Green Mountain Grill Davy Crockett Pellet Grill Review

Green Mountain Grill Davy Crockett Pellet Grill

Regarded as the best portable pellet grill, the Green Mountain Grill Davy Crockett Pellet Grill is a leading product in the list of our reviews. With its ability to provide more than enough heat to cook your food, it will not be hard to use for the users. It also allows you to have the authority to adjust the heat through a WiFi connection.

We haven’t found many drawbacks in this griller, aside from the heaviness and the legs. Our overall assessments show that this griller is durable, convenient, and powerful. Let’s discuss more as we go on with our review.


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This equipment has impressed our testers the first time they used it. The key point of its feature, which we find unique, is the Wi-Fi control. For us, this is an advantage for the user, as they can regulate the cooking temperature even if they are not close to the griller.

The grilling temperature of the Davy Crockett is ranging between 150°F and 550°F. This is not your common grill, because it is powered by pellets. With its high-tech feature, the heat can be modified and scanned with the use of the GMG phone application.

Although the system of grilling gives you the freedom to be away from the griller, we suggest that you still monitor it from time to time. Apart from the WiFi controller, this grill also has a controller on its machine. There is a bit of a drawback in the feeder of the pellets however, as sometimes, it does not work properly. So, it is recommended for you to check it from time to time.

The feeder works with a sensor that Green Mountain engineered, which is called Sense-Mate, so you should balance the heat temperature before you leave it. In our opinion, the overall performance of this griller is just smooth and fine.


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The Davy Crockett’s design is different from that of other types of grills. The system and operation may be the reason why the build looks far from the common griller. That doesn’t downgrade the façade.

The lid of this griller has a maximum height of 7 inches, that bears ventilation to adjust more to the size and amount of the food you cook. The cooking area has the capacity to cater for about 6 steaks or burgers. The cooking area is 29.92 inches long, 14.96 inches wide, and 21.65 inches tall.

If you wonder if this is durable, yes, it truly is. The body is made of steel, which makes it robust and ensures a longer use. On the other hand, our testers expressed that they find a bit of inconvenience in the stand, as there were times where it wouldn’t fold firmly.

So far, in our general observation, the build and materials used to make this griller results in the durability and effectiveness of its performance. It is indeed an ideal piece of equipment for outdoor activities.



If you plan to carry this for lightweight backpacking and hiking, then we suggest you don’t, as this is a really heavy equipment. This is mainly created for specific activities, and those adventures usually require you to transport your stuff in a vehicle.

The Davy Crockett griller weighs 68 lbs., which is not ideal for some affairs. Green Mountain has already mentioned, on the product information, that this can be used for tailgating, camping, hunting, music festivals, or anywhere that you are able to bring it. As such, it excludes lightweight packing.

As previously mentioned, this grill can be your best partner on the activities enumerated above. It indeed allows you to fold the legs for a takedown after using it. Plus, the stand works as a handle for carrying aspects after you collapse it and pull it upwards.

Finally, the Davy Crockett is packed together with a 110V or 12V with adapters with three power options. This equipment needs battery power or electricity in order to operate. We advise you to bring a battery, because if you use the car’s battery, we aren’t sure if it will fully consume it.


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Ease of set-up

The product’s package of the Davy Crockett grill is naturally built-in. After you remove it from the box, you just need to attach a few parts to finish assembling. You can immediately use it after a few processes.

According to our testers, everything goes firm and okay in terms of set-up. They didn’t find any difficulties, and they enjoyed the features that the griller provides. With such, we can say that this equipment is easy to use.

Last but not least, the legs can be changed into handles. Of course, you will still need to connect the grill to a battery or anything that can produce electricity. Our whole assessment speaks that this griller can be effortlessly set up.


Ease of cleaning

The cleaning setup of this griller is somehow similar to that of other types of grills. However, there is a complicated and intricate device planted in this equipment. For the cleaning process, you are allowed to remove the cooking grater and a few other elements to clean them separately. Please note that this is powered by electricity, so be careful in the cleaning methods and the substance you are going to use.

Additionally, this grill comes with a bucket that can be utilized to collect the grease of the food you grilled. There are areas that you’ll need to scrape the burnt materials off to prevent thick formations. This process may take some time.

Overall, we can say that the cleaning aspect is complex, but similar to other grillers. We advise you to be cautious when removing the waste. To assure the proper ways, you can contact the manufacturer if you want to conduct deep maintenance with this griller.


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Value for money

Let’s get straight to the point: this is expensive. It is an equipment that contains parts that are frankly costly.

This grill indeed works with a battery or any electric source and with a WiFi-enabled control. So, judging by its features, you can conclude that the price is fair. This only applies if we weigh the price and its attributes.

Many grillers that we have tested and encountered are cheaper than this one. However, we found a lot of drawbacks in those. The range of the Davy Crockett’s cheapness is just small. So, if you want more effective cooking that prioritizes your convenience, this is a griller you may consider.



The Green Mountain Grill Davy Crockett Pellet Grill has made its way to be considered our best portable pellet grill. It is expensive and a bit heavy, but because of its special design and powerful cooking, you can never go wrong if you choose this grill.

This is an ideal griller for tailgating activities. It also allows you to monitor and control the heat temperature through WiFi, which is an impressive feature for a piece of cooking equipment. If you have some cash to spare, you can definitely enjoy your adventures with your companions with this griller.

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