BUNN Speed Brew Outdoorsman Coffee Maker Review

BUNN Speed Brew Outdoorsman Coffee Maker

One of the great devices for coffee enthusiasts we found is the BUNN Speed Brew Outdoorsman Coffee Maker. The performance and features made their way to be our best 4 cup camping coffee maker in our list of reviews. This equipment can provide a maximum of 10 cups of brewed coffee in as fast as 4 minutes. There are no complicated procedures to follow since this machine will do the brewing process for you.

The disadvantages we have evaluated are the bulkiness and weight which is not ideal for backpacking and It’s not capable of automatic shut off. Let’s further discuss the features and performance of this coffee maker based on the following topics: brew features, taste, ease of use, group cooking, portability, weight, and value.


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Brew Features

If you are looking for a camping coffee maker that can provide more than 4 cups of coffee, then we recommend the BUNN Speed Brew Outdoorsman Coffee Maker. With this coffee maker, you can guarantee the taste of your coffee without having struggles with how you pour the hot water into your cup. You can have your brewed coffee quickly in just one click.

Outdoorsman is manufactured by BUNN-O-Matic Corporation which sells beverage types of equipment. One of their best products is this coffee maker. It is known to possess a clean pour due to its specially designed carafe to prevent dripping.

You can prepare a maximum of 10 cups of brewed coffee with this coffee maker in just 4 minutes. This is the best choice for you especially if you are planning an RV camping with your family or friends.  Just click on the button located in the front of the coffee maker then it will automatically prepare everything in the carafe.

We also like the design that was applied by the manufacturer. It is a Real Tree AP camo which is a limited edition.


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With an automatic coffee maker, we can articulate that the taste is similar to the coffee produced by the standard coffee makers. The thing with Outdoorsman is the structure which is created for camping activities. Does the taste differ from the brewers we have reviewed?

The answer is yes. Both have different processes of coffee brewing. This is automatic and the others are manual. But with this device, the coffee production is not bitter because of the lime-tolerant spray head which soaks the coffee grounds completely.  Meaning, you can have that rich and smooth taste of the brew.

The filter of Outdoorsman can be found in the upper part of the machine. That is also where the coffee and water can be stock. The brewed mix will be automatically produced on the carafe on its own.


Ease of Use

Home coffee makers are already easy to use but BUNN has made a way to make Outdoorsman be easier. This is a great advantage as you don’t need to wait a long time to have that brewed coffee for you and your companion. The methods to prepare are also not complicated.

You just need to add the coffee to the filter then pour water on the top are of the coffee maker. You can find this because it is covered with a lid.  After following this procedure, you just need to turn on the coffee maker and wait for 4 minutes to finish the brewing process. Take note that this device does not support an automatic off mode so you should monitor it.

We recommend this equipment for RV camping as you really need access to electricity before you can operate this. This is one of the downsides we found out with Outdoorsman.


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Group Cooking

The strength of this device highlights this area. It is really hard to find a compact coffee maker that you can bring and can provide a huge amount of brew. Another brewer we reviewed has only the capacity to cater about 3 mugs but with Outdoorsman, you can have more than that.

The reason why this coffee maker is able to snatch our ‘best 4 cup camping coffee maker’ is that it has the capacity to brew 10 cups of coffee.



Judging the physical attributes of this coffee maker, we say that this is totally bulky for backpacking. That is why we only recommend this for RV camping but it does not limit the versatility features that it possesses.

The whole body measures with a dimension of 14.50 x 7.50 x 14.50 inches. It will surely consume space however the result this coffee maker can provide, will make you satisfied.

In order for you to bring the brewed coffee, we advise you to pack it with a thermal tumbler to carry it anywhere. You can definitely use Outdoorsman for outdoor kitchen, indoors, hunting club, and cabin.


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Aside from being bulky, Outdoorsman is totally heavy. It has a weight of 8 pounds which is another drawback we discovered. If we look into the positive part, this is an automatic machine that can prepare your coffee automatically. This is an effortless preparation as you just have to put coffee grounds and water into the device then it will work for you.



From our perception, it bears a fair price. Honestly, you can’t find cheap machinery with great performance and features. The fact that it has the best attributes like the automatic brew, easy preparation, and structure, you will never regret getting one unit of Outdoorsman.

If you are looking for a coffee maker that is more portable and fit for backpacking, we recommend you to check GSI Outdoors Ultralight Java Drip for manual brewing and Gourmia GCM3250 Digital Touch Battery Coffee Maker for both manual and automatic brewing mode.


After you’ve had your coffee fix, you’ll be left with coffee grounds that needs to be disposed properly. Disposing coffee grounds improperly is harmful for the environment and is not in line with the Leave No Trace principle. As a responsible camper, you should know what to do with used coffee grounds.



The BUNN Speed Brew Outdoorsman Coffee Maker is our pick for the best 4 cup camping coffee maker. It can provide you rich and smooth flavored coffee in just 4 minutes. We recommend this for a bigger group as it can provide up to  a maximum of 10 cups of brewed coffee.

Although this is bulky and heavy, you can still enjoy the produced coffee fast, easy, and user-friendly. You can prepare it without anything to assemble or detach. Just put water and coffee grounds then you can have the machine to prepare your brew.

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