Eureka! Tetragon HD 5 Person Tent (Review 2021)

Eureka! Tetragon HD 5 Person Tent

Eureka! Tetragon HD 5 Person Camping Tent is a waterproof tent that can shelter up to 5 people. Weather resistance is also highlighted in this tent since the material used for the tent is StormShield polyester fly which ensures 100 percent waterproofness of the tent.

Setting up is also at ease and can be installed in just 5 minutes. We included this as one of the best 5-person tents in our reviews. Continue reading to see our in-depth review where we discuss the comfort, weather resistance, weight, set-up, and durability of this camping tent.


The heart of your campsite is your tent. If you want to ensure that you’ll have a good camping experience, you need to invest in good quality equipment. We’ve been camping for years now and we know what to look for in a tent. Read our “Best Tents for Camping” article to see our top recommendations. 



If you are planning to camp with family and friends, this can be a tent to remember if you want to purchase one. Apart from the fact that it can protect you from rain, Eureka! designed the tent with an entertainment hub for the users’ recreation when the rainy weather comes. 

The great downside we found in this tent is the fiberglass poles which is not a very durable material to incorporate with tents. Even though it is flexible, too much bending can lead to damage to the poles.



The Tetragon HD tent is designed for a weekend outing or casual camping that can accommodate 5 people as the maximum capacity. The total floor measurement of this tent is 81 square feet. The question is, does the space provided can provide comfort to each of the persons?

From our observations when we tested this recently, all of us 5 people fit perfectly inside a tent with a little space gap from each other. If we divide the floor space into the max capacity of the members, that would be equal to 16. 2 square feet per individual. It is also equipped with a huge main door so the individuals inside will not be compressed.

The center height is 6 feet. Similar to NTK Colorado GT 5 to 6 Person Outdoor Dome, we noticed that it will not give enough headroom if a person is taller than the specified height. It will be a huge discomfort to stand and lower your head to fit inside the tent.

Next is the storage pockets. As we saw when we examined the tent, this tent consists of 2 detachable pockets and a hanging gear loft inside so it will lessen your concern if you need to bring your things inside the tent. Apart from those storages, it also contains hooks for clothes and lantern loops for your lamps.

This tent is built with 2 vents and huge parts with mesh while the upper part of the tent is built with a 40D mesh for comfort and cross ventilation.

The features of this tent execute the provision of comfort to the users but that doesn’t end there. Eureka! also innovated what they called E! Media Center, an entertainment hub for rainy weather. The part of this tent has 3 sections of storage pockets for your gadgets like tablets or phones.  That can leave your leisure inside the tent on rainy days.

It also offers the  Eureka! Camp Comfort tent floor if you want to improve more the bedding that will permit you to sleep comfortably without slipping inside the tent. However, this is sold separately.


Weather Resistance

If we contest the roof of Tetragon 5 Person under the rain, we can ensure you a 100 percent protection from any water leaks. The materials used to develop this tent is called StormShield polyester fly. The floor is factory sealed and the seams are waterproof that supports the fly to prevent the water leaks inside.

The rainfly and the walls of this tent is made from 63D Polyester with 1000-millimeter coatings

From the roof, the floors are also shaped like a bathtub to intercept the possible water to enter the tent. All of the seams in this tent are taped to double the guard against the rain.

We have used this tent recently and we confirm that the waterproof worked properly. However, we noticed some users of this tent responded negatively because the tent has leaks. We are unsure about this and it may be caused by factory defects


If you’re looking for more ways to make your tent and campsite more comfortable, check out our article on how to set up a comfy camping tent for tips and tricks on how to set up the most comfortable campsite. We have mastered the art of being comfortable outdoors and we’re more than happy to share what we know with you. 



The weight of this is not a problem. From the capacity it can shelter, the heaviness of this tent is just lighter compared to other 5-person tents. The minimum weight is measured with 12 pounds and 6 ounces. There’s no negative point with this attribute as it can actually lessen the struggle in backpacking.


Ease of Set-Up and Packed Size

Ease of set-up has been a feature of Eureka! eyed for their tents. The company has found its role to create carefree surroundings when dealing with its equipment and gears. Since this is an occasional tent, the manufacturer designed this to be set up quickly.

With an estimated time of 5 minutes, you can already relax inside the tent. If there is an easy set-up feature instill in this tent, the easy takedown feature is also present. So be attentive if you are doing a survey for these kinds of tents. It can be the main factor you are searching for if you’re planning to buy a tent.

Since this is a freestanding tent, it can be easily installed with the backup of the pin and ring system which signifies trouble-free construction. The packed size is 6” x 28” inches and it is just fair size for backpacking.



Eureka! Tetragon 5 tent won’t let you down if we discuss its durability. As we have experienced, the tent’s physical appearance expresses a well-built structure. The tent has a 2-pole rectangular dome design.

But, the poles of this tent are made from fiberglass which is not a sturdy material to depend on. It may break if forced bent. If you can, we recommend that you bring your preferred poles with you so that you won’t have to worry about any breaks.



With all the features that we’ve mentioned, here is the list of advantages that we believe you might want to look into:

  • Easy set-up
  • Lightweight
  • Reasonable price
  • Durable fabric


Setting up a tent in dry weather is preferable, but sometimes, you may be forced to set one up in the rain. This will make pitching your tent a little bit more challenging than usual. Follow our guide to setting up your tent in the rain to make sure that the inside of your tent will stay dry.



There are only two disadvantages that we found on the Tetragon 5 Person Tent, these are:

  • Fiberglass poles are fragile
  • Center height is quite limited



What we can observe from this tent is the simplicity and the comfort it can distribute to the people inside the tent. That’s why we added this to the list of our best 5-person tents we have tested.

This is suitable for a car or family camping. To be specific, casual camping. The waterproofness of the roof is also one of the characteristics we admire since the material is totally made to battle under the rain and the tub-like shape of the floors.

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