Qumy Waterproof Pet Sunglasses Review

Qumy Waterproof

The Qumy Waterproof Pet Sunglasses are a durable, lightweight, and protective eyewear for dogs. We selected these as the best sunglasses for dogs due to their notable performance that is admired by many. They have an adjustable band, and provide UV protection to give your dogs comfort when they use it.

The lenses are shatterproof, and have a built-in sponge surrounding the inner edges. For proper ventilation, the bottom parts of the frame have holes to reduce the air pressure and temperature when worn under hot weather. The only disadvantages we found are the size and the cover, but since this is affordable gear, we can consider this as fair.

Let’s further discuss the features and performance of this eyewear based on the following topics: frame build, lens quality, eye protection, comfort, case quality, and value for money. Keep reading our review to know whether this equipment is good for your pet or not.


When you venture out into the wilderness for a hike, it’s important to arm yourself with items that will protect you from the elements. One of the items that you should always have with you is a good pair of sunglasses. If you want to get a pair that is perfect for hiking, check out our best hiking sunglasses recommendations. 


Frame Build

You can now bring along your pets if you want them to accompany you since there is equipment that can protect them under the sun, so they can go relax and have fun with you anywhere. One of the gears that is perfect for your dogs is the Qumy Waterproof Pet Sunglasses. So if you want to guard your dog’s vision, this is the perfect item that you should get.

The frame surrounding the lenses is made of plastic. What is great with these sunglasses is the head elastic band, because dogs have a different facial structure and a tendency to move more, which can result in dropping the eyewear. No matter how fast your dog will run, the glasses will keep a strong grip as there is a band encompassing their head and neck.

The elastic band can also be adjusted to your dog’s head. You can either tighten or loosen it. It’s a good system to prevent your dog from choking, and to allow ventilation.

The downside however is the size of the eyewear. According to Qumy, these sunglasses are for dogs weighing at least 15 pounds. Meaning that it is oversized for small dogs. We recommend you to test the product first if you are unsure about the capacity of the band.


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Lens Quality

Of course, humans are not the only ones who need eye protection; dogs do, too. There are some dogs that are experiencing eye illness as well, so owners should guard their eyes, especially outdoors. From our assessment, we can say that the Qumy Waterproof Pet Sunglasses are the right option.

If we talk about the quality of Qumy’s lenses, you can have what you are looking for. The lenses are shatterproof, and if you still want more features, they are also an anti-fog type of eyewear. The standard of these sunglasses impressed us because it is indeed durable.

The lenses are made of polycarbonate material, which is lightweight and can resist breakage. They are also constructed to be anti-glare, which lessens the sun’s reflection that can pass through the sunglasses.

When we talked to people who use the Qumy Waterproof Pet Sunglasses on their dogs, we received a lot of positive feedback. The description of these sunglasses just proves that it works properly, and dog owners really liked their structure.


Eye Protection

In terms of eye protection, the Qumy Waterproof Pet Sunglasses won’t be labeled as the least capable. The ultraviolet (UV) protection is truly functional, and you won’t be left questioning it. These sunglasses will protect your dog’s eyes in sunny weather.

The sun does not only strike us with its hot and bright light; it also brings a lot of harmful effects, especially if you stay exposed for a long period of time. These dangerous lights are called UV rays. If you have a pair of sunglasses that provides UV protection, then it is best to buy one for your dog as well.

Aside from UV protection, Qumy built these shades to be resistant to water, wind, and debris. Regardless of your location, these sunglasses can shield your dog’s eyes. Dogs also need protection, so we recommend this model as a gift from you to them. It does not only fit properly, but also provides great protection.


When hiking, you will be exposed to bright and sunny weather. Therefore, you will need a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes. These can prevent eye damages and let you see properly. For more information, read our article to know why you need sunglasses when hiking



Your pets can’t let you know when something is uncomfortable or cozy for them, so Qumy made sure these sunglasses are comfortable. The internal edges of the lenses have a built-in sponge. That way, the sunglasses won’t leave a mark on your dog’s eyes.

This eyewear literally has the same composition as swimming goggles. Those goggles have a rubber material surrounding the edges of the inner lens, similarly to the Qumy Waterproof Pet Sunglasses.

Another amazing feature we noticed is that these sunglasses are foldable. The bridge was not created to be solid, so it can be adjusted appropriately to your dog’s face. As previously mentioned, the bottom of the frame also has holes to provide ventilation.


Case Quality

There is no hard case to protect the Qumy Waterproof Pet Sunglasses, which we find is one of the drawbacks of the model’s packaging. If you purchase these sunglasses, you will only get a black storage bag, or soft case. Although this is a convenient way to pack the eyewear, it is also vulnerable to outer elements.

We still consider hard cases to be the most effective protection for sunglasses. A hard case works as a roof for your gear, while soft cases are more like blankets. You can still buy a hard case to keep your sunglasses, of course, but that will double your expenses.


Just like any other equipment, you need to properly take care of your sunglasses to make them last longer. It’s easy to damage your sunglasses by using the wrong cleaning technique or a strong cleaning solution which is why we recommend that you follow our guide to know the best way to clean and protect your sunglasses


Value for Money

We assure you that these are cheap sunglasses. Since they were made for dogs, they have a different built, compared to human’s eyewear. These sunglasses have huge capabilities, and provide good protection so that your pet can tag along outdoors.

Now, how much do these cost? Click here to check the price on AmazonOpens in a new tab.. It is very affordable for a pair of sunglasses that provides such an impressive performance. Your money won’t go to waste with these because they’ll offer your pet great protection for less than 10 bucks.



Lightweight, affordable, and effective. These are just a few adjectives we can use to describe the features of the Qumy Waterproof Pet Sunglasses. If you want to bring your pet with you and protect them against the harmful rays of the sun, then we recommend you to get a pair of this eyewear.

The whole body has a substantial shape, which made us decide to hail it as the best sunglasses for dogs in our reviews. With these, you can now go out and have an adventure with your pet while being protected.

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