Camping Pillows: Frequently Asked Questions

Camping Pillows

Part of camping is obviously dedicated to sleeping or resting. But for a better sleeping experience, you will need some equipment that can help you sleep comfortably. One of these is camping pillows.

Inflatable camping pillows are easy to compress inside your pack. You just need to blow air in the valve provided by the manufacturer to inflate it, then open it if you need to deflate it. This is very easy to utilize, as well as lightweight and portable.

We will discuss several topics in this article, like how to use, inflate, and deflate camping pillows, as well as the cleaning techniques and backpacking methods. Also, we will give you a small tip to sleep well using a camping pillow.


Treat yourself and be fully rested during your camping trip with the help of a good camping pillow. If you’re still looking for the perfect camping pillow that can handle any of your sleeping positions, check out our Best Camping Pillows article, where we reviewed the most sought-out products on the market today.


How to use a camping pillow?

Parallel to the steps we will be discussing in the topics further down, camping pillows are inflatables and can be used by inflating and deflating them. Before you use yours, you should put air inside to puff it. After using it, release the air through its valve until it is totally shrunk.

Before you apply the steps we enumerate below, we advise you to read the manufacturer’s directions, as some camping pillows are set up differently. It is essential to properly inflate them based on the instructions given.

How do you inflate a pillow?

When inflating a camping pillow, all you need to do is blow air into its nozzle or valve. They are made for easier inflation, and therefore won’t require you to use air pumps. There are a lot of camping pillows designs, but all of them can be effortlessly set up.

You can find many different types of camping pillows on the market. Some are created for light backpacking, and others are stuffed with more foam. But one thing they all have in common is the process of inflation. By just blowing air in the nozzle, it won’t take you a long time to set up your camping pillow.

On the other hand, we suggest you still follow the manufacturer’s instructions, as some camping pillows might be inflated differently. Therefore, it is important to follow the correct procedure.

How to deflate a camping pillow?

Inflatable pillows have a valve made for easy inflation and deflation operations. After using your pillow, you can just open the valve, then deflate the air until it is flattened. Most camping pillows come with these two valve systems.

Similarly to the inflation of camping pillows, it is just easy to remove the air after using it. Usually, manufacturers engineered these valves for effortless use. After you open it, you can just squeeze it to take out all of the air.

Again, we still recommend you use the procedure recommended by the manufacturer. It is safer to do it the way they specified. This is to prevent damages due to incorrect handling.


How to pack pillows for camping?

Camping pillows come with a storage bag specifically built for backpacking purposes. On the other hand, if you want to carry a different type of pillow, then that is another part of the story. You can also choose to pack smaller-sized pillows, but we advise you to go for inflatable ones.

Bringing your standard pillow used at home is not advisable. First of all, they are bulky. Second, they will consume a huge space in your backpack, and lastly, they are hard to compress inside your pack. As much as possible, look for an alternative that prevents you from overpacking just because of your pillow.

For these reasons, camping pillows are the best option if you want to ensure light packing. They are created to fit this type of activities. By using an inflatable one, you can just insert it in your backpack, as it can be deflated easily.


How to wash camping pillows?

You can wash your pillows using a machine washing or hand-washing them. We recommend the hand-washing method, since not all camping pillows can withstand machine washings. By hand-washing it, you can just throw it in warm water and soap, then slightly scrub it.

For machine washing, always check first if your pillow can be washed this way. Some fabrics or materials cannot withstand this kind of cleaning process. They can either be damaging, or worse, will result in tearing them. Since they are inflatables, you cannot inflate them if they are ripped.

Another thing you should pay attention to is the drying means. Most, or maybe all camping pillows cannot withstand heat due to their material. You can harm them if you dry them this way. So, be careful about this process, and always follow the washing instructions.

The best practice to wash your camping pillows is to hand-wash them. You will have the freedom of control when you clean it. It can indeed avoid damages of the parts. With this method, commonly, users wash their pillows with warm water and soap, then lightly scrub them. After that, we prefer you apply the air-drying technique.


Tricks to sleep well with a camping pillow

Camping pillows are one of the instruments used to sleep well when camping. Some campers use them directly after inflating them, and some use pillowcases to make them feel more comfortable. Your personal approach will determine how you use yours.

Pillows can make your lying position more comfortable due to the soft support of your head. Actually, we can’t provide specific steps in this area. But, we can ensure you that knowing your own relief when resting can help you sleep well. Some techniques may not even require the use of the pillow. It all depends on the comfortability of the person.


Who says you can’t sleep like a baby in the great outdoors? Aside from getting a camping pillow, we also have a few tricks on setting up a comfy camping tent as well as some tips to make your camping mattress more comfortable. With these techniques, we guarantee that you’ll be able to sleep comfortably no matter where your camp may be. 



Camping pillows can make your sleep much more comfortable. Just like at home, we use pillows to sleep, and without them, people are uncomfortable. The same thing goes for camping. You will need an underprop on your head in order to sleep comfortably.

When you go on a camping trip, don’t carry the pillow you use at home, unless you are going for RV camping. Standard pillows are huge and can take a huge space inside your pack. Instead, use lightweight and portable pillows for this activity, as it can lessen the burden when carrying your stuff.

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