SUNGAIT Vintage Round Sunglasses Review

SUNGAIT Vintage Round Sunglasses

Going outdoors with style? The SUNGAIT Vintage Round Sunglasses may suit your taste. This eyewear is not only well-designed, but is also made with durable materials. For instance, frames are thermoplastic and the temples are metal.

This is a lightweight pair of sunglasses that can protect you from the harmful effects of UV rays. The smart design provides user comfort at just a cheap price. This became our top pick for best hiking sunglasses under $50. However, the downside of these sunglasses are the non-polarized lenses.

Let’s further discuss the features and performance of this eyewear based on the following topics: frame build, lens quality, eye protection, comfort, case quality, and value for money. Keep reading our review to know whether this equipment is good for you or not.


When you venture out into the wilderness for a hike, it’s important to arm yourself with items that will protect you from the elements. One of the items that you should always have with you is a good pair of sunglasses. If you want to get a pair that is perfect for hiking, check out our best hiking sunglasses recommendations. 


Frame Build

The SUNGAIT Vintage Round Sunglasses’ frame is undeniably sturdy. Many hikers have expressed their admiration of this model’s design, and how it supplements their outfits anywhere they go. It looks so stylish that it gives off great features.

Apart from being durable, it is proven to be lightweight because it is made of a trusted material, TR90. From our light research, it is a thermoplastic matter produced by Swiss technology. In addition to being a durable and lightweight material, it also provides flexibility.

Hikers expressed that when using these sunglasses over an extended period of time, they didn’t feel any pressure nor stress in the nose pad and temples because it is incredibly light. The temples are made of metal, which is an extra asset in the durability aspect. Wearing these sunglasses is the definition of protecting your eyes with style.


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Lens Quality

We can say that we discovered this model’s drawback in this area. Although it is an ideal pair of sunglasses, if you examine it vividly, you may find some disadvantages yourself. But since this is an affordable eyewear, we think that you can consider this standard.

Based on SUNGAIT’s product description, the lenses of this eyewear are non-polarized. This means that they can somehow reduce the brightness caused by the sunlight, but cannot protect your eyes if it reflects against the water, for example. It can hurt your eyes if you are traveling in sunny weather.

So far, we haven’t seen a lot of people who didn’t find it effective under sunlight. This may be because they are using them in urban places, where reflections may not be as noticeable and dominant.


Eye Protection

Even though we find these weak in terms of lens features, they still withdraw their performance in this attribute. The lenses are packed with ultraviolet (UV) protection to block the harmful rays from the sunlight. So, don’t worry if you think that they have limited capabilities.

The lenses of the SUNGAIT Vintage Round Sunglasses possess UV 400, which can block UVA and UVB rays completely. So, in addition to looking stylish, this eyewear has wide features that can benefit you. Using it anywhere will protect you from those kinds of dangerous UV rays.

You can use these sunglasses if you are traveling, hiking, camping, or going to the beach. With such a wide range of capacities, you can guard your eyes with style for a cheap price.


When hiking, you will be exposed to bright and sunny weather. Therefore, you will need a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes. These can prevent eye damages and let you see properly. For more information, read our article to know why you need sunglasses when hiking



If you ask users how they would describe the SUNGAIT Vintage Round Sunglasses, the first thing you would hear is “comfortable.” This model has a great fit and design, which suits numerous people’s taste. It did not bring them discomfort, even if they were wearing it for an extended time.

The nose bridge is shaped like a keyhole, and has no nose pad. Some people find sunglasses without a nose pad very uncomfortable, but with these, people seem to like it that way. We personally think that it looks more open and comfortable.

The screws of the hinge that connect the temple and frame are moderately tightened by the manufacturer. This will allow the user to fold and unfold the glasses easily. It will also prevent you from forcing, which may result in damages to the frame or temple.

Most users are impressed with its built because it just looks like a fashionable eyewear, but owns a lot of strength that provides many advantages. Numerous eyewear users are searching for this kind of sunglasses, so if you are one of them, then you should take note of this one.


Case Quality

The SUNGAIT Vintage Round Sunglasses’ packaging looks elegant and expensive. However, there is no hard case provided in its box. The bundle only includes the sunglasses, a cloth, and a soft bag. This is another drawback we found.

That does not mean that this pair of shades is entirely affected by its lack of a hard case. You can still use the soft case, but beware of where you are going to place it as it can cause damages to the sunglasses. There are several expensive sunglasses that don’t have hard cases either.

We still find hard cases to be more effective in terms of protecting your sunglasses. Having one will isolate your gear wherever you place it. If you plan to put the SUNGAIT Vintage Round Sunglasses inside your backpack, then we suggest you buy a hard case to protect them properly.


Just like any other equipment, you need to properly take care of your sunglasses to make them last longer. It’s easy to damage your sunglasses by using the wrong cleaning technique or a strong cleaning solution which is why we recommend that you follow our guide to know the best way to clean and protect your sunglasses


Value for Money

Overall, this is truly an affordable pair of sunglasses, hence why we chose it as the best hiking sunglasses for under $50. Although you may have read some negative features and deficiencies in these sunglasses, this is still an ideal eyewear for a cheap price. Just weigh the price and the advantages you can get when making your decision.

The price is changing constantly, click here to check the latest price on AmazonOpens in a new tab.. Considering the low price of this eyewear, we are amazed by their capabilities. We concluded that it surpasses other sunglasses available at a higher price. So, buying these won’t leave you with any regrets.

If you are being cautious with a budget and need a pair of sunglasses for your travel, you can invest your money at this price. It’s not expensive, and you can have all the features you’ll be needing outdoors.



We hailed the SUNGAIT Vintage Round Sunglasses as the best hiking sunglasses for under $50. The light frame and the shatterproof lenses make them appealing from our perspective. Also, the UV protection is another strength of this eyewear.

This is just an ideal and stylish pair of sunglasses that you can have for a cheap price. This is the best option to consider as it outshines other more expensive sunglasses on the market. If you’re a budget conscious hiker, these sunglasses are perfect for you.

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