The Best Way To Clean And Protect Your Sunglasses

Clean And Protect Sunglasses

The primary technique you should regularly practice to extend the life of your sunglasses is to clean them. But before you proceed with the cleaning process, there are some thing you may want to consider to prevent your sunglasses from possible damages.

To clean your sunglasses, run warm water and lather with mild soap. Avoid using hard cleaning substances, and just apply the eyewear cleaning solution. Don’t use anything to dry the eyewear. We recommend you to use a microfiber cloth to wipe it, and to store your eyewear in a clean case.

In this article, we will be talking about the methods and steps on how to clean a pair of sunglasses’ frame and lenses. We also include the things you shouldn’t use and do with your sunglasses. How to store your sunglasses properly is also part of our discussion.


When you venture out into the wilderness for a hike, it’s important to arm yourself with items that will protect you from the elements. One of the items that you should always have with you is a good pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes. If you want to get a pair that is perfect for hiking, check out our best hiking sunglasses recommendations. 


Steps for cleaning the frame

To clean the frame, use warm water and mild soap. Wash it using your fingers or microfiber cloth. Focus on the temples, nose bridge, and the area where you place your lenses. Rinse properly after cleaning, and dry it up with another microfiber cloth. Use rubbing alcohol to clean the nose pad.

Be careful about the solution you plan to use for cleaning your frames, as some may cause damages on the surface. These are the steps you should consider when cleaning a pair of sunglasses’ frame:

  1. If possible, remove the lenses first. That way, you can clean your frame and lenses properly, without mixing up the methods.
  2. Wash the frame with warm water. Make sure the temperature is moderate, as it can damage the frame’s surface if it’s either too cold or hot.
  3. Use a mild soap, then clean the frame using your fingers. You can use a microfiber cloth to lather the soap.
  4. Focus more on the parts where it hugely contacts your skin. These are the bridge and temples.
  5. If you were able to remove your lenses, properly clean the area where they are usually placed. That section is most likely where the dirt forms, as it is enclosed with the lenses.
  6. Rinse the whole frame. Make sure to wash out all of the dirt and the soap.
  7. To dry up, use a microfiber cloth. Towels with different fabrics may stick into the lenses.
  8. Clean the nose pad and the ends of the temples with rubbing alcohol. It is advisable to use a microfiber cloth to do so.


Steps for Cleaning the Lenses

Before you start the cleaning process, wash your hands. After that, use warm water, and run it onto the surface of the lenses. Wipe them with a microfiber cloth, using a cleaning solution, or mildly lather them if you are going to use soap. Lastly, rinse the lenses thoroughly with water.

You can dry the lenses with a microfiber cloth after the cleaning process. Remember that lenses are vulnerable to any kind of solution or cleaner, so be cautious if you plan to apply some. We suggest that you consult with the manufacturer first to avoid damages.

Here are the steps to clean your sunglasses’ lenses:

  1. Before you start cleaning the lenses, make sure to wash your hands to avoid smudging grease or dirt onto the lenses.
  2. Like for the frame, always remember to use warm water on the lenses. Run the water onto the lenses to remove the dirt. We recommend you use clean water, as saltwater can damage the surface.
  3. Use a microfiber cloth to clean the lenses.
  4. If you have an eyewear cleaning solution, use it. But if you are going to use mild or dishwashing soap, place a small amount, then lather it mildly.
  5. Rinse the lenses properly after you wash them with soap.
  6. For drying them, you can waggle the sunglasses to get rid of the water in the lens. Or you can also use a microfiber cloth to wipe them.


Never do these when Cleaning your Sunglasses

Avoid using other wipes or apply different substances to clean your sunglasses. Don’t use tissues nor outfit fabric. Prohibit applying hard cleaning solutions, salt water, glass cleaner, and saliva. These substances can greatly impair the coatings of your lenses and frame.    

To take care of your sunglasses properly, take note of the following things you need to remember to extend the life of your eyewear:

  • Don’t use tissue or paper towels. The surface of the tissue can scratch the lenses. We really recommend you to always use a lens’ cloth.
  • Avoid using hard cleaning substances, such as acetone, bleach, or any other solutions that is not intended to use to clean your eyewear. They possess mixtures or elements that your lenses and frames are not capable to endure.
  • Don’t use saliva. First of all, it cannot clean your lenses. But the worst part is that it can actually add some germs, and smudge the dirt more.
  • Outfit fabrics are not recommended either. Don’t wipe the lenses using your shirt or jeans, for instance. They consist of a hard surface, which is not good for your eyewear. Also, the texture can damage and scratch the lenses.
  • Never clean them with glass cleaner. Eyewear lens solutions are different from the glass cleaners you use to polish your windows. They can injure the anti-reflective coatings of your sunglasses.
  • Don’t wash them with salt, or saltwater to be specific. The lenses of almost all of the different sunglasses we have encountered cannot withstand saltwater. Manufacturers warn the user to avoid using that when cleaning.
  • Don’t wash your lens cloth with a fabric softener. It can alter the fabric of your lens cloth, and will leave fabric conditioner substance into the lenses of your eyewear.
  • Your breath is not a cleaner. It will worsen, and smudge the dirt.


When hiking, you will be exposed to bright and sunny weather. Therefore, you will need a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes. These can prevent eye damages and let you see properly. For more information, read our article to know why you need sunglasses when hiking


How to store your sunglasses properly

To store your sunglasses properly, you can use a hard case to protect the lenses, especially if you plan to place them inside your backpack. Another option if you don’t have a hard case is a soft case. Just make sure that your glasses are not vulnerable to any materials that can damage their lenses.

Taking care of your sunglasses does not only revolve around the cleaning routine. We should be aware of where we should place them when not in use. Carelessly putting your sunglasses anywhere can possibly lead to damage and scratches on the lenses and frame.

To prevent such things from happening, here are some things to remember:

  • We should be cautious about how to store them properly. This applies highly when traveling or camping outdoors. You can’t just throw your sunglasses inside your backpack.
  • Similarly to what we advised on our reviews on different sunglasses, we recommend to partner your sunglasses with hard cases. They can properly shield the lenses if you place them in your backpack. This material can be also bought in some eyewear stores.
  • A hard case is indeed recommended, but what if you can’t find any? A soft pouch will do. Usually, most of the eyewear is complemented with this sort of pouches. If you can’t find any hard case, then this is the best alternative.
  • When indoors, it is just fine to place your sunglasses on top of your table, or anything without exposing the lenses to the surface. Just unlatch the two temples if you put them on the said areas. Make sure to use the temples as a stand to prevent the glasses from falling or upturning.



No matter how durable and how wide the capabilities of your sunglasses are, they won’t last long if you don’t take care of them properly. To extend the life of your eyewear, you should be wary of the methods and techniques to follow.

Also remember the things you should not incorporate into the frames and lenses, as it can deteriorate the coatings, which will result in the ineffectiveness of your sunglasses. Finally, remember to clean your eyewear regularly, and to store them in a clean place.

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