ATTCL Kids Hot TR90 Polarized Sports Sunglasses Review

ATTCL Kids Hot TR90 Polarized Sports Sunglasses

If you want stylish and durable eyewear for your child, ATTCL Kids Hot TR90 Polarized Sports sunglasses may be the ones that will suit your needs. The frames and temples are made with silicone materials that are flexible and prevent breakage and cracks.

The lenses are polarized and possess ultraviolet (UV) protection to guard your kid’s eyes under sunny weather. They are also comfortable and a perfect fit for kids’ usage. This pair of sunglasses is an affordable gear that your child will like. So far, from our assessments, we don’t find any negative features nor drawbacks with these sunglasses.

Let’s further discuss the features and performance of this eyewear based on the following topics: frame build, lens quality, eye protection, comfort, case quality, and value for money. Keep reading our review to know whether this equipment is good for your kids or not.


When you venture out into the wilderness for a hike, it’s important to arm yourself with items that will protect you from the elements. One of the items that you should always have with you is a good pair of sunglasses. If you want to get a pair that is perfect for hiking, check out our best hiking sunglasses recommendations. 


Frame Build

Children are vulnerable outdoors, so before you head out, make sure they are protected with some gears. To protect your child’s vision with comfort, ATTCL Kids Hot TR90 Polarized Sports sunglasses may be the best option.

The frame is definitely sturdy as it is made with soft silicone that looks like plastic. Such material solves the possibility of the frame breaking.

From our perspective, this is a smart design that could prevent further damages to the sunglasses. There is a huge possibility your child will engage in lots of physical activities, which may result in a fracture of the frame. So, if you are looking for sturdy eyewear for your kid, then we recommend this pair for you.

As you may know, plastic frames may harm your kid. If they break, the edges will be sharp, which can injure your child. With these sunglasses however, you can ensure your child’ safety.


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Lens Quality

The lenses on this pair of sunglasses are not low quality. Usually, the standards for kids’ sunglasses are beneath the quality of those for adults. But with these, you can be sure that your money won’t be wasted.

These are composites lenses, and are lightweight, impact-resistant, and narrow. The advantage of its feature does not end here; the lenses are also polarized. These kinds of lenses tend to reduce the reflection of light that can pass through your eyewear. The best example is the sunlight striking into the water and reflecting in your eyes.

Since this is an outdoor gear, your child won’t be experiencing stress when enjoying these under bright weather. Their vision will be well-protected, and they will be able to have an adventure with a guard on their vision.


Eye protection

Aside from a great lens built, the ATTCL Kids Hot TR90 Polarized Sports sunglasses also possess eye protection. Polarized lenses work differently with UV protection, and this pair owns both features. An amazing advantage for children’s eyewear.

Sunlight does not only strike your body. It also comes with harmful effects, and that’s where UV rays go in. They can damage your naked eyes if you expose them to the said rays. This is why this pair of sunglasses can solve your problem and protect your child.

Having UV protection outdoors is always recommended, especially for children, who are most vulnerable when they are outside. Don’t be complacent that you can see what they are doing; always cover them with gears to protect them against the heat and the sun.


When hiking, you will be exposed to bright and sunny weather. Therefore, you will need a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes. These can prevent eye damages and let you see properly. For more information, read our article to know why you need sunglasses when hiking



Apart from its design, this pair of sunglasses can bring comfort to your child. It does not only please the parents, but also the kids. Parents and kids will like them as they won’t give your children eye strain nor any pressure. The build is just perfect to avoid such discomfort.

We love the structure of these sunglasses. We don’t have anything to protest in this area, so we can conclude that these guarantee a great comfort to your child. As far as we can assess, the built is just a perfect fit for children.

We also consulted other users and collated their answers, and almost all of them had positive feedback. Their kids loved the fit, and had been using these glasses for a long time. They even bought other pairs for their nieces and nephews.


Case quality

If you purchase ATTCL Kids Hot TR90 Polarized Sports sunglasses, they will come with a complete package including the sunglasses obviously, but also a case, and a cloth. A commendable combination of a child’s eyewear.

The elements that the manufacturer included in this package are indeed a benefit for the buyers. The case is among the important coverage to protect your eyewear. It will prevent the glasses from breaking if you put them inside your backpack, for example.

No matter what your hard case looks like, as long as it is sturdy and can isolate your sunglasses, it is good. So far, we find this one very effective to protect your eyewear. Nothing can beat its defense.


Just like any other equipment, you need to properly take care of your sunglasses to make them last longer. It’s easy to damage your sunglasses by using the wrong cleaning technique or a strong cleaning solution which is why we recommend that you follow our guide to know the best way to clean and protect your sunglasses


Value for money

Overall, the value for money seems reasonable and fair. We think that these sunglasses are not that expensive for the features and advantages that you get, but they aren’t affordable either. In the end, it all depends on the budget you hold for your child’s eyewear.

From our perspective, this price is good for its capabilities. You get UV protection, silicon frames, and polarized lenses for less than 15 bucks. The price is always changing so click here to see the current price on AmazonOpens in a new tab..

If we compare this brand to others, we can say that ATTCL stands out the most. For us, the features are simply more than enough for the price, meaning that this is just the best choice to consider if you want to buy sunglasses for your kid.



We picked the ATTCL Kids Hot TR90 Polarized Sports sunglasses as the best kids sunglasses among the ones we reviewed. With its smart design and durable silicone frame, we can say that this pair of sunglasses can last longer than other pairs, even if your child uses it on a daily basis. The lenses are also made with sturdy materials and elements that can shield your child’s vision under direct sunlight. Overall, this is a great compound of eyewear at an affordable price.

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