Advanced Elements Solar Powered Camping Shower (Review 2021)

Advanced Elements Solar Powered Camping Shower

If you want to enjoy a hot shower even when you’re out camping, the Advanced Elements 5 Gallon camping shower can provide you the heating system that you need only with the help of the sun. The water pack is made of a 4-ply reflector and insulator panels to support the heating process. The transparent back works as a visual to show the amount of water inside and it also has a temperature gauge.

Let’s further discuss the features and performance of this camping shower based on the following topics: functionality, ease of set-up, portability, durability, and value for money.


Staying clean is an important aspect of camping. Lucky for us modern nature enthusiasts, camping showers exist. We tested numerous products and we came up with a list of the best camping showers available in the market today.  



Advanced Elements, the manufacturer of this equipment aims to highlight most of the ability of this shower to be heated under the sun. There are some showers from different brands that do not have this kind of feature. So if you are looking for a shower that the heating system is the primary feature, you may want to check this out.

There are several types and sizes of this camping shower but let’s focus on the 5-Gallon type. Since we will be talking about the functions, we will be discussing a bit of a description of its specs. This 5-gallon shower is made of a 4-ply reflector panel and insulator panel.

Just like the other products, it has an easy on and off operation of the showerhead. The opening for the water filling is also huge but not enough to prevent the water spill. This is a common feature that you can see from portable showers.

Apart from the said features, the body of this equipment has an instilled water temperature indicator at the back. This part is also transparent to see the amount of water inside the pack. And for convenience, the manufacturer has created a pocket on the side where you can put your small stuff like shampoo or soap.

On the other hand, be aware that the shower performance is not that strong compared to other showers. Meaning, there are no adjustments for it because it does not support pressurization.

This may not suit your needs but for the heating system, we can assure you that it can help you even if you are in the middle of hiking as long as there is sun’s heat.  Just place it for a couple of hours or, you can fill it with hot water.


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Ease of Set-Up

If you are going to use this, there are no parts that you need to attach or install. It has a compact body that you can use immediately after you take it out on your bag. This is totally effortless to use.

In contrast, from what we said on the functionality, the opening is not that huge when you fill it using containers or tumblers which results in possible spills but it is a great fit for faucets. If you are on the lake and you want it to submerge it in the water, it may take you some time before you can totally fill it.

Another disadvantage we found out is the high carrying handle because you cannot surely alter to shrink it making you feel uncomfortable if you carry it. You can adjust this with a bit of modification by using something that can fasten it.



From what we have seen on its body, this is certainly a big water pack with a hose. Since it has the capacity to bear 5 gallons of water, the figure is somehow similar to Nemo Helio Pressure Shower where you can inflate it when you use it and deflate it when you pack it.

Aside from the portable structure that Advanced Elements constructed with this shower, the weight is considered great for backpacking. It only weighs about 1 pound and 4 ounces. This is a recommended equipment if you are planning to go on camping, hiking, and trekking because you can just roll or fold it inside your backpack.

There are other types of shower gears where the water canister is made with solid and bulky materials that hamper you to bring it on your hiking adventures. You can only transport it with a vehicle and restrict the activities you may want to use it.

Just an added information, the manufacturer has also produced showers that are similar to this one but with different capacities. You can check their Summer Shower 2.5 gallon, Summer Shower 3 gallon, PVC Free Summer Shower 5 gallon, and Summer Shower 10 gallon.


Camping showers are a wonderful invention that allows us to freshen up even when we’re in the middle of the woods. There are different kinds of camping shower that you can purchase and they all work in different ways. Read our article to learn more about how camping showers work



Although you can fold this water pack when you store it, the body construction that was engineered by Advanced Elements will not fail you. This pack is made of 4-ply of elements for durable support and quality performance. What are these elements?

From the exterior surface of the water pack, it is powered with reflector, insulator, and solar panels up to the insides on the water reservoir and clear window. If you see it physically or in online stores, the water pack looks thin but if you’ll be able to hold it, the body feels sturdy. It is due to the thick layer of materials that the manufacturer made.

The durability is not only applied to the water pack but also in its hose and showerhead. It is made of rubber material for strong and solid backing. Overall, you can trust it even if you accidentally drop it with water inside. It will not tear or blow up because several elements are used.

Still, the way you handle this shower equipment is the factor that makes it long-lasting. No gears can be used longer without maintenance. Better be wary on how you use it and always follow the do’s and don’ts that the manufacturer stressed in its instructions. It is one method to take care of this 5-gallon shower.


Value for Money

In this area, we can say that Advanced Elements 5 Gallon Solar Powered Camping Shower stands out the most. We meant that there are a few portable showers with heating systems that are affordable and you can have this for only 25 dollars. That is an advantage to take note of.

But let’s say you are searching for equipment that can provide you the best-pressurized shower ability, you may not be able to experience it with this product. This is a recommended choice that can truly benefit your budget in a wise manner.

Just bear in mind that there are still advantages you can have in this gear and with just a cheap price, you can heat your water under the sunlight if you can’t bring any stove or burner.


Taking a shower is still the best way to clean yourself and freshen up. When you’re camping, you don’t have the luxury of unlimited water supply. Still, this does not mean that you can’t have a proper shower. Read our article to learn how to shower while camping.



You can utilize Advanced Elements 5 Gallon on your solar shower camping. We can conclude that this equipment gives off a lot of advantages. From the cheap price to the huge water capacity to hold inside, you will never go wrong if you buy this.

There are maybe drawbacks that affect the wholeness of the durable body but still if you base it on the price, it is just more than enough for a portable shower with a heating system.

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