Outdoor Research Sombriolet Sun Hat (Review 2021)

Outdoor Research Sombriolet

The Sombriolet Sun Hat by Outdoor Research is the best sun hat for men we have reviewed. The body is made with breathable materials which are nylon and polyester. It also has a mesh panel on the inner parts and a UPF 50 rating to protect you from the UV rays. The brims are hard and can withstand heavy winds. The only negative feature we found in this hat is the loose fit even if you choose the right size for your head.

Let’s further discuss the features and performance of this sun hat based on the following topics: comfort, breathability, protection, durability, and value for money. Keep reading our review to know whether this equipment is good for you or not.


Sun hats are one of the most crucial components of anyone’s hiking apparel. Whether you’re effortlessly hiking your favorite trail or trekking a challenging mountain, using protective equipment is very important. We listed our top hat picks in our “Best Hiking Sun Hat” article to help you find the perfect hat for you. 



If there is a sun hat for women, for sure there is also for men. When we searched for the best hat that features more protection under sunlight, we discovered the Sombriolet Sun Hat. This is like the partner of the Oasis Sun Sombrero which is also a product of the same manufacturer, Outdoor Research.

If we focused more on the comfort side of this hat, we can assure that you can totally get that advantage. However, during our testing, we encountered a bit of a downside in this hat. The disadvantage is a contrast to the Oasis Sun Sombrero wherein, the inner fit is tight that you need to look for a bigger size to prevent the tension that may happen if you wear a smaller one.

In the situation of the Sombriolet Sun Hat, the head size is loose-fitting. What we would like to advise is you try it first before you buy it. We always mention this in our reviews to help the readers to avoid buying something that might not suit their needs. Also bear in mind that when we tried the smaller sizes, it resulted in compressing much on the head of our tester.

Those things we experienced affects the performance of the comfort aspects of this hat however, the weight is quite impressive. It only weighs 3.21 ounces which is less than a pound. A great feature that makes you feel that you are not wearing anything on your head.

The drawback of this hat in this area does not really lose all of the positive features you can get.

There is an adjustable cinch band that you can see on the inner part of the hat. Another common attribute that an outdoor hat has is the chin cord but this is a smart design because you can attach and detach this element.


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Another distinctive advantage that Sombriolet Sun Hat has that the Oasis Sun Sombrero lacks.  If you check our review about the Oasis, we mentioned there that it has no mesh panels or any holes to support the breathability features. This is another positive characteristic you should take note of.

If you have a chance to see the hat, flip it to check the internal parts then you can spot the mesh design that is positioned on the whole area where you place your head.  This is an excellent feature that provides you ventilation if you are wearing it to prevent your head from sweating. Without these elements, we can say that it will surely trap the heat inside.

We have noticed the huge difference in how Outdoor Research structured Oasis and Sombriolet. Oasis is more focused on the sun protection feature while Sombriolet is just the ace of all trades. Our testers have also asked similar questions as to why the manufacturer designed these partner hats inconsistently.


Nobody wants to experience a quick day hike trip with excessive weight on their shoulders. Imagine the heavy load and muscle pains you’ll go through by the time you get back home. To help you avoid this situation, read our article to learn how to pack for a day hike.



Another area that Sombriolet Sun Hat excelled at. Outdoor Research is a manufacturer who made the defense against the harmful effects of the sun as its signature features because we have seen that most of their products have ultraviolet rays protection. The Sombriolet also has this feature.

Sombriolet’s material is powered with Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) protection. Oasis also possesses this attribute with a similar 50 rating. If you ask if this is a good rating, then our answer is yes. This grade is more than enough protection against UV rays. An outstanding one.

The UPF protection is not the only highlight of Sombriolet but also the wide brim. The front and back are 4 inches while the sides are 3.25 inches.  This is already a fit to cover your head and nape. You can also check our review of Sunday Afternoons Unisex Ultra-Adventure Hat because it bears a cloak design that covers the back parts of your neck completely.

Just like the Oasis, Sombriolet’s brims are hard which is a good foundation to prevent the heavy winds from knocking it down. This protects your head and face without being affected even if a sudden wind blew up.

Some outdoor hats have positive attributes for sun protection but the brims are loose that they can easily fall down.  Though the stiff brims of Sombriolet is a disadvantage for the backpacking aspect, it still serves a huge contribution to the hat’s stability.



The stability of the brim is what we really like about the Sombriolet. Even if it is kind of hard to fold it inside your backpack, the figure of the hat will stay the same if you unpack it which is a great sign. However, you just need to adjust a bit to pack it appropriately in your backpack.

The stiffness of its brim is what makes the Sombriolet more durable than the common hats. It can also withstand some weather conditions especially if you choose a color that can conceal the stains caused by the rain and mud.  This is a water-resistant type which means that it can endure light rainfall.

The materials used in this are 86 percent nylon and 14 percent polyester. These are a sturdy fabric.


To preserve the quality of your hiking gear, packing, cleaning, and storing is the process you should follow every time you go on a trip. To learn how to do this properly, check out our article on packing, cleaning, and storing hiking gear


Value For Money

As an outdoor hat that tops every key feature that we tackle in this review, the price is reasonable if you buy this. We don’t have much to protest against the performance of the Sombriolet because it is almost perfect from our perspective.

If you compare this to the Oasis, you will know what type can be recommended for buyers. With mesh panels, wide-coverage, and high UPF protection you won’t regret getting one unit of this hat.



Our overall assessment speaks that the Sombriolet Sun Hat by Outdoor Research is the best sun hat for men that stood out in our evaluations. With its wide brim coverage, UV ray protection, breathable structure, reasonable price, and durability, this is an outdoor hat that can be considered as a must-have for your adventures.

This sun hat can combat the sunlight, rain, and heavy winds which makes it perfect for different kinds of weather. Its durable material and the UV protection that it provides is also something that we commend. If you’re looking for a sun hat that you can bring with you on your outdoor adventures, you can’t go wrong with this one.

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