Ozark Trail 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent (Review 2021)

Ozark Trail 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent

Ozark Trail 12-Person Cabin Tent with Screen Porch is a huge tent that can cater to up to 12 people with a huge space of 171.5 square feet. It has 6 windows and 2 doors for easy access. Equipped with a mesh roof, the insides are divided into 2 rooms. The 90 inches height allows the proper ventilation granting comfort and relaxation to the people inside the tent.


This tent is best used during summer or warm weather. The features that complement the tent highlight the capability of the tent however, this is not convenient to be used by hikers or backpackers because of its heavyweight. Big tents are equal to heavy pieces of baggage or gears.

On the other hand, people who like stargazing can benefit big time. It allows you to witness wide visuals of the outside without any worries due to the mesh roof. If you’re like us who loves to stare at the night sky and wakes up early to see the sunrise, then this could be the best fit for you.



Since this cabin type of tent is mainly created with much space, we can say that you can ensure comfort if you are going to rest in there. Ozark Trail 12-Person Cabin Tent with Screen Porch can shelter up to 12 persons. To your advantage, it has a sewn-in room that divides the composition of 2 rooms that enables it to hold 4 queen air mattresses.

Aside from the mentioned features, this also possesses e-port as to which it allows entry of your extension cord if you brought one.

A large number of persons is primarily the target of this tent as it has a floor dimension of  171. feet. We can confirm that when a tent is roomy, you can expect relaxation since you will not be dealing with compressed surroundings inside.

We said that the tent is vast because when we tested this product during our latest trip, there are 2 huge doors and a total of 4 windows that makes the tent provide proper ventilation for the numerous people inside. Your gears and other stuff have enough space to rest considering Ozark instilled storage pockets to avoid the messy atmosphere in your tent.

Not only space, but it is also built with a cathedral ceiling with straight walls in which the appearance will generate a roomy internal appearance. As per measurement, this tent has a 90 inches height. It’s equipped with a mesh ceiling that lets you stargaze through the night.


Weather Resistance

The tent is considered to be used for summer. Since this is created with a mesh ceiling, we can say that its purpose is to provide cross ventilation or airing. That only states the features are for warm or hot weather.

From being a summer tent, we advise avoiding using it in windy situations. The roof is a cathedral type that covers a large area where it depicts that it is weak and unable to hold heavy loads like snow.

All in all, if you use this based on its specifications, you can expect a positive perception with this tent. The rainfly of this tent has taped seams to counter leaks. The mesh ceiling is complemented with a removable rainfly similar to other tents to protect you from insects at night.



Ozark Trail tent has an overall carry weight of 37.58 pounds. As we described on the above mentioned, this is an enormous tent which explains the gear compositions are heavy. Not advisable for hiking because it is very bulky if you carry it around even with your group. A vehicle is suggested for the importation of this tent.


Ease of Set-Up and Packed Size

A huge tent requires a large amount of attention and time. Aside from naturally bulky, it is also quite challenging to set it up alone. You will need a partner to build this freestanding tent, not to mention the 90 inches height of the tent where it may be hard to install the rainfly. From our experience, you will need 20 minutes to fully construct this tent.

Packed size is equal to 73 x 44 x 28 cm conceiving extensive occupancy unfit for carrying it. We suggest you transport it with a vehicle.


If you talk about durability, we can say that Ozark Trail 12-Person Cabin Tent can be included in the middle tier from our evaluation. The poles are made of steel and fiberglass. Steel is known for a heavy-duty material however, fiberglass is quite weak when it comes to supporting. Weak in the sense that it may break if it is bent several times.

These 4 fiberglass poles are installed in the roof area and the steel poles are for the leg part of the tent. The elbow poles are pre-attached to the tent to avoid misplacement of the parts.

From our perception, this can not be considered as the strongest tent since the roof is a cathedral type. It is big and it lacks stability if you put weight on top of it. We suggest you to not use it during winter weather. Ozark has not mentioned the materials they used in the fabric however, it is a water-resistant tent.


These are some advantages you might experience if you use this tent:

  • The tall height of 90 inches
  • A total of 6 windows and 2 doors
  • The roof is mesh-covered
  • Proper ventilation inside because of space.



From having positive features, it has disadvantages that may hamper your excitement with this tent. These are:

  • It is not a waterproof tent but water-resistant.
  • Hard to install and requires a partner to setup



 All in all. Ozark Trail 12-Person Cabin Tent with Screen Porch is an ideal tent for several numbers of people. With a maximum capacity of 12 persons, this tent can serve relaxation and plenty of space for your group.

Its features like mesh roof, big windows, and doors are a total advantage if you seek comfort and space. The proper ventilation in this tent can be experienced due to the immense space it provides.

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