TETON Sports Mountain 2 Person Waterproof Tent (Review 2021)

TETON Sports Mountain 2 Person

The Teton Sports Mountain Ultra Tent is a 3-season tent packed with 360-degree ventilation for great airing to render comfort when sleeping inside. This is also a feature that can satisfy the hikers who want to witness the beauty of the stars at night if you remove the rainfly.

The walls are made with mesh to protect you from the insects that may intrude inside. Gear pockets and large gear loft inside the tent are the other advantages to store your lightweight essentials.

This tent is just as durable as you expect it to be since it was created by materials that can endure the weather. If you’re an avid hiker who goes to an adventure to witness nature even when you’re inside a tent, then this could be the best choice for you.


The heart of your campsite is your tent. If you want to ensure that you’ll have a good camping experience, you need to invest in good quality equipment. We’ve been camping for years now and we know what to look for in a tent. Read our “Best Tents for Camping” article to see our top recommendations. 



This camping tent is best for minimalist hikers who like to do some stargazing at night. You just need to remove the rainfly so you can enjoy the night display. What we like with this tent is the above mentioned 360-degree ventilation. If you’re seeking relaxation with proper ventilation, this can be the answer to your question.

This is also perfect for adventures like hiking, trekking, and backpacking because of its lightweight features. The only thing that we don’t recommend is the footprint. As tested during our trip, the footprint cannot properly connect to the tent during our setup.



Comfort is an essential priority of Teton Sports Mountain Ultra Tent if you are really looking for relaxation at night after a whole day of adventure. With its 360-degree ventilation system, you can assure cross-ventilation from outside.

If you are a night scene enthusiast, add this to your list of possible tents to buy. The tent is fully covered with mesh that allows the person inside to have a 360- degrees ventilation system of surroundings if you remove the rainfly.

It also has vestibule pockets on the sides and its seams are taped. Another gear included is the footprint.


Weather Resistance

This tent is equipped with waterproof rainfly and bathtub-like flooring. As a 3-season tent, Teton designed this with built-in 360-degree ventilation to provide comfort to the people inside the tent. It can ensure your sound sleep at night because of the excellent airing inside.

You can also experience the wide visuals of your surroundings if you take away the rainfly. Best view during night time. The tent’s wall covered with mesh can protect you from the insects that may enter the tent.


If you’re looking for more ways to make your tent and campsite more comfortable, check out our article on how to set up a comfy camping tent for tips and tricks on how to set up the most comfortable campsite. We have mastered the art of being comfortable outdoors and we’re more than happy to share what we know with you. 



Since Teton Sports Mountain Ultra Tent is available with 1 to 4 for person tents, each tent has a different weight. One person tent has a total packed weight of 4.7 lbs; 2 persons, 7.2 lbs; 3 persons, 8.7, and 4 persons have 10.1 lbs. From what we can assess, these can be fair to carry depending on the number of persons to carry the parts of the tent and also, the weight of the tent for 4 persons is actually lighter compared to other tents with a maximum capacity of 2 to 3 persons.

Ease of Set-Up and Packed Size

When you say, 3-season tents, they are basically created to be lightweight for easy backpacking and manageable setup. Perfect for hiking and camping.

The simple setup also comes with uncomplicated take down when we used this tent during our latest trip. It’s not only a one time ease, it is a vise versa system. The tent has rainfly clips for basic construction and removal of tent and gear pockets intended to store your belongings. Another is the added large gear loft inside the tent to stock your light items for accessible convenience.

Teton Sports Mountain Ultra Tent is just one of those tents that can bring effortless comfort with your expeditions. In a short, its’ a simple and manageable type of tent. Also, it’s worth taking note that the Teton Sports Mountain Ultra Tent is available with 1 to 4 person capacities.



According to Teton, this tent is created using 150D Polyester Oxford fabric which is a waterproof and robust material that makes a huge contribution to the durability of the tent. The fabric is made for waterproofing.

The inner tent wall mesh is built with B3 FR Micro Mesh to block the insects from going inside the tent. This protects you when you remove the rainfly for the 360-degree ventilation.

On the other hand, the pole system is made of T6 Aluminum Cross and Ridge Pole. This is strong compared to tents that are complemented with fiberglass poles.




If you choose Teton Sports Mountain Ultra Tent, you can assure that you can adjust based on the preference you need on a tent:

  •  There are options you can choose if you are a solo camper or with a group
  • All of the options are simple and easy to set-up so that you don’t need help with another person to erect the tent.
  • The durability is also another factor to look at because of the materials used to build this tent
  • Spacious
  • waterproof
  • Has a 360-degree ventilation system
  • It is also affordable.


Setting up a tent in dry weather is preferable, but sometimes, you may be forced to set one up in the rain. This will make pitching your tent a little bit more challenging than usual. Follow our guide to setting up your tent in the rain to make sure that the inside of your tent will stay dry.



From having positive features, this tent also has weakness just like the other tents:

  • The footprint cannot be properly linked up to the tent and there is a tendency to be dismantled when setting up.
  • Another one is the weight, we said that this is a lightweight tent however, there are other tents that can be lighter than this tent.



From our testing during our latest trip, we can say, this tent can be recommended to hikers and backpackers since it is a 3-season tent. Lightweight and fortified materials to endure rains and winds are mainly the strength of this tent. Not to mention it is also affordable for a durable tent that can comply with your essential specifications when going to an adventure.

Comfort can be assured to be experienced because of the 360-degrees ventilation and fully meshed walls of the tent. If you’re fond of stargazing at night, we are happy to say that Teton Sports Mountain Ultra Ten can give you the pleasure that you’re looking for.

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