Is Hiking A Good First Date: Pros And Cons You Need to Know

Hiking A Good First Date

Hiking helps a person unwind. Apart from the adventure, you can create a memorable bond with your company. This can also increase and leave a quality impression on your partner.

Is hiking a good idea for a date? Yes. It can bolster your connection, and it’s the opportunity to learn more about your date. With such, you can experience relaxation, a fresh scene, and adventure. The activity can result in romantic moments that you and your partner will definitely enjoy.

In this article, we will be giving tips and suggestions if you plan to go on a hike for a date. The topics we will be discussing include reasons why hiking is an ideal date, cons of hiking as a date, and outfit recommendations.


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When is hiking a good idea for a date?

Before you consider hiking on a date, you should first know the preference of your partner. It is also advisable that you go for a hike with someone you know, or on a double date. You can also offer hiking on your second date.

If you’re planning to go on a hike for a date, here are the things that you need to consider:

1. Know your date’s preference

Hiking may be an exciting adventure that you like, but before you offer this as a date, ask your partner if they are also interested in this activity. Always think about the possibility that they might prefer not going to the mountains as a way to bond, but would rather spend time doing a relaxing and quiet activity.

2. Go on a hike-date with someone you know

Specifically, we suggest you don’t offer a hike as a date if you haven’t met or if you don’t know each other yet. This activity is rather for people who have already been companions for a long time, like friends or colleagues, for example. Apart from the idea that you understand their personality, you recognize their likes and dislikes.

3. Go for double dates if it’s the first time

If you have a friend who is interested and can accompany you hiking, it is recommended you offer a double date. This is a great choice if you propose a hiking adventure on your first date with someone you don’t really know. You can have people to secure and check on each other, and who can help in lively and flowing conversations, and prevent awkwardness.

4. Hiking on a second date is okay

At this stage, we can say that you are already comfortable with each other’s company. It may not be advisable to go hiking on a first date in order to avoid some points that they might dislike. So, going on a hike for your second date is okay, and it’s possible that your partner approves of this.


Why hiking is a great idea for your first date

This type of date can be considered unique and special. Hiking on a first date can provide you adventure, bond, a fresh scene, and relaxation. It can offer you romantic scenery, moments, and more time to know each other.

Let’s talk more about these reasons.

  • Adventure

    It is an understatement that hiking is known for being an adventure. Going on a date with your partner and doing this activity will bring you happiness.

  • Romantic scenery

    You can’t witness it inside your house, but if you go out in the woods or in the mountains, especially around sunset, it will be a beautiful sight to enjoy with your date.

  • Bond

    You can spend time alone together, and create a strong bond by relying on each other’s presence. This will help you know your partner more.

  • Fresh scene

    Dates are usually mistaken by other people as only watching movies or having dinner at a restaurant. If you offer to go hiking instead, this might excite your partner, and free them from the customary recommendation.

  • Romantic moments

    Nothing can beat bonding with someone you love and like. All the time you are spending with them will be a great opportunity to bolster your connection.

  • Group dates

    Group dates allow you to meet more people and widen your acquaintances. This doesn’t restrict you to just one person, but also offers the opportunity to have a memorable time with friends.

  • It shows your personality

    By suggesting them this activity, your date will think that you are an adventurous and interesting person. This can make them admire you more.

  • Relaxation

    Traveling in isolated places without many people surrounding you is the best way to unwind. Together with your loved one, that’s going to be perfect.

  • Free

    Hiking is free. You don’t have to pay anything just to go to the mountains or forest. That is an advantage and convenience for both of you.


Hiking with a group is great and is always a unique experience. But there are things your group must consider to ensure a successful group hiking trip. Lucky for you, we have an article that details everything you need to know about group hiking


Things to look out for when hiking on your first date

Hiking is a pleasant activity, however, there are negative factors you need to watch out for on your dates. These include wrong expectations, unpredicted behavior, danger, and awkwardness. There are also people with bad intentions, that may accuse you of things you didn’t do.

  • Wrong expectations

    When you meet someone online, there is a possibility that they didn’t use their real background, or worse, used a different profile. This has been employed by other people already, which results in regrets and disappointment from the people they date online.

  • Unpredicted behavior

    This factor follows up on the first one. Since you don’t know who are they in person, and this is your first time meeting, you may meet people with odd behavior that may not suit your assumptions.

    There are also people who make you feel uncomfortable by creeping behind your back due to a lack of conversation, for instance. These tend to follow your back, then distance themselves when you look back. That will surely make the date uneasy.

  • It may put you in danger

    We do not think this is likely to happen, but people with bad intentions can put others in danger. This especially applies to females, who can fall victim to sexual assault. We really advise you to be vigilant and careful with this. You never know a person’s interest, especially if you’re meeting them for the first time.

  • It could dirt your reputation

    Another example of people with bad intentions. Those can accuse you of anything since you two are the only people going hiking. In such scenarios, having no witness will place you into a total mess.

  • Awkwardness

    We mentioned this on our first topics; we suggest you go for a hike with other people, like on a double date or group date if this is your first time meeting each other. With many people around, the conversation is not awkward. Having many people around can prevent awkwardness and silences in the midst of your adventure.

  • Misplaced things

    Or, the wrong choice of gears. Instead of enjoying your date, this will just lead to accidents, and you don’t want that to happen. Losing your gears will impair the completeness of your things, as will bringing the wrong gears.


Tips for a successful hiking date

Before you go on a hiking date, the first tip you should observe is to schedule everything ahead of time. Inform other people that you are going out for a hike, avoid engaging in difficult trails and terrains, and always take the lead.

  • Schedule ahead of time. Create an itinerary to adjust everything for the whole day.
  • This is a common hiking tip: inform people that you are hiking. Tell them the place that you will be hiking at and date you will leave and come back.
  • Don’t proceed to challenging terrains, and think of it as a bonding that you can enjoy.
  • Contact the tourism department or any agency that can provide you with information about your itinerary.
  • Take the lead when traveling on the trails. That will leave a good impression on your date.
  • Bear in mind the word “enjoyment” in every step you are taking.


Hiking is an excellent team building activity. As trails aren’t always easy to navigate, communication and problem-solving can go a long way. Read our article to discover four great team-building activities to utilize while you and your team are on a hike.


What to wear on a hiking date

The most important thing you need to remember if you are going for a hiking date is the convenience of your outfit. Choose running shoes, stretchable pants or shorts, and sweatproof shirts. Never use cotton fabrics.

For men:

  • Trailer, running or hiking shoes
  • Sweatproof shirts
  • Nylon or any breathable socks
  • Cargo pants (lightweight and stretchable)

For women:

  • Leggings or any stretchable pants or shorts
  • Sweatproof shirts
  • Trailer, running or hiking shoes
  • Nylon or any breathable socks



Hiking is an amazing activity and it is better enjoyed with company. If you have someone that you’re interested in getting to know more, why not invite them on a hiking trip? There are a lot of date options nowadays, but if you want to stand out and create lasting memories with your date, hiking is the way to go. 

If you choose hiking for a date, always prioritize a major factor with your partner —convenience. Giving them attention, and providing them with ideas about hiking may dissolve their negative perception of it (if they perceive hiking negatively.) Some people prefer not going out for an adventure, so making them feel safe can change that approach. Finally, hike for enjoyment, and make it so memorable that it can mold the best impression on your partner.

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