Big Agnes Skyline UL Chair (Review 2021)

Big Agnes Skyline UL Chair

Published: July 14, 2021

Skyline UL is a small, lightweight, easy to carry and stable chair you can have when camping or hiking. With the 1.8 pounds weight, it won’t hinder the carrying capacity of your baggage. This is a deep seat matched with removable pole frames.  This chair has made its way to the list of our portable and lightweight camping chairs we reviewed.



Not all of the portable chairs can be carried around effortlessly because of the weight. With Skyline ultralight portable chair, you can be confident and less anxious about your backpacking ventures. This is best for camping or hiking and any of the outdoor activities. The height of the seat is higher than the other portable chair. The same goes for stability, this is more sturdy compared to other same types of chairs.



The design structure highlights the simplicity and ease of carry of this portable

outdoor chair but let’s focus on its comfort features. From what you have seen on the physical visualizations of the chair, can we really consider this as a comfortable chair? Let’s discuss this.

When we tested this portable chair, we can really say that this is a handy piece of equipment. It is perfect for camping especially when you are hiking or going around on a far distance. If you asked, this is a small chair. These attributes can be comfortable to the users of this product but, take note, this is not recommended to be utilized by everybody.

The height of the chair from its seat to the ground is definitely low. So if you sit on it, you need to bend your knees and hips. Yes, it is a reality that you need to arch your knees and hips when sitting however, this type of chair with only 9.5 inches seat height from the ground is honestly shallow and not suitable for those who are experiencing pain on the mentioned body parts.

From the contrasting point of view, the seat depth is one of the factors that can give comfort to some people. The buttocks part of the seat is curved for the purpose to support your back to sit straight. This is like holding your weight from your bum to straighten your back.

The backrest is low if you are a tall person. It cannot fully cover your whole back parts. Maybe because it is a small chair and can only solve your problem if you are looking for a portable chair in your adventures.  Just take note that not all of the outdoor chairs with the tag name of “portable” are really not that easy to carry around.


Dimensions In Bag: 12″ x 3.5″ x 3.5″

Weight: 1lb 11oz

Material: 66 RipStop and Ultralight 70D Robic Nylon

Weight Capacity: 275lbs



Big Agnes, the manufacturer of this ultralight chair undoubtedly wanted to express the lightweight feature of this chair. From our evaluations and reviews, this chair is one of the lightest portable chairs you can have for your outdoor adventures.

Some outdoor chairs claim to be portable but if you check the weight, it is bulky and not ideal for carrying when traveling or hiking. They may be portable of the size and setup but it is heavy that you will need a vehicle to transport it.

This lightweight chair only weighs about 771.8 grams that is equal to 1.7 pounds. This is what amazes us when we tested this. It is undeniably light and easy to carry with  3.5 inches wide perfect for your fit in the pockets of your baggage. This is because the pole of the chair is required to be dismantled.

The assembled dimensions of this chair are 14.96 inches length, 14.7 widths and 20.87 height.


Ease of Setup

From the lightweight features and effortless carry, the ease of set up is the downside of this chair. We mentioned that the poles of the chair need to be disassembled for easy backpacking however by the time you are going to set it up, you really have to give it focus.

The poles have holes where you can attach each of them to fully construct this portable chair. In the said way, we rate the ease of setup with this equipment to be okay. Not very hard but you should pay attention to the assembly process for correct installation.

What we like about the poles, there are flexible rope-like elements inside them for you to trace on where to connect these.

But if you are looking for a less complicated set up with a similar type of chair, we suggest you check Helinox Chair Zero.



Since this is a lightweight portable chair, it is not advisable to flop your body when sitting on it however from what we have tested compared to other products, we can say that Skyline is more stable.

Since it has a weight of more than a pound, we suggest you still be more careful when you use it and be mindful of the weight. As we have discussed in the setup section of our review, the frame is built with detachable poles which are naturally small for the convenience of backpacking. That affects the stability of a chair.

Those are just some of the drawbacks of a portable chair, but this is an ideal chair for you to have when hiking and camping. It can also give you the freedom to move even if you are already sitting. The legs of the frame going to the ground have the bent or curving style. The same goes for the poles under the seat, it curves to properly fit and hold the seats and backrest. This feature makes the chair more stable.


The Big Agnes Skyline UL has great features overall. Here’s a summary of everything we like about it:

  • Deep seat
  • Lightweight
  • Stable
  • Easy to carry



There’s only one thing that we believe is a disadvantage to this product, and that is:

  • Bit of complicated setup



Overall, we can recommend Skyline UL to partner with you on your outdoor activities. Aside from the comfortability, it can offer, it is clearly lightweight that you won’t be having problems when you want to carry a chair when hiking.

The detachable poles feature of the frame makes it portable for backpacking aspects. You can insert the parts in your bag without eating much space in it. We also admire the stability of this chair because of the fact that the frame is small and thin, it can still be trusted to hold a person and stand steady. We have listed this as one of the portable and lightweight camping chairs we reviewed.

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