Core 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent (Review 2021)

Core 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent

Published: July 14, 2021

Core 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent is a freestanding tent that can accommodate 12 people due to its vast floor area with a total of 180 square feet and an adjustable center height of 80 inches.

This is one of the known and widely-used tents of families and friends. You can experience convenience with its special features like the 2 room divider and the instant setup features. Now, let’s explore more of its features.


This tent is best used if you are going out with your family. Since it can take in 12 people, it will be convenient for you if you are seeking a spacious tent however, the said number of people it can shelter may squeeze you from the inside. Another disadvantage is the lack of vestibule pockets for gear storage that will leave you to bring it inside.

This is not recommended to be utilized for heavy weather. Yes, this is strong because it is a 3-season tent but the strength is not capable of fighting intense weather like heavy rain or strong winds.

On the other hand, the Core 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent is one of the recommended tents since it is built with sturdy and durable materials. If you are new to the world of camping, you can list this to the feasible tent you are going to buy.



With a total of 180 square feet of floor space and 80 inches center height, we consider that CORE 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent can provide enough space for comfort knowing it can sleep a maximum capacity of 12 persons. That’s adult if we talk about the size.

Another advantage of this tent is the doors. This is equipped with 2 doors located at the front with a T shape and D at the back concealed with awnings. The insides are divided into two and with the detachable easy zip design, it can extend the division up to 3 parts in which it allows you more privacy.

This tent also has a removable water repellent rainfly. You can take out the rainfly if the weather is kind of warm or hot. Leave your concern about the insects because the ceiling is made from mesh. There will be advantages if you remove the rainfly.

The first one, provides a wide view of the surroundings. This is perfect if you want to witness the night skies or even, you can do stargazing. Secondly, the cross ventilation. It grants proper circulation of air inside with the combination of the mesh-covered roof, that dislodges the heat to provide you and your group comfort. Third, it prevents insects from entering the tent.

You may ask if there is still space for your belongings and the answer is yes. You may consume spaces inside but there are  4 interior hanging storage pockets and gear loft to give you an assurance that you will not be leaving your things outside or squeeze it inside with your companion however, this is only applicable for lightweight stuff. The problem is the storage of your gears because this tent has no vestibule pockets.


Weather Resistance

Since this is a 3-season tent, it is designed to battle different kinds of weather. May it be spring, summer, or fall and can ensure your protection from the rain and wind.

The specialty of  Core 12 is H2O Block Technology. The fabric of this tent is powered by polyester fabric or PUL. The fabric’s backing is coated with plastic with a water-resistant layer. The floor, rainfly, and the tent are guarded by this special technology.

Also, to avoid possible leaks when it rains, the seams are taped. You will be confident to rest inside with fewer worries.

From what we mentioned, you can remove the rainfly if the weather is kind of warm but what if the rain will suddenly fall? Concern answered as the rainfly is heat-sealed on the mesh-covered roof so it will cover you from the rain.

The advanced ventilation of Core 12 is also to watch out for. Aside from being armed with mesh, it also bears large windows that may cease the hotness inside and draw in cool air.



Immense tents carry heavy gears. That’s an understatement. From our experience during our latest trip, you really need a vehicle to transport this tent since it weighs at around 50.8 pounds and a packed weight of 23.02 Kilograms

Not appropriate for backpacking, hiking, or trekking even if you are going out with a large group of people. So if you are going to use this tent, go to places where you can bring a car or areas with parking spaces. From these faults, you can still enjoy it because it provides convenience and satisfaction if you are with your family or friends.

Parts of the package includes a rainfly, tent, poles, stakes, two-room dividers, and a bag for carrying.


Ease of Set-Up and Packed Size

The packed size has a measurement of  51 x 12 inches or 130 x 30 centimeters. The tent is roomy if you fully construct it  however, we are hesitant of its capability if the max capacity of persons that can shelter may give you more space inside.

If you are a newbie when it comes to camping and you are going with numerous people, we recommend this. Not only due to the space it has, it can provide but also the easy setup features.

Let’s say some lightweight tents can be fully installed in 5 to 10 minutes however, this freestanding tent can be set up in just 2 minutes. You will need a partner to lift up the poles from side to side. See how convenient and fast it is.

With the easy setup, it also comes with easy takedown features. The telescopic poles attached to the tent with buttons to adjust its height. So if you uninstall the tent, just press those and it will just set down.



The fabric of this tent is furnished with durable 68D Polyester. It is water, wind, and tear-resistant with aluminum poles that can establish a robust foundation from the wind. From this, we conclude that this is a strong tent.

Core 12 is complemented with 7 inches steel stakes and telescoping steel poles with pop-up buttons.

The floor is made up of 125gsm P.E. and it is a durable material that is usually used to cover for trucks, for buildings, etc. This material is durable and waterproof.


CORE 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent  is one of those admirable freestanding tents because of the following special features:

  • H2O Block Technology
  • The floor is made with 125gsm P.E.
  • Max capacity of 12 persons
  • Steel stakes and poles
  • easy setup and takedown
  • 2 room divider



From our observations, the tent’s weakness are the following:

  • Heavy and bulky – requires a vehicle to transport
  • Max capacity may not provide comfort
  • No vestibule pockets



Overall, we recommend this tent as it can remit your desires most especially if you are looking for tents that can accommodate your family or friends if you are planning to camp and bond somewhere.

The 2 room divider is one of the great advantages you can claim if you use this tent. You can separate your kids for privacy and to hamper disturbances if they are resting already. This is a tent that we can consider to be on the best list from our encounters and experiences.

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