Nemo Helio Portable Pressure Camp Shower (Review 2021)

Nemo Helio Portable Pressure Camp Shower

Nemo Helio is a portable camping shower at an affordable price. It can hold up to 2.9 gallons in its water tank and has a 7-foot neoprene hose. With the foot pump feature, it can provide continuous pressure for your shower for 5 to 7 minutes. The whole body structure is easy to set up as it is capable of being inflated and can be deflated when you take it down.

Let’s further discuss the features and performance of this camping shower based on the following topics: functionality, ease of set-up, portability, durability, and value for money.


Staying clean is an important aspect of camping. Lucky for us modern nature enthusiasts, camping showers exist. We tested numerous products and we came up with a list of the best camping showers available in the market today.  



When we conducted our testing and observations, we found out that the Nemo Helio has a similar structure to Zodi Outback Gear Extreme SC Hot Water in terms of pressure and showerhead. It can hold a huge amount of pressure however, the showerhead is relatively small. But, that didn’t hinder its performance because the amount of pressure provides the force to the release of water on the showerhead.

With the pressurized system, you can quickly fill up a 2.9-gallon water tank with the use of a foot pump. What is unique about the water tank’s structure is you can inflate and deflate it to pack it easier. We will be talking more about this in the Portability section of this review.

Nemo Equipment, the manufacturer of this product, molded this shower to have a constant and strong spray with the use of pressure. According to them, it is capable of providing this shower action for 5-7 minutes and we can confirm it after our testing.

Another feature that you need to take down is the 7- foot neoprene hose. Before, we really thought that there are no other long hoses that can reach more than 6 feet, and then we found Helio.

This shower equipment does not support heating activity. We are not sure about this but Nemo didn’t say anything in this aspect and maybe, it is because of the inflatable body however, you can still heat up your water then fill it on its water tank or place the tank under direct sunlight to warm up your water.


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Ease of Set-Up

This Helio Pressure Shower we are reviewing right now is the newer version but if we look at the ease of its setup, it does not differ much even from other Nemo’s shower products. You don’t need to provide a lot of effort for the full installation because it has only one compact body. All you need to do is remove it from the storage bag then you can use it already.

Unlike other showers, Helio’s storage bag is built-in to its body making it a multifunctional storage bag and water tank at the same time. However, we find the opening to fill the water really small that you need a funnel if you don’t want your water to leak or spill when you pour it but for portability features, this design is only fair and feasible.

You can already use it after you fill the water tank. As we have mentioned in the Functionality section of this review, this shower comes with a foot pump for pressure and it is also inflatable.

Most designs you can see online are the old version of Helio which stands vertically but with the new design, you can see that there is a stable foot at the base and the body is horizontally laid down. The end cap was also made to be a bit transparent for you to have a glimpse of the water level inside the tank.



The first thing that you can perceive in the structure of Helio is its easy to carry features. The body is made with inflatable materials that make it easier to set up and takedown. And if you take it down for storage, it won’t be a struggle because you can just compress it effortlessly.

If you are looking for shower equipment that is possible to carry on your hiking adventures, this might be the answer to your search.  Other products are usually made with water tanks that cannot be packed smaller which makes the use limited. It will be depend on the activity you are going to do, but these kinds of showers require a vehicle to transport it.

With Helio, we can assure you that you can bring this for backpacking. The inflation and deflation ability is an impressive design for your needs, may it be for camping, beach adventures, trekking, and many others.


Camping showers are a wonderful invention that allows us to freshen up even when we’re in the middle of the woods. There are different kinds of camping shower that you can purchase and they all work in different ways. Read our article to learn more about how camping showers work



What makes Nemo Helio’s capability for inflation and deflation? The materials used. This shower equipment was produced by the manufacturer with the use of polyurethane-coated plastic as the main material for the tank.

On the other hand, the hose is made of neoprene rubber. This element has the capacity to sustain its flexibility in an extensive range of temperatures. We can conclude that this is a durable material but, that is if you appropriately use it.

The materials used to create this may not be able to resist some conditions. Using it without being cautious may result in damage or possible tear however, we can see that the whole body construction is totally solid and compact. It looks secured and sturdy.

Even if this shower equipment is a bit vulnerable in several conditions, manufacturers don’t have any information on how to repair it if ever you will accidentally damage it. The good thing is, Nemo offers a lifetime warranty for defects. You just need to show your proof of purchase to the authorized dealer to avail of this service.


Value for Money

The price of Nemo Helio is absolutely cheaper compared to the other brands of showers but what we like about this product is the quality. Most equipment sold on the market at a cheaper price has limited features. If you are looking for an affordable, portable, and compact type of shower then we recommend this one.

Helio is available in two categories. The 11 liters that can hold 2.9 gallons of water with 5 to7 minutes of steady water pressure which can be bought for about $99 and 22-liters that can bear 5.8 gallons with 7 to 10 minutes constant pressure for $149.


Taking a shower is still the best way to clean yourself and freshen up. When you’re camping, you don’t have the luxury of unlimited water supply. Still, this does not mean that you can’t have a proper shower. Read our article to learn how to shower while camping.



We recommend Nemo Helio if you are looking for a portable and cheap shower. Although it is affordable, you can still ensure the features you can get. Its ability to hold water pressure for minutes is already a huge advantage as it shows that the body design does not define its capacity.

Lastly, we admire the multifunctional body and storage attribute. It has also a  complementary cover bag for carriage and backpacking. We listed Helio as one of the best portable camping shower in our reviews.

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