Primula Coffee Brew Buddy (Review 2021)

Primula Coffee Brew Buddy

The Coffee Brew Buddy by Primula is our pick for the best single-serve coffee maker. It has a smart design which prevents you from spilling the coffee grounds and water. This is made possible by the manufacturer by complementing it with a disk holder that attaches to the rim of the mug with a mesh filter sinking inside the cup. Lightweight, portable, sturdy, and affordable, you will not regret having this device.

However, the filter can steep in your coffee as you go on with your brewing process which can leave coffee sediments mixing in your brew. Let’s further discuss the features and performance of this coffee maker based on the following topics: brew features, taste, ease of use, group cooking, portability, weight, and value.


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Brew Features

Brewing your coffee outdoors is a struggle that most coffee enthusiast is facing.  From the thought of bringing a coffee maker to where can you possibly brew are the usual disadvantages. These are the reasons we discovered the Primula Coffee Brew Buddy.

This brewing device can be brought anywhere with you. The structure is made of saucer shape holder which grasps the mesh filter on the lips of the mug. We recommend the design because the filter sinks inside your cup or mug which prevents the spill of coffee grounds and water when you pour it.

Just pour the coffee and hot water into the filter, then let it stay depends on the taste of the coffee that you want but don’t leave it for more than 3 minutes. You may not want the filter soak together with the coffee you brewed inside your mug.

Similar to GSI Outdoors Ultralight Java Drip, both have built-in filters. You will no longer use paper filters.


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If we compare the performance of GSI Outdoors Ultralight Java Drip to Brew Buddy, we can say that this device is more dependable when it comes to structuring but for the taste, both offer somehow similar performance. The only problem with Java Drip is the preparation as you really need to be careful when pouring the water.

What made us impressed with Brew Buddy? It’s the patented brewing technology that Primula made mainly for this brewer. Primula is the manufacturer of this device. The mesh filter soaks in your mug making sure the coffee you prepared will all be set in.

The structure can help you strengthen the taste of your coffee by steeping it longer. The disk holder is capable to cover several mugs’ rim. With such a process, you can achieve that rich and smooth taste.


Ease of Use

Apart from the simple design, Brew Buddy makes everything easier in terms of brewing your coffee. It does not require you to assemble any parts of the brewer. The process is not complicated you just need to put everything in your cup to have an instant coffee brewed.

The instructions we followed from Primula are definitely effortless. Just place the Brew Buddy brewer on the rim of your mug, add the coffee grounds, pour hot water, then let it brew to your preferred taste. From this advantage, we found out a bit of drawback.

We mentioned that the filter sinks inside your cup which lets the coffee grounds steep in the coffee mixture. Although this can aid you to strengthen the coffee taste there is a possibility that the coffee sediments will be left in your coffee. That will affect your coffee experience and taste.  We advise you to lift the disk holder to avoid this to happen.

This brewer is also reusable which means you can clean it with water and use it again. Primula has stated this is dishwasher safe.


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Group Cooking

One thing is for sure in this section of our review. This brewer is not advisable to use in preparing coffee for a group of people. There is only one filter and disk which can be used for one mug only.

But what if you stuff the coffee grounds on the filter then use it repeatedly on several cups? It will result in a tasteless coffee or weak taste. You may not want to drink bland coffee with your friends.

What we can recommend you to do is to fill, then pour it into each cup. Repeat the process to fill in the mugs of your companion. You can also use it on a huge mug or cup to prepare a lot of coffee for your group.

If you know when you are going outdoors with numerous people then you should buy some coffee maker which is capable to provide more brewed coffee. This is just a choice that hits several features that suit your needs.



Brew Buddy is another best pick in terms of portability on our reviews but this is only capable to serve one person. The design is technically just a mesh filter. No detachable materials or gears needed in order for it to work.

We recommend this for outdoor activities like camping which involves backpacking your stuff. The dimension of this product measures 4.2 x 4.2 x 1.6 inches. We ensure that it will not consume a huge space in your bag. It’s a substantial advantage for you to pack other items.

Of course, you can also use this anywhere you want to. It’s either indoors, travel, or even in your office.  The brewer is versatile, compact, and just easy to use. This coffee brewing device is handier than GSI Outdoors Ultralight Java Drip and sturdier.


If you’re like us, and couldn’t stand a day without a cup of coffee, even in the middle of the wilderness, then it’s important that you know the many different ways to make coffee. From one coffee lover to another, here are 10 techniques to make coffee while camping



The size of Brew Buddy is compact. This goes also with the weight. Brew Buddy weighs about 0.22 pounds. This is truly a lightweight device. If you are able to find other brewers that weigh lesser than this, then we advise you to check its features as some of them bear a lot of downsides.

What we would like to discuss is the key advantage that you can get for light backpacking and why this brewer is worth considering to buy if you will be the only person to use it. For the camping aspect, this is just one of the best options you can have.

Our opinions were collated from our testers and campers. When we conducted a few interviews and research some feedback coming from the users, most of them left positive comments and praise its performance.



It costs $9.06 on Amazon and $6.74 on the Primula site. Judging the features, the price is cheap and fair. This is a must-have equipment and also budget-friendly. If you are looking for a coffee maker that can serve more than 1 person, we recommend you to check GSI Outdoors Ultralight Java Drip.

Another advantage you can have with Brew Buddy is the avoidance to use paper filters which allows you to save money because this brewer is naturally a filter already.


After you’ve had your coffee fix, you’ll be left with coffee grounds that needs to be disposed properly. Disposing coffee grounds improperly is harmful for the environment and is not in line with the Leave No Trace principle. As a responsible camper, you should know what to do with used coffee grounds



The Primula Coffee Brew Buddy provides an astounding performance not only to the taste of coffee but also the portability feature. We named this as our best single-serve coffee maker in the list of our reviews.

Durable, compact, lightweight, and small are principally the attributes we have evaluated with this brewer. Many have already used this and proven to be the perfect brewer that suits their coffee desire during camping. If you’re looking for a no nonsense coffee maker for your next backpacking trip, this device is perfect for you. 

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