Trademark Innovations Loveseat Style Double Camp Chair Review 2021

Trademark Innovations Loveseat Style Double Camp Chair

The Trademark Innovations Loveseat is a simple double camp chair that can carry up to 440 pounds weight. It has two cup holders positioned on both sides of the armrest. This is a very durable chair because the frame is made of steel while the back part and seat are manufactured with polyester fabric.

You can have this with less than 50$ which is very affordable for a two-seater chair.  We included this as one of the Best Double Camping Chair we have reviewed.

Let’s further discuss the features and performance of this camping chair based on the following topics: comfort, portability, ease of setup, and durability. We will also be talking about the pros and cons of this camping chair to further help you decide whether this equipment is good for you or not.


Whether you’re in the middle of the woods, in front of a campfire, on the beach, or in the comfort of your own backyard, you can enhance your relaxation experience by investing in a good camping chair. We tested a bunch of the chairs that you can find in the market today and we found the best chairs for camping among all of them.



Dimensions LxWxH: 32” x 9” x 6”
Weight: 8lbs
Material: Polyester
Weight Capacity: 485lbs

We said in the Comfort section of our review that this chair is really spacious and can fit 3 people with average sizes. Now, let’s talk about the overall size of the chair and maybe it will suit your needs.

Trademark Innovations is a company that aims to produce quality products at reasonable prices. Some of the notable products they sell are sports, outdoors, home, and kitchen equipment. So for the quality of this chair, we can say that they packed it with the confidence to fulfill the consumer’s desires in a price-friendly aspect.

The length of the chair is 32 inches. That’s similar to the height of two bowling pins. Try to visualize the length of the thing then think about the size of your back to buttocks. That will help you to think if it is enough or roomy on your side.

As for the width and height, it has a measurement of 9 and 6 inches. These are just the dimensions of the seat parts of the chair.

This product is fortified with a steel frame. According to the manufacturer, Trademark Innovations, the steel frame’s length is 40 inches, while the width is 22 inches and the height reaches up to 31.5 inches.

The design structure of the steel frame is similar physically to the Kelty Low Loveseat Camping Chair. If you are curious, this seat has more special features compare to Trademark Innovations Loveseat. But, just a heads up, Kelty is more expensive than this unit.

You can own this chair for less than $50. That’s reasonable and affordable considering the advantages you can possess with this equipment. You will also have a carry a bag if you consider buying this.



This loveseat chair is perfect for couples, family, and even together with your friends.  This is usually used for outdoor activities such as camping, picnics, and sports events. That doesn’t stop there because you can prepare it for other adventures that suit the surroundings.

There are no other special or unique features that this chair can offer however you can trust its durability with the foundation of steel frame and polyester fabric.

You also need to take note that this is a heavy chair and you may need a vehicle to transport it.

What we want you to give attention to is the price that you may not have with other loveseat types of chairs.


Camping chairs are very sturdy, versatile, and easy to carry. They are pretty good to use in the mountains, but are camping chairs any good for the beach? Read our article to find out. 



The features of Trademark Innovations Loveseat Style Double Camp Chair are not far from other camping chairs. From another perspective, this is a recommended unit of two-seater outdoor chair you may consider in buying.

There are a lot of similar types of loveseat chairs that have been sold in the market and we choose this one to be included in our reviews as one of the best double seat camping chairs due to its simplicity and budget-friendly price.

If you are looking for a comfortable chair that can cater to two persons, we recommend this to be on your list of potential chairs. Since you will be buying this because you are going out together with your loved ones, partner or best friend, we would like to stress that you can assure relaxation when you are traveling somewhere to unwind.

As you can see on this chair, both sides of the armrest have a cup holder. Not only a typical cup holder but is made of mesh. This is perfect for your beverages while waiting for the night to come.

Since this can accommodate two people, you may be wondering if you can really fit without compressing each other. That won’t happen because the seat is spacious for the maximum number of people it can hold. And hey, that doesn’t end there!  From our observations during our testing with this chair, we tried to fit three people, and guess what? It can carry another person aside from the two. However, just a reminder that it was built definitely for only two persons. So don’t expect much that you can sit it together with another two people as it will still depend on your size.



Camping or outdoor chairs are supposed to be lightweight however, let’s accept the fact that these kinds of chairs are quite heavy when you carry them for a long period of time, but if we view it on the positive side, this is lighter since it can carry two persons.

Since the chair has a carry bag included when you buy it, carrying and transporting it from one place to another won’t be a hindrance. The weight is estimated at about 40 pounds.

This was created to be extra portable and convenient for an easy carriage when you are traveling or camping. Aside from those attributes, you can also fold this effortlessly to make it more compact and less bulky.


In all our years of camping, we’ve already experienced how to set up a camp in many different ways. If you want to know our tips and tricks on how to glam up a campsite in simple ways, check out our article on how to make your camping spot feel like home


Ease of Setup

In this area, we don’t really have any other comments since this can be easily set up similar to Kelty Low Loveseat. All you need to do is to unwrap it from its carry bag then expand the steel frame like an accordion to set it up. That won’t eat up a minute, it will just take a few seconds to fully set it up.

This easy set up also comes with an easy takes down so it’s a win and advantage for you.



Even though this is an affordable chair, you can still trust the performance and durability of Trademark Innovations Loveseat Style Double Camp Chair.

The materials used as a framework for this loveseat are heavy-duty since the frames are made of steel. You can ensure the specifications told by the manufacturer that it can carry a weight capacity of 440 pounds but also be attentive with the weight of the persons who will utilize the chair. We would like to remind you that equipment like this last longer when used properly.

The fabric wielded in this chair is polyester. This material is commonly used in making bags or even tents but with a wider variety of fabric.  As it is a trusted type of fabric, we can say that this is durable. Polyester fabrics are soft, lightweight; can resist tearing, wrinkling, and some chemicals. But the key characteristic is durability which is the main feature of this material.

With such, you can guarantee stability and toughness when using this loveseat. Apart from us, we have read some reviews that state that this chair is really sturdy.




The Trademark Innovations Loveseat is considered by many as a great double camp chair, here’s a quick summary of all the things we love about this product:

  • Accommodates two persons or even 3 with average sizes
  • Stable
  • Steel frame
  • Roomy
  • Mesh cup holders
  • Affordable for a two-seater chair
  • Can carry up to 440 pounds



There are only a couple of things that we didn’t like about this camp chair, these are:

  • Heavy
  • Carry bag is not comfortable
  • Limited features



The Trademark Innovations Loveseat Style Double Camp Chair highlights the real definition of simplicity with durability. Though it may not offer several features that other camping chairs can give, you can still consider buying it because the quality is more than enough for the price compared to other expensive chairs.

There are no unique features presented but the sturdiness and capability of this loveseat is a great advantage for you and your companion. This is the reason why we listed this as one of the best double camping chairs we have reviewed.

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