Why the Grand Canyon, Arizona is Worth Visiting

The Grand Canyon

Published: July 13, 2021

If you are considering camping this 2020 one place you absolutely should consider is the Grand Canyon. It is a must-visit location. The view is utterly amazing and known for taking people’s breath away, but besides simply looking at the Grand Canyon, you can also hike it, ride a bicycle upon its trails, book a fairly-priced mule ride to the bottom, and if acquire permits you can enjoy fishing, riding your own horse, or going rafting! Plus, as it is a National Park the Grand Canyon is free to camp at as long as you fill out the needed paperwork and understand it is, “First come, first serve,” for whoever wants to stay out there. Do be aware that RV hookups can be limited so if you do have an RV be prepared to show-up extra early.

Once at the Grand Canyon you can select from the wide range of fun things you want to do and can also stop by the stellar visitor center should you want to get as much information as possible about the exciting selections you can make! Also, the Grand Canyon is separated into a North Rim and South Rim of the park. The North Rim tends to be much quieter and, “Secluded,” which is great if you want a less-crowded experience–it can be harder to reach, however. Meanwhile, the South Rim is much easier to access but can be quite busy during peak tourism season. No matter where you stay within the Grand Canyon, however, you are sure to have a fantastic time camping! Between the view, activities, and a wonderful visitor center you will make many fond memories of your time at the Grand Canyon should you choose to camp there!


  • The view is amazing and considered by many to be a modern, “Wonder of the World.”
  • The Grand Canyon is free to camp at!
  • The visitor center is full of attractions and souvenirs.
  • Many hiking opportunities.
  • Mule trips can be booked for a reasonable price.
  • Cycling trails are available.
  • The North Rim is generally not too crowded.


  • The North Rim is less crowded because it is harder to get to.
  • The South Rim location can be a lot more crowded because it is easier to access.
  • RV hookups can be in short supply should you require one.

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