Therm-A-Rest UltraLite Cot (Review 2021)

Therm-A-Rest UltraLite Cot

Looking for a lightweight and small packed size folding camp bed? Therm-A-Rest UltraLite Cot is just one of the potential and trusted portable beds you can have. This is supported with shock-corded poles and bow with the reflector on the bed’s fabric to retain your body temperature in different weather.


Dimensions: 24” x 72” x 4.5”

Weight: 2lb 10oz

Material: Nylon, Ripstop Polyester, and Aluminum Poles

R-Value: N/A

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From our evaluation, there are many features you can have with Therm-A-Rest UltraLite Cot but there are remarkable and unique ones. The cot style is a smart idea to elevate your preventing it to wet, cold and hot surfaces. 

The ThermaCapture technology also caught our attention as it adjusts the bed fabric to your body temperature making you feel the moderation under extreme weather conditions. The only downside we find in this sleeping bed is the complicated set-up because of the poles and stand that you need to attach in order for your use, but be informed that this challenging set-up also goes in all of the cot types of camping beds. 

Comfort and Warmth

Most of the portable beds are designed with lay and inflate systems however, Therm-A-Rest has manufactured another idea of equipment for your camping or hiking needs. This is their UltraLite Cot. 

Unlike those inflatable beds we have reviewed, this type looks like a literal cot withstand and poles underneath your resting fabric. Now let’s scrutinize why this is a potential gear to be noted. 

Why should you use a cot? For our evaluation, this design can elevate your backs from wet, hot, and cold grounds. In this way, you can prevent your resting pad from damages caused by rough grounds or intense temperatures. This is like a bed but converted to be portable. 

You may ask if this can assure comfort when you sleep. We can only say that it is dependent on your sleeping positions because the materials under are bent poles. Some testers we talked to have expressed their disappointment in this section.

However, you can align the cot on a diagonal position to avoid the poles from distracting your legs or knees. We suggest you bring some foam to provide more comfort and relaxation especially if you are experiencing back pains sometimes. 

On the other hand, Therm-A-Rest has engineered a technology which is called the ThermaCapture. There are numerous inflatable beds that have deficiencies in this sector that will leave you under cold and hot weather without regulating your body temperature but with this cot, you can ensure that this equipment will adjust to your body heat preventing the cold that surrounds you. 

Our testing has proven the special ability of this cot which is a notable feature we can’t forget. The cover of this cot has a reflective element that works in the role of this temperature regulation aspect. 

There are not many comfort features we can express in this cot since this is a thin material. It is just the advantage that it can raise your body from the ground surface. 


The structure and design of this Therm-A-Rest UltraLite Cot is a great advantage in any kind of place. It may be cold, wet or hot weather. This cot can cover those surfaces.  If you plan to go on camping, hiking, trekking, or any of the outdoor activities you are planning to do, it won’t be a challenge. It will be a good companion for you. 

The whole cot materials are detachable for lightweight and small storage. It will be convenient for your backpacking plans because you can just compress it on the portable bag. It won’t eat much of the space in your bag. 

There are a lot of drawbacks that you need to watch out in this sleeping equipment. As we said, the gears and materials of this cot are removable. There is a big possibility that these elements may be lost along your way especially the poles and the bow stand. 

We suggest you should secure these materials to avoid the problem. Remember always that if you lose one of the parts, it will impair the stability of your cot. It will be an extensive struggle and discomfort in the middle of your outing. 

All in all, the cot works fine anywhere. You should just be careful and meticulous in dealing with your cot. 

Weight and Packed Size

Since the body parts of this cot are detachable for compact and portable storage. If we discuss the packed size, we consider this as one of the small-sized sleeping equipment we have reviewed. Aside from being small, we discovered it to be a lightweight material. 

The total weight of the Therm-A-Rest UltraLite Cot is only less than 3 pounds. This is a potential material to carry around especially when you are going to a far place that requires walking. You can insert it inside your backpack without worrying much. Aside from the fact that this is naturally light, the packed dimension is also small. If you are planning to but this cot, it is available in regular size with a measurement of 24 x 72 inches and large with 26 x 77 inches. The packed size is 41 x 13cm.

The package of UltraLite Cot comes with a storage bag, bed cover, poles, and bow stand. The overall assessment comparing this to other cots available, this is one of the most compact and lightweight cot. This is an assurance for you while seeking added gears on your camping plans.

Ease of use

During our evaluation, we found out that the set-up features of this cot are complicated and challenging especially if you are a new user. This is far different from inflatable beds where you can just spread it on the ground then pump it. In the case of this cot, you still need to assemble the poles and connect to the bow stand to be able to install it.

Some reviews state that it is very easy. We agree with that because you don’t need any tools to attach everything. As you gradually utilize it on your hiking or camping activities, you’ll get used to it and will find it effortless to assemble. But that is if you used it several times already. 

Let’s have a bit of an overview of how you install this cot. To assemble it, the first thing you should do is unpacked the materials then insert one foldable pole on both sides of the bed fabric. It can be easily inserted since there is a passage for you to place it. The next steps are the connecting of poles to the bow stand. 

There are two types of assembly in this part which may depend on you if you want it to be more stable and sturdy to carry your weight. You just have to connect two poles in one stand on both sides then attach each other in the middle. After this, place the bow on the side poles you inserted earlier on the sides of the fabric. Do this on the remaining poles until you finish it.  

From our evaluation, this is a recommended material but definitely complex to set-up. You can check ALPS Mountaineering Ready Lite Cot Roll for a less challenging set up of the poles.


If we talk about the durability, this cot is definitely dependable. Aside from the small and compact storage, the materials used in setting up are strong. The bad fabric Is made of reflective material that is fit and doesn’t need to be inflated. The poles are shock-corded which is built with rubber strands for the bendable and durable carrying of the person’s body. 

What we like in this type of sleeping equipment is how it can raise your body from the ground. You can double the sturdiness of the base by putting two poles in one stand bow. 

We have no issues in the durability of the Therm-A-Rest UltraLite Cot since it can absorb and regulate the weather and your body temperature. Meaning, it can adjust to the surroundings. 


Therm-A-Rest UltraLite Cot highlights these features:

  • Lightweight
  • ThermaCapture technology
  • Portable
  • Dependable 
  • Elevates your body against ground surfaces
  • Can strengthen the pole support for heavier capacity


Be aware of these disadvantages:

  • Complicated to set-up
  • Needs to adjust your position for comfort


We totally recommend Therm-A-Rest UltraLite Cot for your hiking and camping activities. The lightweight and portable features are best for backpacking and the ThermaCapture technology can retain your body temperature in any sort of weather. So if you are looking for a folding camp bed that you can carry around, this may suit your needs. 


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