Cuisinart Petit Gourmet Gas Grill with VersaStand Review

Cuisinart Petit Gourmet Gas Grill

For our pick for the best portable gas grill, the Cuisinart’s Petit Gourmet Gas Grill with VersaStand found its way to lead the race. This is an ideal griller for camping, as it possesses lightweight, portable, and easy features. If you are searching for these attributes, then this is the perfect griller for you.

Cuisinart has designed this griller with a smart structure, however, the performance is a bit fragile compared to other grillers, due to its small size. On the other hand, this also brings an advantage, since the smaller cooking area allows the griller to heat faster. Let’s discuss more as we go on with our review.


Cooking while you’re camping is definitely a challenge. One of the best ways to make this task easier is by using a portable camping grill. Check out our top grill recommendations in our “Best Portable Camping Grills” article. 



Out of our list of reviews, the Petit Gourmet by Cuisinart possesses the smallest measurement, with a 5,500 BTU burner. If you ask us how effective the heat it provides is, we can say that it can only achieve a moderate level. The lowest degree setting is indeed really low, and the maximum setting is not that high compared to other grillers.

However, the performance of the Petit Gourmet is not totally weak. Even if it bears the lowest unit of heat it can provide, the highest setting can still cook your food properly. The capacity of this equipment allows you to cook meat and grill vegetables.

Although the heat of this griller is not high, the body size counterbalances this drawback. When our campers tried to use it, they expressed the fast heating of the griller since it is small. In fact, the burner can spread the heat faster than a larger-sized griller.

We also find an advantage regarding propane and gas, as it contains a lock to ensure the hold.


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The design of this build is amazing. Cuisinart indeed made a smart structure for this griller to form its compact built. You may want to bring this grill anywhere, because it is smaller than other types of grillers.

The cooking grate of the Petit Gourmet is made of 160-square-inch porcelain enamel, which is smaller than on the Weber Q2200 Liquid Propane Grill. And from the perspective of our campers, they can cook enough food at the same time.

According to the manufacturer, the cooking area can fit a maximum of eight burgers. For us, it is more than enough for a small number of campers, and enough for larger groups. Of course, you can still cook another batch if the food you cooked is not enough.

As we previously mentioned, the design of this griller is smart, as the telescopic poles can be folded and is already built-in. That will reduce the space you can consume, unlike with other grillers, with which you need to pack the stand separately. It is indeed an ideal piece of equipment for camping or any outdoor activity.



Naturally, the Petit Gourmet has a compact body with a small cooking area. With such, you can already assume the portability of this griller. This is yet another great option for you to choose from if you are planning to go camping in far places.

This equipment is 28 inches long, 17.5 inches wide, and 32.5 inches tall. What impressed us more is the intelligent design structure of this griller. Meaning that the size of the Petit Gourmet is not the only asset in terms of portability.

What are other features of this griller that caught our attention, you might ask? The weight. Indeed, it only weighs about 17 lbs., making it one of the lightweight grillers we have encountered. So, if you are looking for light equipment, this might be a good option for your search.

Another positive feature of the Petit Gourmet is its handy arrangement. The stand can actually be easily unfastened, and folded if you want to pack it. The handle located on the cover can be used to carry the griller, which means you don’t need to transport it using two hands on both sides.


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Ease of set-up

In this area, we haven’t received any negative feedback from our campers. If you already carry it together with you, you don’t need to attach anything else besides the gas. That is just normal for gas grillers.

Since everything is built-in, all you have to do is unfold the telescopic poles that serve as a stand. Then, there you go, you can use it already! There are some users who utilize portable gas, which is also an alternative choice for more portability features. You can’t carry a gas tank anywhere with you all the time.

Our overall assessment shows the easy set-up of this griller. Now, you have an idea about the advantages you can get with this equipment, from its portability to its setup. You can never go wrong if you consider buying this.


Ease of cleaning

Similarly to other types, it is recommended that you conduct regular maintenance on all the parts. The griller can be cleaned by washing with dishwashing soap to remove the stains. We found a bit of difficulty in cleaning the internal parts of the Petit Gourmet, however.

If you flip the body of this griller, you can see that there is also a hole that serves as a gateway for the waste and black materials that were burned when you were cooking. We discovered a bit of a drawback as the burner is covering the pathway of the hole inside. You can still dismiss it; however, you can’t see it properly.

That may be the downside of the internal structure of this griller, but there is a positive feature as well. The grease container is separated, which makes the waste material more organized to collect.

There are types of grillers that have only one way to accumulate the grease and burned elements, which can permit them to mix up.


Just like any other camping equipment, you need to maintain and clean your camping grill properly to make it last longer. If you don’t know how to properly clean your grill, follow our grill cleaning techniques to effectively clean your equipment after each use. 


Value for money

Good price. Fair for the advantages you can get. But if you are looking for a griller with stronger heat output, this may disappoint you.

As of this writing the Petit Gourmet costs $129.99 on Amazon. In our opinion, there are much cheaper grillers that can surpass the quality of this equipment. At the same time, there are also grillers that are leveled below this type. Click hereOpens in a new tab. to see the current price on Amazon.

The main point is that if you prioritize portability and ease to set-up, this is aligned to the top picks. But if you are searching for much more formidable performance, then you can check the Weber Q2200 Liquid Propane Grill instead.



When it comes to camping equipment, portability is a very important factor to consider. If you intend to cook during your camping trip, you will need a portable and easy to carry camping grill. If gas grills are your preference, we hailed the Petit Gourmet as the best portable gas grill in the list of our reviews.

The body and build of this griller manifest more on the portability features. We found it very easy to transport and set up. This is a piece of ideal equipment for your camping needs, as it won’t eat up much space if you carry it in your RV or car. It is just one of the perfect choices to consider for lightweight transport and easy handling.

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