Denali National Park, Pristine Parkland, and Snowy Summits

Denali National Park Alaska

Published: July 13, 2021

Originally called Mount Mckinley when it was established in 1917 until it was renamed in 2015, Denali National Park is known for its pristine parkland, wilderness areas, and snowy summits.

Activities and highlights of Denali National Park

Driving through Denali Park Road, you can take the bus service or go by yourself in the allowed areas, will get you to most of the park’s main attractions. It’s a 92-mile road that meanders the park’s scenic viewpoints, making it easier for the campers to move around the park.

First View

This is Denali’s Park most representative spot as it has a clear view of the highest peak in North America: Mount Mckinley (now Denali). You won’t want to miss the opportunity to take a picture here and preserve the memory of the taiga forest coexisting with the tundra and the foothills.

Savage River

At the end of the paved part of the road, you’ll find a braided river formed by the carving of glaciers. This is the perfect family spot to enjoy a short hike and spotting a bear in the distance, don’t worry, it has gravel bars that will prevent you from surprising him.

Toklat River

This crossing is one of the most unique experiences that the park has. The road descends over 3000 feet to cross the river through a sediment braided stream that forms when glacial rivers converge. Take your binoculars when you’re here so that you can spot some caribou and other wild animals.


Denali started as a hotbed of mine activity. Kantishna is a small gold rush that was active a hundred years ago and that witnessed the creation of Denali National Park. This spot, although it’s small, is full of history that makes it worthy of visiting.

Other Activities

Activities in Denali consist mainly in scenic hikes, depending on the time you have or the things you want to see you can choose to hike on the shortest trails like the Horsehoe Lake Trail, Mount Healy Trail, or the Savage Alpine Trail that will take you around half a day, or choose ones a bit more challenging like the Triple Lake Trail, hiking trails that surround the Savage River or even wander hiking off-trail.

You can also go to a ranger program at the visitor center or see a demonstration on how the sled dog kennels help the patrols during wintertime, For the adventure spirits, Danali is full of popular activities that include fishing, wildlife viewing, rafting, and flightseeing.

Camping areas

You’ll find a total of 6 campgrounds in Denali, all of them located in discrete and unobtrusive areas to protect the park’s flora and fauna. This park is perfect for camping in your tent or with an RV if you prefer. Because of the weather and the wildlife that the park has, most campgrounds are only opened during the summer season. Riley Creek is the only one that opens year-round. So, we recommend you to anticipate your reservations because there are limited camping sites to not overcrowd the place.

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