KastKing Alanta Polarized Sport Sunglasses Review

KastKing Alanta Polarized Sport Sunglasses

We picked the KastKing Alanta Polarized Sport Sunglasses as the best sunglasses for women due to their special build, that includes Grilamid frame, polarized frame, UV protection, e-slip nose, and temple pads. We genuinely praise these features, which are worth less than 30 bucks. We discovered that UV protection only prevents two types of rays, and that does not include UVC.


Frame Build

One of the most durable eyewear we have discovered is the Alanta Polarized Sport Sunglasses by KastKing. With its frame coated with reliable and sturdy materials, you won’t have to worry when engaging in physical activities.

KastKing has fortified the Alanta with a Grilamid frame. This type of frame is mainly created for sports, as it can resist impact, is lightweight, and can endure cracks or wearing out. So if you wonder if this can withstand tough situations, the features say it all.

Additionally, Grilamid is a material that is also used in the military and medical field. That makes the frame really sturdy, although flexible. We also recommend its shape, and nose pad that makes the eyewear own a good grip in any given situation.

The frame’s finish of the Alanta is covered with glossy elements. From hikers’ perspective, it has an outstanding performance and laudable design that makes them comfortable while wearing them.


Lens Quality

We can say that the Alanta also stand out in this area. The lenses have the attributes that you are probably looking for, which the Oakley Flak 2.0 XL lack. Alanta’s lenses are indeed polarized, which makes these sunglasses excel some more, as polarized glasses lessen the glare in lenses.

KastKing made the Alanta’s lenses with German and Japanese raw materials. Apart from being polarized, they’re also 1-mm thick, and 63.2-mm wide.

Also, the Triacetate lenses passed a double decentering test to guarantee the prevention of visual distortion. This feature has topped the standards of other eyeglasses that fail to provide great quality lenses. With the Alanta, you can trust the performance of both the frame and lenses.

We recommend this pair to users who tend to go on adventures that put them into hot weather situations, as the sunglasses can protect their eyes from possible reflections. Not all sunglasses have this feature, so you’d better ask the seller or manufacturer about it before you buy it.

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Eye Protection

Similarly to other sunglasses, the Alanta possess UV rays protection. However, we can attest that this feature cannot provide a full protection under a sunny day’s circumstances. If you are looking for a complete protection, then the Oakley Flak 2.0 XL can give you that.

The Alanta can entirely block the UVA and UVB rays, but the Flak can defend your eyes from both types of rays, plus UVC, which is one of the most harmful types. We came to the conclusion that the Flak provide a better performance in this area. Nonetheless, it does not mean that the lacking factors diminish Alanta’s features.

We also like the smoke lenses on the Alanta, as they lessen the brightness coming from the sun. They dim your visuals to prevent the light from hampering your sight. KastKing made several types of lenses available to better suit your needs.

We noticed that the Alanta help see properly under bright sunny weather. This advantage can avoid accidents, especially if you are traveling to unpredictable ground surfaces of terrains.



KastKing has engineered the e-slip nose and temple pads to strenghten Alanta’s grip. Just like on the Flak, these can properly grasp your face, without providing any discomfort. This is especially perfect for different adventures—whether it be biking, fishing, running, or any challenging activities you plan to engage in.

The nose and temple pads are both made with rubber. It is not just covered with it; the material is actually co-injected in the parts to furnish safety and comfortability when used even throughout an extended period of time. The texture is smooth, with a sticky quality that adds to the good grip of Alanta.

It is one of the best options to partner your activities, although it won’t give you pain nor any discomfort in the middle of your undertaking.


Case Quality

Unlike the Flak, KastKing has created a customized hard case to protect the Alanta. If you check our review about the Flak, you’ll learn that it comes with a soft case. Although it can protect your eyewear, sheltering it with a hardcover is much more reliable.

The Alanta come with a rigid protective case, and a Prym1 camo microfiber pouch. If you store them inside the case and place them in your backpack, you won’t have to be anxious because of the solid body. You can put them anywhere, and be sure that the case will absolutely cover your sunglasses and prevent breakage.

Finally, the microfiber pouch has a dual function. You can store your glasses inside, or use it for cleaning them. The manufacturer recommends cleaning the lenses with a microfiber cloth and warm water to prevent scratches and damages. Be careful not to immerse them in saltwater, or wiping them with a paper towel.


Value for Money

The Alanta have exceeded our expectations based on their price. The features are excellent for these sunglasses, which are cheaper than other brands, yet surpass the performance of expensive eyewear.

We where surprised at what price the KastKing Alanta Polarized Sport Sunglasses is selling on AmazonOpens in a new tab.. This is way more affordable than the Flak. Their features are exceptional for a pair of sunglasses that is below 30 bucks. It is also specifically made for women, which is an advantage for the size.

Some other eyewear is certainly costly, but contains a lot of drawbacks. If you want to choose the best fit for you, then we recommend you to make extensive research first. Read our users’ reviews about the products to see their comments, and the features.



The KastKing Alanta Polarized Sport Sunglasses impressed us as they made their way to the best sunglasses for women. With their special features, like Grilamid frame, polarized frame, UV protection, e-slip nose, and temple pads, we recommend you to list these as one of the most ideal sunglasses that you can choose.

The attributes are more than enough for the price, as it is a cheaper pair than what we expected. If you are planning to go out and have an adventure, you should definitely check these.

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