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Sunday Afternoons Kids’

Sunday Afternoons Kids’ Play Hat is our pick for the best kids sun hat. With the perfectly fit sizes, mesh panels, UPF protection, and durable body structure, you can ensure the satisfaction that the admirable attributes of this apparel can provide to your child. We don’t find a lot of drawbacks for this hat aside from it being made only with nylon material which is not a breathable fabric. However, this is not a disadvantage also as it is innately used for the quick-dry feature.

Let’s further discuss the features and performance of this sun hat based on the following topics: comfort, breathability, protection, durability, and value for money. Keep reading our review to know whether this equipment is good for your child or not.


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When we asked some of the buyers of this outdoor equipment, they had this usual comment about the products; that is to try the product to double-check the size if it fits you. Some of the outdoor hats in the market are sometimes too tight or maybe loose even if it is your actual measurement, but with Sunday Afternoons Kids’ Play Hat, we can assure you that the fitting is totally proper for your child.

This hat, which is mainly designed for kids, made its way to be our best pick for kids’ sun hat. In this area of our review, Play Hat is absolutely comfortable. We don’t have much to complain about its comfort features since our testers provided us positive feedback.

Play Hat is available in many sizes but we’ll be focusing on the range of 6 to 24 months old children. It has a head diameter of 19.5 to 21.5 inches. Our testers liked the fabric and the fit because it is just perfect for their heads. It is kind of hard to look for gears that will satisfy the kids, but you won’t go wrong with this one.

Sunday Afternoons products have already caught our attention with Ultra-Adventure Hat which pushed us to write a review about it. And it is a fact that it excelled in almost all of the key features which is great for the users. It will give them an idea of what products they should trust.


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Just like the Ultra-Adventure Hat, the materials used to make this kid’s hat is just breathable. Although the fabric is made of 100 percent nylon which is not really breathable, the mesh panels that are located on the internal parts of the hat work astoundingly.

If you are curious, Play Hat is made of complete nylon and 100 percent polyester. Even if we don’t have any professionals about the nylon, we can already conclude that this is not a breathable fabric just by basing it on our experience. However, Sunday Afternoons found a way to make it breathable by putting mesh panels inside the hat.

We are amazed by the fact that the manufacturer used nylon for the easy to dry feature. Meaning, you can wash it at night then use it again the next day. The smart design is the idea that they partner with mesh on the inner area to make it breathable. It will not leave your child sweating from the heat.

We didn’t encounter difficulties or negative comments from the testers of this hat as it just naturally has ventilation features to make your child cool.


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As we go on with our evaluations, we noticed that Play Hat looks like the kid’s version of the Ultra-Adventure Hat. We have seen similar features on both of the hats from the first time we explored them. In this area, you will be persuaded to get one of these hats for your kids.

The brim of Play Hat measures 2.5 inches from the front part down to 4 inches. Since we mentioned the resemblance of feature from Ultra-Adventure, this also possesses a neck veil which entirely covers your nape. The measurement of the veil depends on the size of the hat you are going to choose.

Apart from the neck veil, the fabric of this hat is also strengthened with UPF 50 Sun Protection. This is like the signature of Sunday Afternoons. They always put an impressive attribute to protect you from the harmful effects of the sun.

We recommend this for kids since it is a fact that their skin is more sensitive than ours. Better protect them by letting them wear this if the sunlight is directly striking while you are on your adventure or activities.

This is also a lightweight type that weighs only 1.76 ounces. It’s perfect for your child because they won’t be struggling with a heavy feeling that we experienced from other hats.



This hat is made of nylon which is a durable and weather-resistant type of fabric. From our perspective, it is a fact that you will not be carrying your child together to trekking, hiking, or camping in isolated places especially if they are still babies. They may not be able to withstand the atmosphere.

On the grounds of this hat, we can say that this is a sturdy hat for kids. The manufacturer is one of the trusted brands that most of the buyers tend to admire and the durability feature is not left behind. We can say that you can trust this apparel to take care of your child.

We already mentioned that nylon is an easy to dry fabric and also, this was made to be stain resistant. This is great for kids who are still exploring at their age because it is common they will obtain stains when they are playing.


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Value for money

Fair price. That’s what we can conclude. If you have already read our review from the first feature, you can say that the price is reasonable and the advantages are more than just enough. It is not expensive, and not cheap either. Play hat’s price ranges from $14.80 – $46.98. The cost can be equal to the quality you can get and the protection you are looking for in your child.



Sunday Afternoon has already impressed us with Ultra-Adventure Hat and finding out that they also have outdoor apparel for kids made us curious as to what it will look like. Our testing evaluation shows that Kids’ Play Hat is one of the best kids’ suns hat that we have encountered.

From the start of our review up until the end, you can see that the experience is positive and the features are awesome. Not all of the hats can excel in all areas of specs but with this, we assure you won’t regret having this for your child.

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