Are Camping Chairs Good for The Beach? Let’s Find Out

Camping Chair on beach sand

A big part of the beach experience is relaxation. And to be really comfortable, you need the perfect beach equipment. One of the most important pieces in your beach equipment set is the chair you decide to bring. However, you may be wondering whether or not your camping chair is good for the beach.

All camping chairs can be used at the beach. They are durable, sturdy, and easy to bring from place to place. Most importantly, camping chairs are made to withstand different types of weather, so they handle water very well. Overall, there are a great alternative to beach chairs.

Even though all camping chairs can be used on the beach, not all of them are good for beach relaxation. Your level of comfort will depend on the features of the chair you use. Keep reading to find out the best features to maximize your comfort.


Whether you’re in the middle of the woods, in front of a campfire, on the beach, or in the comfort of your own backyard, you need to enhance your relaxation experience by investing in a good camping chair. We tested a bunch of the chairs that you can find in the market today and we found the best chairs for camping among all of them.


Do Camping Chairs Work at the Beach?

Camping chairs do work at the beach. Although, they come with pros and cons that you should consider before deciding to take them with you. Some of their assets are their resistance and portability, while some of their cons include their likeliness to sink in the sand and the lack of comfort.

Can camping chairs sit in the sand?

Although camping chairs are quite sturdy, they are also made to sit in the grass and not sand as they may sink in the sand. Thus, the unevenness of your chair may cause you to feel uncomfortable.

Is it comfortable for your back?

Many camping chairs sit upright and aren’t good for your back. You’re going to want a chair that you can lean back in so you can relax and maybe even sunbathe. Some camping chairs can be reclined so that you do not have to worry about sitting upright.

Will you have to spend extra on accessories?

If you need to spend extra money to buy accessories, we recommend you buy a beach chair instead. Beach chairs come with many accessories so, rather than wasting time looking for various accessories, you should just buy a beach chair that comes with everything you need.

You should consider all of these things to make sure you have a great beach experience. So, before you pick up your beach chair and go, double-check this list to make sure you’ll be comfortable.


What Are the Best Chairs for the Beach?

The best chairs for the beach are beach, loft, camping, and lawn chairs as you can easily relax in those. Although there are other options, these are some of the most popular ones.

  • Beach Chairs

    Beach chairs, of course, are the best chairs for your utmost comfort at the beach. They were made to sit in the sand and, depending on the chairs you decide to buy, they may come with many different features to maximize your experience. Those include side pockets, cupholders, food trays, or coolers, to name a few.

  • Loft Chairs

    Loft chairs, like beach chairs, are low to the ground so they don’t sink into the sand. They also allow you to lie back and relax as you sit on the beach.

  • Camping Chairs

    Camping chairs are great for the beach. Although, depending on the chair you purchase, it may sink in the sand or not allow you to lean back. Those chairs are still very dependable. They are easy to transport, very sturdy, and durable.

  • Lawn Chairs

    Lawn chairs are also great for the beach. There are very few differences between those and beach chairs as they can both be used for the lawn and the beach.

Although pretty much any chair can be used on the beach, these are the ones that will provide you with the most comfortable experience. Each type of chair has different variations, all of which can adjust to the experience you want.


How Do You Find the Right Beach Chair?

To find the perfect beach chair, ask yourself a few questions. Is it a chair that you can relax in or is the chair hard to move around? These aspects are important to consider when deciding to bring a chair with you to the beach.

Is It a Chair You Can Relax In?

Everybody relaxes differently. For instance, you may be comfortable sitting upright or laying back. Whatever position you’re most comfortable in, you should consider buying a chair that you can adjust to suit your needs.

What Features Do You Want?

You may find many different chair features. For instance, some chairs come with coolers, canopies, and more. Whatever the feature, you want to make sure it is something that’s going to boost your beach experience. If you’re not looking for any specific feature, browse and see what you like.

Is It Hard to Move Around?

It is all about comfort, so you’re not going to want to bring a chair that will be hard to move around. You might have picked a bad spot to relax, so you have to move everything and set up again. Make sure to pick a chair that has good portability, so that it’s easy to move from place to place.

Can It Withstand the Water?

You do not want to end up with a chair that absorbs water. Otherwise, your chair will be hard to dry and will start to smell like mildew. Instead, you want a chair that is made with non-absorbent fabric so that the water slides off and you don’t have to deal with the stench.



Camping chairs are very versatile; you can take and use them everywhere. They can be used on the beach the same way they can be used in the mountains, but they may not be as steady and comfortable in sand as they are on solid ground. If you want a no fuss beach trip, we suggest that you get a beach chair, but if you don’t want to splurge on new equipment, you can make do with your camping chair. 

If you want to bring your camping chair with you to the beach, you can do so without hesitation. Despite their flaws, including instability in the sand and a potential lack of comfort and accessories, camping chairs still prove themselves useful at the beach. Overall, what matters most when picking a chair for the beach is your comfort when you’re sitting on it.

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