Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent (Review 2021)

Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent is a cabin-tent that can shelter up to 8 persons with roomy features and fair peak height. It has two separate rooms: main and screened. Filled with mesh, it is best used during summer time as it can provide great ventilation for a reasonable price.

We consider this as one of the best 8-person tents we have reviewed. Continue reading to see our in-depth review where we cover the comfort, weather resistance, weight, set-up, and durability of this camping tent.


The heart of your campsite is your tent. If you want to ensure that you’ll have a good camping experience, you need to invest in good quality equipment. We’ve been camping for years now and we know what to look for in a tent. Read our “Best Tents for Camping” article to see our top recommendations. 



Considering the number of people it can hold, it is perfect for family camping or adventures. You can expect spacious room interiors for the maximum capacity so don’t worry, you can choose this tent for the comfort of your companion.

Although this tent is labeled as a 3-season tent, the height is not prudent to battle rains and winds because of the walls and the ceilings are filled with mesh so we advised you to use this during summer or mild weather. That will ensure your comfort as it can allow proper ventilation especially when you are already resting at night.

Kids will adore the design of the inner door that separates the main and screen rooms since the shape is circular.



This tent cabin-style tent can accommodate large groups or specifically, a maximum capacity of 8 persons. We recommend this if you want to go camping with family because aside from the number of people it can shelter, it also has separate rooms in which you can separate kids from adults.

The total floor measurement of the tent is 14.7 square meters or 158 square feet. The size can hold 2 queen size airbeds. So if you wonder if it is enough for the maximum capacity, all we can say is yes. When you divide the total size of the floor to the 8 people, each can have 19.75 square feet or  1.84 m².

That’s more spacious compared to other tents that can fit similar capacity, however, we still suggest reducing it to the lesser people to experience the relaxation you are seeking together with your companion. It would be a great benefit if you are going with your family especially if some members are kids. That will give you more space.

We have scrutinized the floor area, now, let’s go to the center height of the tent. The tent has a peak height of 78 inches or equals to 198 centimeters. That’s 6 and a half feet. Other big tents are only capable of covering lower than the max capacity this tent can fit but, just a warning, it is still dependent on your height so don’t expect too much.

We already have discussed the main factors that can assure your comfort inside a certain tent. How about the complementing features? Are there other attributes you need to watch out? Yes, we are very positive.

The door of this tent is shaped like an inverted “T”  and that’s an advantage since it’s easy to open. There are 3 windows with a zipper that is positioned at the sides.

We mentioned that there are two rooms in this tent. These rooms are the main and the screened one separated with doors in between. They are powered with mesh roofs which allows proper ventilation and airing perfectly to counter hot weather or summer seasons. The walls are also surrounded by mesh.

Leave your worries if the rain will suddenly fall since this tent has a zippered panel protection that you can close if the situation occurs. Just added information, the height of this area is lower than the main room.

For your storage, there are only small pockets inside the tent. This may be a huge disadvantage since there are no vestibules pockets plastered in this tent. The features of this may have faults or disadvantages but, if you follow the correct usages of its specifications, you will enjoy having this tent.


If you’re looking for more ways to make your tent and campsite more comfortable, check out our article on how to set up a comfy camping tent for tips and tricks on how to set up the most comfortable campsite. We have mastered the art of being comfortable outdoors and we’re more than happy to share what we know with you. 


Weather Resistance

Since almost all of the walls are filled with mesh, we recommend this tent to be utilized during summer or warm weather conditions. Mesh allows more air inside the tent which can give you nice ventilation that can lower the temperature. It also has a removable rainfly sealed with seams.

The height of this tent is an advantage. However, from what we observe during our trip, it is not advised to use cabin tents in windy weather because it may collapse since it is a tall tent.

Even though this is a 3-season tent, we can say that it cannot stand intense weather. You better be utilizing it in summer or mild weather conditions. And with such, you can enjoy your camping experience as it will surely protect you from sunlight.



As we point out from our previous reviews regarding large tents, huge size is equivalent to heavy weight. This tent is vast and can accommodate many people so expect that it is heavy. But, if we evaluate it to the range of size similar to big tents, its weight is just fair. We suggest you use a vehicle to transport this.

This is not a freestanding tent and you need to lay it down in flat or any grounds that can help you stake it out. Always remind yourself if you consider getting this kind of tent that is not really suitable for all sorts of premises.


Ease of Set-Up and Packed Size

Since this is not a freestanding tent, you really need to stake this tent. From our experience, setting up this tent can consume up to 20 minutes of the estimated time and you will need help from your companions. Setting up the tent will be easier this way because there are many people who can assist in installing the whole tent.

The corner elbows of the tent are connected with the pin and ring system. Another advantage for you.

If you pack this tent, the length is measured to 36 inches while the width is 16 inches. For backpacking aspects, we suggest you carry it with a vehicle as it is heavy to carry around on your own considering the size of the tent.



The fabric of the Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent’s floor is made with polyethylene. A usual material used for this kind of tent. It is durable and waterproof. However, it is bulky and not breathable.

On the other hand, we would like to remind you that it is not shaped like a tub so be aware.

The upper part of the tent is polyester, a commendable component that is typically used for tents. This material is also used on its rainfly.

This is built with waterproof elements from what we have evaluated during our testing. However, the poles for the roof are made of fiberglass with steel uprights. Fiberglass poles are not really dependable if you are seeking for long time use. Yes, you can bend it but if you do it too much it may lead to damages or cracks so be careful in using it.


Setting up a tent in dry weather is preferable, but sometimes, you may be forced to set one up in the rain. This will make pitching your tent a little bit more challenging than usual. Follow our guide to setting up your tent in the rain to make sure that the inside of your tent will stay dry.



Now that we’ve covered all the features of the Wenzel Klondike tent, here’s a summary of all the things we love about it:

  • Reasonable price
  • Large size or floor area
  • Fair height and weight
  • Two separate rooms
  • More space for each person



Even though we believe that the Wenzel Klondike is one of the best 8-person camping tents in the market today, we still have a couple of things that we didn’t like about it.

  • Not a freestanding tent
  • Not capable of rainy and strong wind weather conditions
  • One door
  • Fabric is slack



As one of the best 8-person tents we have reviewed, Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent shows positive efficacy based on our testing and evaluations. The floor size is really vast for the maximum capacity it can accommodate which provides more than enough space for each person inside.

We can recommend this to be one of the large tents to look out for. Aside from the fair price with such features you can have, it can assure your comfort. However, what we dislike is the inability to counter the heavy rains and strong winds even though it was created to be a 3-season tent. But you can still enjoy it on specific weather, that would be during summer seasons or mild weather.

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