Kurgo Waterproof Dog Bed (Review 2021)

Kurgo Waterproof Dog Bed

The Kurgo Waterproof Dog Bed is one of the best camping beds for dogs we have tested. The durability and waterproof capacity of this equipment can be trusted because it can be easily dried off even during cold weather. It is also great for backpacking because of its non-slip bottom area and it has a fair weight as well.

Let’s further discuss the features and performance of this camping bed based on the following topics: comfort and warmth, versatility, weight and packed size, ease of use, and durability. We will also be talking about the pros and cons of this camping bed to further help you decide whether this equipment is good for your pet or not.



Dimensions: 25” x 36” x 1.5”
Weight: 2.2lbs
Material: Microtomic Ripstop Material
R-Value: N/A

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You can purchase this waterproof bed for dogs below $60 only, but we have seen some portable beds for your pets at a lower price. However, they are not as sturdy and versatile as the Kurgo Waterproof Dog Bed.

In our discussions, we mentioned a lot of advantages you can have with this bed aside from the strong material build and waterproof ability. The 2-in-one folding bed and storage bag is one of the key features we noted for your backpacking purposes. It can also adjust the temperature of the surface. This is a compact and recommended material to bring comfort and satisfaction to your pet.


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Comfort and Warmth

We already discussed some of the inflatable camping beds for adults and kids. Apart from that, we would like to go to another type of bed that is specially made for your furry pets. This may be a surprising equipment since we all know that the common user of portable beds is human but, of course, manufacturers have also eyed the possibilities for your dog’s relaxation if you want to bring him somewhere.

During our testing with the Kurgo Waterproof Dog Bed, we feel that the fabric is thick and cozy. It’s like the portable beds for people but they shrink the size for dogs. From our observations, dogs are usually looking for a comfortable surface to rest on, may it be indoors or outdoors.

That spot will automatically be their relaxation area. So no wonder that sometimes, they go back to that similar place from time to time. They find some adjustments from their body temperature.

Kurgo, the manufacturer, designed this dog bed for the portability and comfort of your dog. The bed is available in 2 sizes. The medium size when unfolded has a measurement of 27” x 36” x 2” while the large size has a dimension of 36” x 48” x 3”.

The bed is compact and light. It can also be cleaned on your washing machine easily. The fabric is made of waterproof microtomic ripstop with a non-slip top and bottom. We will talk about the fabric later in the Durability section of this review.

Since dogs have a different body temperature to humans, they need to be resting in cool places. With such, this Kurgo bed has been regulated by the manufacturer to prevent your pet from overheating even if the temperature increased at the place you are staying. We also found out that this bed is insulated, however, it can calibrate the temperature to make your dog feel cool and comfortable.

On the other hand, this equipment is capable of making your dog warm during cold weather conditions. This feature is one of the factors we admire. If it hot, the bed doesn’t absorb the heat and if it is cold, they’ll make your pet warm.



You can use this waterproof bed anywhere you go. Even if it is for hiking, trekking, camping, or any outdoor activities you are planning to. And of course, you can also utilize it indoors if you want to.

Since this is a portable equipment, the materials used to build it is lightweight. You won’t be facing problems when you pack it because the bed itself can be rolled converting into a carry bag which is a convenient feature for backpacking. However, the rolled bed looks fat and it may consume some space if you want to place it inside your bags. But you can also carry it around. That will only consume one of your hands for carrying purposes.

We recommend you transport all of your things with a vehicle as you need to carry your pet with their portable bag and also your things. That will be very bulky if you carry it all alone. What’s great with the folded feature of the Kurgo Waterproof Dog Bed is the non-slip bottom part. If you are traveling to far places with rough roads, this attribute can prevent the equipment from rolling and toss inside your car’s trunk. This also works for any ground surfaces you are going to lay it down on. It won’t move when your dog rests on it.


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Weight and Packed Size

When we rolled this portable bed, the size is a bit bulky. This is because of the think-like fabric the manufacturer used. Yet, the folded feature looks compact and easy to store. It will still depend on how you pack your things during your adventures. Give attention to your beloved pet because they need to unwind, rest, and relax together with you.

The rolled-up dimension of this Kurgo bed has a handle for an easy carry. If you want to add more gears for your pet, the manufacturer also has some accessories to offer. It is an added pet food container with a storage bag. This is for the food of your dog.

The folded dimension of this equipment is 12.5” x 8 for the medium size and 17” x 9.5” for the large ones. This waterproof bed is also equipped with hidden zippered pockets to allow you in storing some lightweight and small pieces of stuff.

For the weight, this is not a pain to think of because the medium size only weighs 2.2 pounds while the large size weighs 3.7 pounds.


Ease of Use

The set-up and folding aspects of Kurgo Waterproof Dog Bed will not eat much of your time because of the rolled-up feature. When you roll it, it becomes a hand carry bag and when you unfold it, it is just fast easy. You’ll need to unbuckle the Velcro straps then spread the equipment. It won’t take minutes and seconds is just good.

We recommend this equipment for the comfort and ease of use it can give you and your pet. The portability and versatility cover a wide range of situations. This is like a bed anywhere. You can even lay it down inside your car for your dog to rest on.

We don’t have much to say in this section since this is a natural, easy to use, and portable bed.


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From the name of this bed, you can already identify what kind of equipment is this. Yes, the materials of this Kurgo bed are waterproof. We mentioned that the bottom part is the non-slip. This area is also made with the waterproof Rufftex material.

On the other hand, the top part where your dog will be resting is created with water-resistant fabric. This fabric is called microtomic ripstop. Aside from being qualified to resist water, this is also known for its durability.

How strong is the waterproof level of the bottom area of this bed? It is capable to battle off against wet surfaces, heavy rains, and other intense weather. It can be easily dried off even if it is not under sunlight as well as during cold conditions. So we consider this as one of the beds with the finest waterproof action matching it with the sturdy materials to prevent damages for long-time use.




The Kurgo Waterproof Dog Bed is powered with these features:

  • Easy to carry
  • Non-slip bottom
  • Lightweight
  • Insulated fabric
  • Reasonable price



Though be reminded of these downsides:

  • A bit bulky in size
  • Expensive compared to other products



We praise the overall features of the Kurgo Waterproof Dog Bed. This equipment has caught our attention because of its durability and high waterproof ability that can fight off extreme weather conditions without being easily damaged. The manufacturer has just stated the real and dependable attributes you can have with this portable dog bed. This is definitely one of the most exceptional portable bed on the list of camping beds for dogs.

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