GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker Chair (Review 2021)

GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker Chair

This camping rocking chair manufactured by GCI Outdoor is sturdy and comfortable. It is powered with the Spring-Action Rocking and EAZY-FOLD Technology for firm support of the rocking motion and easy takedown scheme. This chair also comes with a built-in cup holder, padded armrests, and seat with mesh backrest.

Let’s further discuss the features and performance of this camping chair based on the following topics: comfort, portability, ease of setup, and durability. We will also be talking about the pros and cons of this camping chair to further help you decide whether this equipment is good for you or not.


Whether you’re in the middle of the woods, in front of a campfire, on the beach, or in the comfort of your own backyard, you can enhance your relaxation experience by investing in a good camping chair. We tested a bunch of the chairs that you can find in the market today and we found the best chairs for camping among all of them.



Dimensions Folded: 25″ x 4.9″ x 34.8″
Weight: 12.1lbs
Material: Mesh RipStop Polyester
Weight Capacity: 250lbs

If you are interested in buying this chair, this comes with different features like a built-in cup holder, padded armrests, carry handle, and the rocking chair unit.

Unlike other outdoor chairs, the built-in cup holder of the GCI Outdoor rocking chair can be located on the level of your seat but it is attached in line with the armrests pole at the right side. You may find it uncomfortable because of the position of your drinks if you put it there. We also find it weak since it looks like hanging on one side. We perceive that it may not last long if used with heavyweight bottles and tumblers.  

The armrests are padded but thin. If you wonder, there is no storage bag included on the package we enumerated. Meaning, the seat is naked open when you carry it. This chair has an attached handle at the back part of the seat’s frame. That is for the carrying since this has no carrying bag. The folded body of the chair is really bulky.

The seat height has a 19.7 inches measurement while the unfolded dimension of the chair is 24 inches length, 25 inches width, and 34.8 inches height.

The outdoor chair has a spring support frame at the back to allow the rocking motion. It looks sturdy and you won’t be agitated when you are relaxing on it.



This chair is has a durable steel frame with an easy to set-up and takedown features that may favor your need for an outdoor chair. The rocking attributes are sturdy and stable and they can stand on any kind of surface if you either use it for camping or any outdoor activities you are planning.

What we dislike about the features is the frail resistance of the fabric when used under intense weather and the carrying size.


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The GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker is uniquely designed for the purpose of relaxation. The structure of this chair widely supports the rocking technology that the manufacturer wanted to present to the user. There are several different types of outdoor chairs that have been created to suit what you are seeking. This is one of the chairs that you need to check out and may grab your attention.

This outdoor chair has a Patented Spring-Action Rocking Technology that was drafted by GCI Outdoor to provide you comfort for the smooth rocking motion of your seat on any kind of surface.  It is a laudable feature since this rocking chair has been made portable for your convenience if you are planning to go camping. This is similar to using an indoor rocking chair but can be packed and easy to carry around.

The backrest of the chair has a mesh design for breathability however the seat’s fabric is a bit hard when we tested it during our latest trip.  But don’t worry, the seat feels sturdy and can carry a wide range of sizes.

On the other hand, the height of the seat is plotted to adjust to the person’s ease of sitting and standing up. The seat height is 14.2 inches from the ground. This feature may concur with other people however the comfort will still depend on the height of the user. Some chairs were made with limited consideration to the seat height and with such, you should be meticulous in choosing your equipment. You may regret it if it doesn’t match your size. That is a huge disadvantage you don’t want to experience.

Take note that this chair has no headrest but the backrest is high to accommodate and brace you if you lean back.  During our evaluation, we notice that the armrests of this rocking chair are small, however these are cushioned so it may not be a discomfort when you sit.



From what we have discussed with other outdoor chairs, this rocking chair has no great difference from those types when it comes to the carrying aspects. Some may be heavy, and some are lightweight however, in the situation of this equipment, we can say that it is not light.

The whole freestyle rocking chair when folded is 12.1 pounds making it just fair from our opinion, but we still suggest you transport it with a vehicle if you are going to far places. It is not advisable for you carry it around for a long duration of time even if it is convenient to carry because of the built-in handle.

Apart from the weight, the folded dimension of this chair is 25 inches length, 4.9 inches width, and 34.8 inches height. From our experience, the length of the chair is considerably long. If you are planning to camp in areas that require trekking, this equipment is not suitable for that kind of activity especially if you are carrying a traveling bag. The chair will fully consume one of your hands making you feel uneasy.


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Ease of Setup

Although the portability features of the GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker Chair are not really commendable, we are very positive about the ease of set-up attributes. Similar to other chairs we have tested, it will only take seconds to fully set this up.

The no-bag style of the chair is also an advantage because you won’t struggle with where to put the storage bag when you are using the chair. All you need to do is expand the armrest of the chair then spread the seat to flatten.

From the Patented Spring-Action Rocking Technology designed for the firm rocking motion, GCI has also built this with EAZY-FOLD Technology. The setting up is very easy and the takedown is much easier. There is a fabric handle at the side of the seat which is for the simple take-down feature. You just have to grab the handle, and then pull it. The whole chair will automatically fold and flatten. The handle you can see at the back of the seat’s frame is the carrying handle.


GCI Outdoor has built this rocking chair with strong materials. The frame is made with powder-coated alloy steel and the fabric is ripstop polyester. These materials are commonly used by the manufacturer in creating dependable and durable outdoor chairs.

The alloy steel frame can be trusted to carry a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds. This weight is not really heavy compare to the capability of other camping chairs however, when we tested it, we can say that the seat is durable and stable even if the person that has a stated max weight capacity will drop their body on it. You can count on the durability of the rocking technology the manufacturer engineered for this chair.  But if you are looking for another heavy-duty chair, you can check the Moon Lence Outdoor Folding Chair.

We recommend that you conduct continuous maintenance to the rocking support area of the chair because if you don’t use it for a long time, it may result in rigid performance.

The ripstop polyester is a sturdy kind of fabric however, during our testing, it cannot stand the intense hot weather for a long period of time. Yes, you can utilize it under the direct sunlight but as time goes by, the fabric will be damaged.



These are the features that are a great advantage for your camping needs:

  • Durable steel frame
  • Easy to set up because of the EAZY-FOLD Technology
  • With Spring-Action Rocking Technology
  • Limited lifetime warranty.


Be attentive that this rocking chair has disadvantages and these are:

  • Requires maintenance for the rocking parts
  • Bulky
  • Cannot resist intense weather for a long period



The GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker Chair is a comfortable camping rocking chair with a durable frame. Even though the fabric is quite weak to withstand the extreme heat from the direct sunlight when used constantly, we can still list this as a must-have outdoor chair. The rocking motion and the easy set-up and take down are some of the features we admire. If you’re looking for a good camping rocking chair, we definitely recommend that you get this product.

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