Coleman Kids Quad Chair (Review 2021)

Coleman Kids Quad Chair

Coleman’s quad chair is a durable camping chair that can carry about 160 pounds of maximum weight with glow in the dark features that will definitely catch your kids’ attention. It is a great and potential kid camping chair to compliment your outdoor activities and camping needs. 

Let’s further discuss the features and performance of this camping chair based on the following topics: comfort, portability, ease of setup, and durability. We will also be talking about the pros and cons of this camping chair to further help you decide whether this equipment is good for your kids or not.


Whether you’re in the middle of the woods, in front of a campfire, on the beach, or in the comfort of your own backyard, you can enhance your relaxation experience by investing in a good camping chair. We tested a bunch of the chairs that you can find in the market today and we found the best chairs for camping among all of them.



Dimensions In Bag: 5.1” x 25.6” x 4.7”
Weight: 3.8lbs
Material: 600D Polyester
Weight Capacity: 160lbs

The manufacturer of this quad chair, Coleman, has been producing fundamental equipment like stoves, camping tools, tents, etc. since the 1900s when the founder, William Coffin Coleman designed a gas-powered lantern. That makes them dependable and prominent in the field of making these specific instruments. 

The quad chair comes with advantageous features to provide your child the complete-feeling if they use it. This comes with cup holders, storages, carrying bags, low seat, and roomy seat space. 

The seat dimension is 5.1 inches length, 25.6 inches width, and 4.7 inches height. This is a favorable proportion for your kids. We also admire the low seat design of this chair that makes the children’s feet touch the ground for stability when sitting on various types of surfaces. 

The mesh cup holder is not just similar to the common design you may see to other chairs, it holds fast the cups or bottles with springs. Bear in mind that the size of this cup holder is just regular so it cannot hold all sorts of cup sizes. 

It has side pockets to store your light stuff and a storage bag for packing making it easier for you to carry it.  

We really commend the advantages it can provide you however, this chair is pricey compared to other kid’s camping or outdoor chairs. 



This is a significant piece of equipment if you are planning to go camping, out on a beach, or any outdoor-related activities you want to use it. You can also utilize it even if you are indoors. Since this is created for kids, it won’t be a struggle when you set it up or carry it around. 

What we really like in this quad chair is the design and the durability. You may say it is just for kids but the materials used to build it is very trustworthy. However, the downside comes in the height of the chair. It is higher for some of the kids. We recommend you to check if it really fits your child before your trip.

All in all, this chair is really recommended for your child’s camping equipment to make your adventures unforgettable.


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If you are planning to go camping with your family, you need to prioritize essential equipment that can give you comfort for the total relaxation you are seeking. Searching for these materials is a little bit of a challenge, especially if this is the first time you are going to do it. 

You can’t properly trust whether an apparatus will suit your demands. Like, what if you are going out with kids? Do they also need those things or is it available for their sizes? These questions are just common. So let us introduce you to a potential kid’s camping equipment.

The Coleman Kid’s Quad Chair is one of the camping items we are able to use from our last outdoor adventure.  Usually, adults are those who are most likely to go on camping adventures but manufacturers of camping equipment also have kiddie sizes of these since there are instances that you really need to bring your children on such activities.

This quad chair is made for kids. It has a roomy seat with a measurement of 24 inches. With this space, you can ensure the comfort of your child’s sitting position. More space is equal to a wide range of positions for relaxation. 

On the other hand, Coleman stated that the sitting height of the chair is 10.2 inches with a low seat design for an easy sitting and standing up. It can fit your child properly but, there are faults we noticed when the kids tested it. 

You need to consider the height of your child if you want to get this chair. We tested this with a 6-year old child and it is perfect however, when we tried this with kids aging 4 years old below, we see that they are struggling to climb in and stand because it is high. Higher than some of the adult camping chairs. 

We suggest you should check the size and height of the chair with your child if you want to buy this to prevent further accidents because it may topple down if they force themselves to climb the chair. To lower the chair’s seat height for about 3 inches can make it more reliable. 

We recommend this quad chair for 5 to 6 years old kids since we found out that 7-year-olds are bigger and the backrest may be unable to cover their backs. It is a disadvantage and discomfort for the child.

However, the chair can provide comfort for your child if you follow the specifications and adjust it to your kid’s size. The children will truly love it because Coleman created this camping chair with a glow in the dark design. It will amaze them on your night camping outside your tents.  

It is also equipped with mesh cup holders. That won’t make them leave their chairs if you already put their drinks on it. 



Since this has a complimentary storage bag, carrying it won’t be a hindrance for you. From our experience, the chair is small and easy to carry. That won’t be a burden in backpacking aspects. The bag and the chair fit perfectly if you store the chair already. So far, we haven’t seen any drawbacks in this section. 


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Ease of Setup

Similar to Coleman Oversized Quad Chair which is for adults, this kiddie size will not eat your time in setting up. It takes only a few seconds to assemble. All you need to do is expand the chair and there you have it. If you pack it, you are just going to collapse it the same way  you spread it. 

We like the lock features wherein it prevents the chair from collapsing back if the children tumble the chair. 



From what we have already discussed, this quad chair is considerably stable and strong and this is chiefly designed for kids.

The seat up to the back rest’s fabric is made with 600D Polyester which is commonly used to create backpacks. Not really water-resistant because it needs to undergo the process called Polyurethane coating. But, this is not different from the sturdy adult camping chairs we have reviewed. 

For the frame, Coleman incorporates alloy steel for support. This is more durable than the normal steel used since it has a mixture of several elements to strengthen it. This will ensure the ability of the chair to carry a maximum weight of 160 pounds.

The chair’s frame has a lock feature to avoid the from folding back. From our side, we can say this is a solid chair for your camping needs. 




This is a really good camping chair that can provide you advantages. These are: 

  • Strong steel frame
  • Low seat
  • Glow in the dark
  • Roomy 
  • Mesh cup Holder
  • Lock features



Some of the features may not suit your children and can result in disadvantages. So take note of the following:

  • Overpriced
  • Height specifications may not be suitable for all children’s ages



The Coleman Kids Quad Chair is one of the sturdy and trusted camping equipment made for your child. Though it may not be perfectly built, we can say that the features can provide them comfort and relaxation during your camping adventures. Surely your kids will love the glow in the dark design which can make their camping or outdoor experiences more memorable and fun. This chair is one of the best kids’ camping chair we have reviewed.   

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