Coleman Instant Setup Tent (Review 2021)

Coleman Instant Setup Tent

The Coleman Instant Cabin Tent with instant Setup is titled as one of the best pop-up tents to exist in the list of our reviewed tents. With the instant setup, just by pressing the button, you can easily install the whole tent in a span of 1 minute. It is available with 4, 6, and 10 person capacities.

Since Coleman has created their unique feature called the Dark Room Technology, sleeping in the midst of broad daylight won’t be a hindrance because it blocks 90 percent of light and decreases up to 10 percent of the temperature inside.

Continue reading to see our in-depth review where we discuss the comfort, weather resistance, weight, set-up, and durability of this camping tent.


The heart of your campsite is your tent. If you want to ensure that you’ll have a good camping experience, you need to invest in good quality equipment. We’ve been camping for years now and we know what to look for in a tent. Read our “Best Tents for Camping” article to see our top recommendations. 



If you are seeking an affordable and effortless setup tent, add the Coleman Instant Setup Tent up to the possible tents to buy. Quick, easy, and simple. Those are the three main characteristics you need to look out for when choosing a camping tent.

In contrast, even though it can abruptly rob your attention with the said features, the tent has several disadvantages to consider. These are the size and headroom. During our test, we observed that this is really a small tent that is best for children based on the overall room interior measurement, however, this is an adult tent.

We are kind of skeptical in terms of its durability because of the movable poles on the top. These can be shaky in windy weather conditions. Though the fabric is made of 150D Polyester, you can still sense the blow of the winds inside. The walls are thin as what we have experienced during our latest trip.



The factor that this tent is made for instant setup is already a great advantage, however, if we talk about space, it has different features in every type because it is available in 4, 6, and 10 person accommodations. You better be paying attention to the number of people you’re going with if you consider buying this tent.

But let’s focus on its 4-person version of the tent. We consider that space is enough for the maximum capacity it requires. The floor space has a total measurement of 56 feet and can cater to the said number of people but the core of the struggle is the center height.

With only 4 feet and 11 inches height, you can say it is a very short kind of tent. You can’t stand inside if you are higher than its headroom measurement. This is tailored for adults but it is fitted for kids. However, we find it comfortable when we had to sit up, change our clothes, or just move around.

It may provide comfort since it has 3 windows, 1 door and mini pockets for your lightweight stuff, however, honestly speaking, the height is really short. The floor size can fit 1 queen-size air bed if you want to add more comfort gear into your adventure.

The Coleman 4-person Cabin with Instant Setup is partnered with convenient storage. This is an expandable carrying bag complemented to lessen your backpacking struggles if you’re getting ready for your next adventure.

Weather Resistance

This tent is bolstered to adjust in certain weather conditions. The flooring does not totally look like a tub, but you can adjust it into bow shape depending on how it was staked out.

Its metal corners are welded however, you can feel the wind pressure inside because of the slim walls.

If you’re experiencing rains, this is not truly bold to conceal the weather. Since you need to adjust on how you stake out the tent, you should pay much attention to the floors since water may enter if it is plain and flat on the ground, however, the seams are inverted. This means that fabric is joint from the inside to avoid the water from leaking in.

Aside from the said features, this tent is equipped with an integrated rainfly that exhibits proper ventilation. To tell you, this is not an actual rainfly similar to what you see in the other tents. The said rainfly is actually the fabric on the roof that is devised to counter the weather and it is just water resistance. So don’t be surprised if there is no actual rainfly when you use or buy it.

Another feature of this tent is the special Dark Room Technology that Coleman engineered with their tents. Based on our experience from our recent travel, this unique component will make you feel that it can transport you to a dark dimension where you can relax properly without any worries of the sunlight. How effective is this tent’s attribute?

According to Coleman, it can block 90 percent of the sunlight. This is a thumbs up for hikers or people who want to unwind in peaceful locations so it’s not only just for hiking purposes. From blocking the light, it can also decrease up to 10 percent of heat temperature inside the tent so sleeping in broad daylight is not a hindrance.


If you’re looking for more ways to make your tent and campsite more comfortable, check out our article on how to set up a comfy camping tent for tips and tricks on how to set up the most comfortable campsite. We have mastered the art of being comfortable outdoors and we’re more than happy to share what we know with you. 



Coleman Instant Tent is quite heavy if you intend to carry it alone. Unfortunately, it has a weight of 18.2 pounds and it is pre-assembled so one has to carry it. If you are looking for a lightweight tent with the same max capacity, we recommend you to check Teton Sports Mountain Ultra Ten. It can cater to 4 persons and only weighs 10.1 pounds.

To clarify, it is not really heavy that you can’t carry it around however it will be difficult if you bring it for a long period of time.

Ease of Set-Up and Packed Size

Now let’s examine how easy this is to set up. We are happy to inform you that you can assemble the Coleman Instant Cabin in as fast as 1 minute. This only means that you can save more time and effort in installing since the whole tent is already pre-assembled.

How instant is the setup? You just need to click the button located at the leg of the tent then there you have it. An instant tent. This is acknowledged as one of the best pop-up tents because of this feature.

If you contemplate buying the tent, we would like to inform you that this comes with a case for backpacking. If you put it back in its bag, you need to shrink it inside to fit it, but it has extended storage for more space and an accessible return.


Coleman has generated the fabrics of their tents with Polyester. This fabric is a prominent material in the world of tent making. Just an extra idea, this kind of fabric can combat damages or deformation due to intense weather conditions. It can ensure you in preventing water leaks when raining.

We all know that the tent’s floor is constantly overused and carries the pressure of the person’s weight from the inside however, polyester is reliable in this instance since it is a very durable material.

This instant setup tent is created with 150D Polyester. The fabric can resist a huge percentage of ultraviolet radiation and lasts longer compared to the tents made with nylon fabric.

What we don’t trust are the moving elements of the tent. These are the hinges at the peak corners and the legs that show the weak point of the tent. You really need to be extra careful inside. It may be shaky or unstable.




Based on our evaluations, the Coleman Instant Setup Tent has these pros:

  • Super easy setup
  • Affordable price
  • Dark Room Technology


Setting up a tent in dry weather is preferable, but sometimes, you may be forced to set one up in the rain. This will make pitching your tent a little bit more challenging than usual. Follow our guide to setting up your tent in the rain to make sure that the inside of your tent will stay dry.



Since this is a small type of tent, the following are the cons:

  • Low center height
  • Small



One of the first challenges that you will encounter when you’re out camping is setting up your tent. If you’re a beginner, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with your equipment before your trip so that you will be able to set up your tent with relative ease. Or, you can opt to bring a pop-up tent for easier set up. 

All things considered, the Coleman Instant Setup Tent highlights the price-friendly and simplicity aspects that most people look for in their tents. Since it’s a really small tent, we can say that you can use this to camp in simple places like out of town or on beaches. What we can really approve is the easy setup feature and the fact that this is one of the best pop-up tents out there. If you’re looking for a tent for your next camping adventure, you won’t go wrong with this one.

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