Kijaro Dual Lock Portable Camping Chair (Review 2021)

Kijaro Dual Lock Portable Camping Chair

The Kijaro Dual Lock Portable Camping Chair is a tall camping chair furnished with a dual lock system to support the carrying capacity and secure its stability. It has added components like cup holders, an organizer with zipping & mesh pockets, a carry strap connected to the chair, and a carrying bag. This is also an affordable item and we listed it as one of the best camping chairs under 50 dollars.

Let’s further discuss the features and performance of this camping chair based on the following topics: comfort, portability, ease of setup, and durability. We will also be talking about the pros and cons of this camping chair to further help you decide whether this equipment is good for you or not.


Whether you’re in the middle of the woods, in front of a campfire, on the beach, or in the comfort of your own backyard, you can enhance your relaxation experience by investing in a good camping chair. We tested a bunch of the chairs that you can find in the market today and we found the best chairs for camping among all of them.



Dimensions LxWxH: 26” x 35.4” x 45.7”
Weight: 9.4lbs
Material: Diamond RipStop Polyester
Weight Capacity: 300lbs

If you are considering to buy this chair, Kijaro has prepared some supplementary elements that are very useful when you pack or carry it. The chair also comes in a variety of colors.

According to the manufacturer’s description, it includes an organizer with zipping & mesh pockets, 2 cup holders, a carry strap connected to the chair, and a bag.

The cup holders are created with mesh that will hold your drinks while you are watching some events like sports or when camping. These are positioned on both sides of the armrest with different sizes. The other side of the cup holder is considerably small while the other is bigger.

It also has an added mesh organizer attached beside the chair in which you can store your other things. Note that you can only put lightweight stuff in it.

When you are planning to change your location, we are glad to say that this has a carry bag and strap.

The chair’s dimension is 26 inches length, 35.4 inches width, and 45.7 inches height and when you fold this, it will have 6.9 length, 4.7 width, and 45.7 height inches.

The total height of the chair is 19 inches when it is already set up while the weight is 9.4 pounds.



Based on the features this portable chair highlights, the manufacturer, Kijaro, specially designed this to be perfect for camping, outings, or even sports events.

What we like about this dual lock chair is its simplicity and capacity. It can carry a maximum weight of 300 pounds and is just easy to set up for about. However, some parts of this chair are not commendable since it causes instability when used for a long time.


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If you are seeking for comfort, you can give your trust to this dual lock chair. You can assure relaxation if you are going to use this apart from the fact that this product is easy to use. Let’s breakdown the materials used and other features that this chair can offer.

The back seating of this chair has a breathable mesh. Mesh fabric materials look like a screen that has small openings that can give ventilation. Usually, most manufacturers of tents utilized this kind of material to power up the ventilation and airing inside. So for this instance, this chair can provide you more comfort and relief when you use it.

Aside from the aforementioned feature, this chair is packed with seat padding and headrest for added comfort when resting.

From our observations when we tested this chair, we perceive that this can totally provide comfort especially when you tend to rest while doing some stuff like reading a book or even while using your smartphone to pass your time.

You can take a break by sitting with its padded seat which is complemented by the headrest. Some chairs lack this kind of feature and if you are someone who is looking for relaxation during your outing that will be a disadvantage. But, some of the users who also tried to use this chair have expressed some disappointments.

What we can only tell you is the fact that this chair has a wider width, tall, and the materials used to build this product. That clarifies why we entrust this product. We also recommend this to be utilized in hot or sunny weather.



The Kijaro Dual Lock chair does not only aim to offer comfort, but it is also manufactured to be an easy-to-carry chair. We can say this since the chair has a carry strap and bag.

The carry strap element is linked to the poles located at the back of the chair. So what is the role of this carrying strap? It simply just bestow you an easy advantage to transfer the chair from one place to another.

Some chairs we have tested needed to be carefully packed in its carry bag but this dual lock chair, you can drag the strap and it will automatically close the chair gradually. This works because of the lock-shut system that is plotted mainly to work together with the strap.

On the other hand, there are disadvantages you need to watch out for. Even though we stated that this is an easy to transport chair, the overall packing requires attention and effort. Why? It is because of the size of the chair.

The chair is innately tall and has a total measurement of 45 inches long when you pack it up. If we describe the chair from our perspective when we used it, the pole you see in the back of the chair is lengthening up to act as its front leg. It shows bulkiness when you fold it so expect it will be a trouble if you are carrying other things or when you transport it with a vehicle as it will affect the space. However, it will be of less trouble if you are already accustomed to carrying it.


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Ease of Setup

Kijaro engineered this chair to have an easy setup. So, with what we discussed about its portability feature, you can never go wrong with its setting up aspects, too.

This chair is set to have a lock and unlock button, also known as the dual lock system. This system will ensure that the chair is exactly closed when you pack it.

For the setup, you need to click the unlock button and pull the poles to its proper position then click the lock button. And there you go, you can now use it. However, to clarify, this chair is similar to other designs of chairs that you really need to pull the legs in order for the chair to stand. Meaning, it is not an instant setup chair.

It’s the same routine when you take down the chair, you need to press the unlock button then fold it. We estimate that you will need about 5 seconds to assemble the chair.



The material used in this tall chair is the 600 x 300 denier polyester diamond ripstop. This material is typically used in making bags, luggage, and other equipment that is fortified to avoid tears. That is a durable element incorporated with this chair.

Just as what we have mentioned on the ease of set up section of this review, the dual lock technology they added in this chair expresses durability when you sit on it. It operates to support the stability to carry the weight and back seat. In connection, you may ask how heavy it can carry. It has a max capability to hold up to 300 pounds.

This is also a no-sag seat kind of chair. It assures you that you won’t be slouching when you sit on it. This problem is common to most of the chairs when they get overly used. The seat becomes saggy.

All of the things we stated are great advantages but we would like to stress that it contrasts with the poles used. The joints are connected with plastic coatings, wherein some of the consumers had negative feedback about this. Some say the lock system is stuck and others say it became unstable over a long period of time.

We would like to remind you that it is necessary to double-check the item before buying it.




Now that we’ve tackled all the features of the Kijaro Dual Lock Portable camp chair, here’s a quick summary of all the things that we love about it:

  • Easy setup
  • Dual lock system
  • Padded seating and headrest
  • Easy to carry around your location because of the carry strap
  • Lightweight



Of course, there’s no such thing as a perfect camping chair, here’s a list of the cons that we’ve noticed on this chair.

  • The structure may be unstable
  • Small cup holder
  • Quite bulky when you carry it



If you are looking for an affordable camping chair, the Kijaro Dual Lock Portable Camping is one of the best choices to select. From its dual lock and easy to transfer features, it can really satisfy your needs if you are looking for effortless relaxations. We added this to our list of the best camping chairs under 50 dollars. It is affordable and remarkable at the same time.

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