Olympic National Park, Washington Green Wonderland

Olympic National Park

Published: July 13, 2021

Olympic National Park, Washington

Olympic Park is known for hosting completely different ecosystems: a rainforest, alpine highlands, lakeshores, and the coastline to the Pacific. So, you can only imagine the variety of activities that you can do in this camping park.

Activities and highlights

Deciding what to do in this park will be one of the most difficult tasks you’ll have to do on your trip as it has so many points where you can sightsee, hike, or just spend the day with its natural wonders. Let’s see some of the spots that you can’t miss when in the Olympic Park.

Hurricane Ridge

If you’re into snow sports, you won’t be able to get out of Hurricane Ridge. Here you can practice cross country skiing, snowshoeing, sledding, and of course, hiking. If you’re a pro, you can take your own equipment, but if not there are rentals and guides that can help you have the best snow experience.

This is one of the most accessible mountains in the park for everyone to see the amazing views it offers. For hiking lovers, this mountain has several scenic hiking trails where you’ll be able to traverse steep paths that lead to crystal clear lakes and valleys.

Lake Crescent

As the most important lake in the area, its crystal clear waters house a variety of indigenous trout species. You can do plenty of aquatic and family activities that include boating and fishing. To enjoy the view of the lake you can follow one of the various hiking trails that surrounds it and explore the area.

Hoh Rainforest

And last but not less impressive, you have to visit this green wonderland. This is one of the few remaining temperate rainforests in the United States. Walking through it will make you feel in a fairytale as all its gigantic tree trunks are covered in green mosses and ferns. You can follow one of the 3 hiking trails it offers; Hoh River Trail is the most challenging one that will take you directly to Glacier Meadows, one of the nearest points to the top of Mount Olympus.

Camping areas

This popular park counts with a total of 14 campgrounds for you to choose depending on the season that you’re going, or a nice feature that catches the attention of many campers, is that they can camp in the backcountry and put up a suspended tree tent in any tree trunk of the forestland for a completely new experience. So, if you’re considering the second option, don’t forget to pack all the equipment needed to elevate your tent and for you to be comfortable in it.

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