Weber Q2400 Electric Grill Review

Weber Q2400

We picked the Weber Q2400 as the best portable electric grill, as it shows extensive capacity and quality build. This can help you grill your food without using charcoal. With a cast aluminum lid and body, and porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates, the heat retention on this grill is effective and exceptional.

The cooking area can cater enough food for four people, which is a good volume already. On the other hand, we found out that the cord is short and lacks a thermometer. These are the downsides of the Q2400. Now, let’s discuss more as we go on with our review.


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Based on our experience, this griller is an awesome piece of equipment that can aid in grilling or cooking outdoors. This is powered by electricity, and we think that this is the key feature. It does not only provide the user with convenient work, but also gives off amazing heating ability.

According to Weber, the Q2400 can be operated with a required wattage of 1,560, or 120 volts, and has infinite control burner valve settings. The heat retention of this griller, which is put together with the materials used, has impressed us. This feature is important for grillers for even distribution in order to cook your food properly.

This griller has a 6-foot power cord, and Weber recommends plugging this directly to the main source, as extension cords are materials that can sometimes cause fires. We find this is one of the drawbacks of this griller, which is indeed inconvenient for the user. Just think about being stuck in the vicinity of the main source, but not being allowed to cook in the area.

From the perspective of our testers, if you prefer more effective and fast cooking, charcoal grillers like the BEAU JARDIN Portable Charcoal Grill can surpass most types of grillers.


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If you were able to read our review about the Weber Q2200 Liquid Propane Grill, then you can see a lot of similarities between both models. Or, we can say that their physical features look the same. In terms of capabilities however, these two are different.

The Weber Q2400 has a cooking area that measures 280 square inches in total. This is good for a group of four people. Note that this is not the best choice for cooking at a huge party, but that you can still utilize it for regular cooking.

Of course, a griller wouldn’t be complete without a lid. This one possesses a lid with a 7.5-inch peak. Plus, the cooking grates are made of cast-iron, and covered with porcelain, while the lid and body are made with cast aluminum.

The combination of the features and materials makes the heat retention more functional compared to other grillers. The cooking grates are already a good factor when it comes to maintaining the heat, and Weber combined it with cast aluminum for more efficient performance.

Let’s say that there are grillers with different builds, which bear limited capacity only. With the Weber Q2400, you can ensure an astounding experience on both capabilities and design aspects.



The big size of the cooking area is equal to the bulky overall build. To clarify, this is not huge, however, this is not advisable to pack when you hike or camp on mountains. We can recommend this for tailgating, camping at festivals or with your car, and many other activities where you can carry this.

How heavy is the Weber Q2400? In total, this griller weighs 41 lbs. So, if you are planning to bring this around with you, you might prefer transporting it using a vehicle.

As for the dimensions, this griller is 14.5 inches tall, 31.5 inches wide, and 19.5 inches deep. Considering these, it is possible to bring it in a car, but it is not advisable for you to carry it alone if traveling to far distances. You may indeed not want to carry 41 lbs. for hours with just your bare hands.

On the other hand, although this is not the perfect option for lightweight backpacking, this griller still outshines other grillers when we talk about performance. All a user needs to do is know the features of the Q2400, so that it won’t bring disappointment and struggles. This is an important technique that a buyer should practice when choosing equipment.


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Ease of set-up

In this area, we don’t have much to say, as the manufacturer made it easy for the user to operate the grill. The body of the Q2400 is indeed already assembled, so you only need to attach a few parts to complete the set-up.

We noticed that there are grillers that require you to apply deep focus to construct the griller. It is an inconvenient aspect because sometimes, it can result in damages and harm to the equipment. That will really destroy your enjoyment and experience.

The pieces you are required to attach on the Q2400 are the handles, switch, grease container, and small details to finish the set-up process. If you are anxious that there are any other focal instruments to be connected, then leave your worries at home. These are the simple methods that you just need to apply, and that’s it.

On the other hand, we discovered a drawback on these features. Unlike the Weber Q2200, the Q2400 doesn’t have a thermometer. We suggest you purchase one to monitor your cooking process. It’s a disadvantage since you don’t have any idea of how much heat is enclosed under the lid if you leave it, as it can burn your food.


Ease of cleaning

Easy. That is the best answer to the difficulty of cleaning the Q2400. You just need to remove the parts that are commonly affected when cooking.

You can remove the cooking grates, and wash them with soap or scrub. This is a usual cleaning process for the grates of the grillers, and as far as our testing of this equipment, we can say that they don’t differ much in this area. There are just parts that don’t allow you to reach, where it requires to remove the upper layers for thorough cleaning.

If you want to conduct profound maintenance, it is advisable not to execute it alone. We suggest you contact the manufacturer for instructions instead. We always include this reminder in our reviews to avoid the impairment of your equipment.


Just like any other camping equipment, you need to maintain and clean your camping grill properly to make it last longer. If you don’t know how to properly clean your grill, follow our grill cleaning techniques to effectively clean your equipment after each use. 


Value for money

The price of the Weber Q2400 is fair for an electric griller. But if you look at the price alone, then you can say it is expensive. However, there are several grillers on the market that are pricier than this one.

Weber sells this griller for $319, as of this writing. Prices are always changing, click hereOpens in a new tab. for the current price on Amazon. This griller is also available on Amazon. For us, the features are okay for its price.

If you are looking for a cheaper griller, you can check the Coleman Fold N Go Propane Grill, which we labeled as our best pick for a budget-friendly portable grill. Bear in mind that expensive equipment is long-lasting, and contains wide capabilities compared to low-cost ones.

We recommend you to read the users’ reviews online to know the feedback of the people who were able to use it already. There are times that certain equipment is overly described on the selling pages, but disappoints the buyers once they start using it.



If you are looking for a griller that does not require charcoal and can be used easily by plugging into an electric source, the Weber Q2400 Electric Grill may be the solution for you. This equipment is our pick as the best portable electric grill in the list of our reviews.

With its great performance, durable build, and ease to set-up the system, it will truly highlight convenience on your side. It may be expensive, but to look on the brighter side, this is one of the perfect choices for your outdoor activities and enjoyment.

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