Sunday Afternoons Unisex Ultra-Adventure Hat (Review 2021)

Sunday Afternoons Unisex Ultra-Adventure Hat

Sunday Afternoons Unisex Ultra-Adventure is a durable lightweight outdoor hat with a 50 UPF and a unique design that the cover extends up until your nape. What we like in this hat is the mesh panels implanted by the manufacturer for breathable features and also the fair price cost. On the other hand, we don’t have any complaints about this gear but we only contemplate that there are better hats than this one. However, this is a potential hat that can withstand numerous conditions.



Ultra-Adventure Hat by Sunday Afternoons is a remarkable outdoor hat that receives a lot of positive feedback from the users. The factor that made it to sit on the top is the comfort it provides. From the materials used to make this to the advantages you can get, users didn’t regret purchasing this.

Weighing less than a pound, Ultra-Adventure Hat shows the convenience of a lightweight hat. Aside from this, you can ensure the breathability designed to prevent sweat from feeling under the sunny weather. Watch out also for the unique characteristics that deliver an extra benefit when you use it.

The manufacturer structured this hat with a sunglass lock which is mainly to hold your shades.

This is positioned on top of the hat to prevent you from losing it. Another key feature is the 31/4″ inches Reverse Clamshell Folding Brim. It allows you to fold the hat in order for you to pack it. You can also tighten the hat at the back so that it won’t fall easily.

If you are looking for a comfortable adventure hat, we recommend you to check this one because it won’t fail you. This is great for your trekking adventures or camping as you will be able to pack it without worries.



Apart from the quality comfort, it can give you, Ultra-Adventure Hat breathability features have also impressed us. There are some mesh panels instilled by the manufacturer to support this ability. They really highlighted this area which is one of the reasons that this hat caught our attention.

The materials used to manufacture this is Nylon and Polyester Dobby wherein these fabrics are known to be genuinely breathable. If you look into the figure of Ultra-Adventure, you can see that there is an extended fabric that covers your neck. Our campers expressed that they feel like this has a dual purpose. It aims to protect your nape from the sunlight heat and allows ventilation in it.

We mentioned that you can tighten the hat and this adjustment has a sweatband circling around your head. Some outdoor hats don’t have this kind of feature though they have sweatbands but only on a specific area. It cannot ensure you the ventilation you’ll be needing on your escapade.

With the enumerated breathability elements that secures you to fight off the heat, you can never go wrong if you chose this. We have also collected the comments of your testers and they left us an almost perfect score in this feature of the Ultra-Adventure.



This hat bears a design which expands the fabric up until your nape. Looks like a cloak that covers the back parts of your body. Our campers are giving their thumbs up to these kinds of hats compared to those without this feature.

If we talk about the protection capabilities of Ultra-Adventure, you will also be amazed by it because it does not only cover your head and nape but the fabric is powered with UPF 50 . UPF stands for Ultraviolet (UV) Protection Factor which specifies the amount of UV radiation that the fabric allows to pass through your skin. The higher the UPF means the stronger protection. With a 50 UPF rating, we can conclude that it provides excellent protection.

Since we’re talking about protection, we would like to include the adjustable cord hanging from the head area of the hat until the lower parts of your chin. You can tighten this whenever you are traveling on some complicated roads or when you are trekking. This serves as a lock to prevent it from falling from your actions or from the blow of strong winds.



Judging the looks of Ultra-Adventure, many conclude that the design is not that fashionable. In our opinion, that does not drop the fact that this hat provides you satisfaction in many areas. The breathability, comfort, and protection give off an outstanding performance on any kind of outdoor adventure.

Sunday Afternoons hats are created to withstand several situations. Their signature is the potential of their hats to battle against direct sunlight and bestowing total protection with the structure they plotted for their hats. There are hats that show cool and stylish exterior designs but sadly, have only limited positive features.

The fabric of this hat is made of 88% nylon and 12% polyester dobby. These are considered as durable materials. It is also water and stain-resistant. So, even if you are storming under the rain, it can somehow sustain the dampness for a length of time and won’t be easily stained with the splash of mud coming from the puddles along your way.


Value for money

For the price, we can say that Ultra-Adventure has a reasonable cost. However, take note that there are outdoor hats that can protect and are more durable than this hat but from our perspective, this can already solve your needs for your adventures. It is also a contrast that this hat is more affordable and durable than other types of hats.

There are different kinds of hats that you may encounter with an excellent description of its features but if you already bought the product, it does not pass to the required one you are looking for. We advise you to read some user reviews before you consider to buy the equipment or gears. It is a substantial method of choosing the best material for you.



With the superb features, we can say that Sunday Afternoons Unisex Ultra-Adventure Hat is a recommended outdoor gear for you to have. The price is reasonable if you think about the attributes you can get. Lightweight, durable, breathable, and admirable protection are the elements that make this hat to be included in our list of products reviewed.

So if you are planning to hike, trek or camping, this is a dependable gear you should add up on your checklist. You will really need this especially if you are going to a place where sunny weather is dominant.

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