worth taking note that you should never put candles on your camping dinner table or anywhere near your tent. This is to ensure that you won’t have any fire accidents.

10. Cook camping gourmet meals

Making your camping feel like home means that you have to skip the chips and hotdogs for dinner. Cooking gourmet meals is not hard, especially if you have the right material with you. You’ll need a stove with burners, a cooler to keep your ingredients fresh and cool, and a proper set of cookware.

11. Serve wine

If you’re setting your camp for a cheerful gathering, then it’s impeccable that you serve good wine along with your cooked meals. Imagine sitting down, drinking wine, and chatting with your loved ones over good food. Priceless!

Want to take it up a notch? Find yourself some jars, where you can transfer the wine. This can create a more homey feeling, especially when you’re under some rope lights.


Cooking outdoors and away from the comfort of your kitchen can be intimidating. But, who says you can’t bring your kitchen to the wilderness? Check out this article about our top recommendations for the best camping cookware for all budget and sizes.


Chill-out area and entertainment

After setting up your warm and cozy tent, and eating with your family and friends, camping would not be complete if you didn’t spend some good time around a fire, with s’mores, drinks, and good laughter.

12. Create a campfire (to eat s’mores)

Camping will not be complete if you don’t set a campfire and sit around it. Not only does it provide you with the needed heat and light during the night, but it’s also the best way to make some s’mores, which is a necessity to almost all campers.

13. Den-like shelter

Expand the coziness of your camp by creating a den-like shelter around your campfire. You can do this by simply hanging up an old sheet, a tarp, or a sarong to catch the cold breeze.

14. Lounging area

Some people prefer to sit in a camping chair, so make sure to bring extra pillows for them to cover or hug around. But if you’re like us, — more laid-back, — you can simply set down a blanket, and have some extra cushions.

15. Flavored drinks

S’mores would not be perfect if you didn’t have some drinks with you. But let’s skip the bottle of beers this time. You can serve your flavored drinks with just water and fresh citrus fruits, and put them in a water jug. Not only does it keep everyone sober, but it’s also a fresh and creative way to enjoy your nights longer.



Camping is an amazing way to bond with your family and friends. Since you’ll be spending most of your time outdoors, this is also a good chance to take a break from the electronics and enjoy the fresh air. If you want your camping trips to be as memorable and comfortable as possible, you need to make your campsite feel like home. 

Camping should not be about cold nights. Make sure that each family camping trip is a memorable one by decorating your campsite and tent, preparing a good meal, and having an enjoyable night. Try out the easy tricks that we’ve mentioned above, and we assure you that your camping trips will never be the same again.

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