Ideal Places to Take a Shower When on the Road

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Not all campers settle in one place. For example, when camping in an RV, a person will surely go from one place to another, and maybe other campers just want to have a road trip for several days. The drawback with this kind of activity will be the lack of bathroom or water supplies.

If you are about to hit the road and camp for several days, it is advantageous for you to know about the different places where you can freshen up and take a shower. We’ll be discussing these locations in this article so stay tuned so you can stay fresh while you’re on the road.


Staying clean is an important aspect of camping. Just because we’re away from bathrooms and running water does not mean that we have to stay filthy. Lucky for us modern nature enthusiasts, camping showers exist. We tested numerous products and we came up with a list of the best camping showers available in the market today.  


Places where you can take a shower while on the road

The ideal places where you can take a shower when hitting the road are gyms, campgrounds, recreation centers, truck stops, hot springs, rivers, lakes and waterfalls, portable showers, beaches’ public showers, swimming pools, motels, and marinas. You can also request help from a friend who lives nearby.

Our research and tests have helped us identify the places where you can stop to take a shower. We also included another topic to give you other choices and tips, apart from going to these places.

You can head to the places we’ve mentioned above, as these spots have shower facilities, and enough water supply for you to take a shower.

Let’s go into further details.

  1. Gym

    Traveling for several days will take you to different places. There is a huge possibility that you will be able to pass by gyms. Thus, what we can advise you is to invest in a gym membership, since they have showers and other facilities.

  1. Campgrounds

    Heads up, not all campgrounds have showering facilities, but there are several that actually possess showering facilities. If you are located far from urban areas, and the roads are taking you to rural places, this is an option for you.

    Some campgrounds may require you to pay a few pennies, while others might offer you to use their showers for free.

  1. Recreation centers

    Since they offer a lot of activities that a person can engage in, which includes sports, for sure, they have showers. They can be found in metropolitan areas, where you may be able to travel. Like for campgrounds, prepare your money, as it might not be free.

  1. Truck stops

    The most prominent truck stop is the Pilot Flying J. Such places offer facilities, usually for truck drivers, but they also offer them to other people. You can stop by and take a shower in these kinds of establishments, but not all of them allow everyone to use the showers. So, make sure to ask them first.

  1. Hot springs

    You can encounter this option if you are in the mountainous areas, and quite far from urban places. Take a look at your path, as there can be hot springs around. This is just another alternative to consider if it is really difficult to find showering facilities.

  1. Rivers, lakes, and waterfalls

    This might be the best choice you can have, especially if you are out there without knowing if there are some places that can provide you with showers. If you are on the road, you won’t be expecting many stops. So, if you see rivers, lakes or waterfalls, grab that opportunity, and clean yourself up.

  1. Portable showers

    To ensure that you have water for showering purposes, you can get one of these. Since they are portable, you can be certain that they won’t consume a huge space in your vehicle. Having this kind of apparatus can reduce the time spent looking for some ideal places to shower.

  1. Beaches’ public showers

    Beaches have a public shower to clean up after having fun on the beach. So, if you are able to locate beaches nearby, you can stop and take your shower there. Don’t forget to bring your essentials, as they don’t usually provide them.

  1. Swimming pools

    Who wouldn’t want to chill in a swimming pool? Again, this is an alternative for you if you are unable to find some shower facilities. Go, and seize the opportunity if you find one. And please, observe the rules of the pools.

  1. Motels

    Obviously, they are established for relaxation or to shelter if you are on a road trip. It is assured that every room has a bathroom that will allow you to clean up. If you don’t have tents to use, and the night is fast approaching, we suggest you proceed to a motel.

  1. Marinas

    Marines considered to be some of the cleanest areas. Judging from the looks of it, you may think that it is expensive and requires outfit codes before you can go in. So, we suggest you ask some of the people around, as they might allow you to access shower facilities.

  1. Malls

    If you have an insufficient budget, you can consider this as the last option. Pass by malls, and go to their bathrooms. Although you may not able to take a full shower, you can quickly clean up, and freshen up. This is better than not showering at all.


Taking a shower is still the best way to clean yourself and freshen up. When you’re camping in the woods, you don’t have the luxury of unlimited water supply. Still, this does not mean that you can’t have a proper shower. Read our article to learn how to shower while camping.


Factors to consider to shower outside

Other options that you can choose from to shower include bringing water storage, contacting a friend, socializing, and making friends with other people. Also remember to use environment-friendly essentials, to avoid harming your surroundings. Finally, use warm water for the best shower experience.

These are the tips and techniques we recommend.

  • Bring water storages

    Preferably, small water tanks to place in your vehicle. This won’t require you to find other places, and you will only need a water supply. It is simple, as you just need to fill up your tanks, then use the water inside to wash up.

  • Contact your friends

    Your friends may be living near the area where you are traveling. Contact them before you go to their places, as they might not be around. And if they already gave a go signal, then proceed. Always consider everything that will make them feel pleasant.

    Even though they are your friends, don’t just surprise them with an immediate visit to their houses. Asking for permission is important.

  • Socialize with others

    Sometimes, there are people that will offer you help if you give them good impressions by conversing and bonding. It may be hard to apply this tip, but these people may allow you to shower at their places, which is an advantage.

  • Use organic or biodegradable soap

    We always include this, as we really need to protect the environment in our small ways. The regular soaps we use can form side effects to the water in rivers, and may contaminate it. However, there are soaps that are environmentally friendly, and which you can purchase to observe natural preservation.

  • Warm water

    Nothing beats a shower with warm water. There is this saying that, after you use warm water during a shower, your body will release its heat, thus making you feel cool and relaxed at the same time. Also, this is a good option if you are in an area with cold temperatures.


Showering will consume a lot of your water reserve. If you’re camping for an extended period of time, it is important that you make your water supply last as long as your trip. To help you save water, we’re sharing with you a few tricks to stay clean while camping even without a shower


Final thoughts

We have discussed the ideal and possible things you can do if you are on the road for several days. Think about the places mentioned above before you decide to go, and see if they are available or can be located near the area where you will be traveling. Avoid purposely proceeding to the places we shared if it is indeed far. These are just choices that may be seen if you pass by in a certain place.

Also, be careful if you want to make friends with strangers just to ask for a shower, since they are strangers in the first place. You can’t easily trust them, because you actually don’t know them. Lastly, practice the Leave No Trace principle if you are in isolated places.

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