Best Ski Gloves for Kids 2022

Best Ski Gloves for Kids

Most kids’ ski gloves do not last for an entire season, and some can even put your kids’ lives in danger. Thus, if you’re worried about not choosing the right pair, check out our list of the best ski gloves for kids as we’ve made sure that every pair was made with quality materials that will surely keep your kids’ hands and fingers warm and dry while they play in the snow.


Best Overall

1. Gordini Aquabloc III

Gordini Aquabloc III

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Material: Polyester, Polyurethane Palm

Insulation: Synthetic

Closure: Hook and Loop

For Ages: 6-16

What we like about this pair of gloves from Gordini is that it is constructed with Aquabloc technology that prevents the gloves from getting wet during a day of winter activities. These Aquabloc inserts are breathable, waterproof, and windproof to make sure your kids are protected all day.

The Gordini Aquabloc III are designed for long snowy adventures and kids aged 6 to 16. They feature Megaloft synthetic insulation and micro-denier linings, which are moisture-wicking and can trap heat when the temperatures drop.

Other features include palm and thumb reinforcements, wrap caps, synthetic leather sidewall reinforcements, and inset fleece cuffs, all of which contribute to the overall warmth and durability of the gloves.

What we do not like about the Gordini Aquabloc III kids gloves is that they are not machine washable and need to be surface- and spot-cleaned to preserve their integrity. Overall, this pair is really warm and weather-resistant and can last for many winters. Although they are a bit bulky, the fingers were designed to be flexible, so kids won’t encounter any problems in terms of dexterity.


Skiing season is upon us! Shop for the whole family and check out the best ski gloves for men and best ski gloves for women. We have already chosen our top picks and it’s time for you to choose yours. 


Best for Warmth

2. Swany X Change Jr Glove

Swany X Change Jr Glove

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Material: Swany Softshell, Leather Palm

Insulation: Tri-Plex Insulation System

Closure: SpeedDraw System

For Ages: 5-13

What we like about the Swany X Change Jr gloves is that they are durably constructed, with the perfect blend of thick and thin, to provide excellent warmth and dexterity.

This pair of gloves was made with a thinner palm to allow for a wider range of movement and with a thick fabric at the back of the hand to keep your kid’s hands warm. The gloves also feature genuine leather on the palm, which is rarely found in kids’ winter gloves.

Additional features include the Swany SpeedDraw system for security and keeping the cold air and snow out, a utility pocket with a zipper, rolled finger construction, quick release strap and leash. This pair of gloves is insulated by a Tri-Plex insulation system, along with the Swany dry lining and Hipora waterproof and breathable insert.

This pair of Swany gloves can be easily spot cleaned with a cleaning solution and water and be professionally cleaned by your local dry cleaners.

What we do not like about this pair of kids gloves from Swany is that it’s a bit expensive. However, since it is loaded with quality features, it might be a good investment.

All in all, the Swany X Change Jr is an extremely durable pair that will keep your kids’ hands and fingers warm, even in extremely cold conditions. It is of excellent quality, very warm, and waterproof to allow kids to have a wonderful winter experience.


Aside from wearing a quality pair of ski gloves, there are other additional ways for you to keep your hands warm as you enjoy a day in the snow. We shared in this article our tips and tricks on how to keep your hands warm while skiing


Best Mittens

3. Hestra Kids’ Czone Primaloft Jr.

Hestra Kids’ Czone Primaloft Jr.

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Material: Nylon Shell, Polyurethane Palm

Insulation: Primaloft

Closure: Hook-and-loop cuff

For Ages: 3-10

What we like about the Hestra Czone is that they do not only feel great to touch but are also very warm, waterproof, and windproof. They are constructed with a blend of materials to make sure kids get the best of all features.

These mittens will ensure kids’ hands stay dry and comfortable in cold conditions. They have been made waterproof to make sure that no snow or water gets in and are loaded with Primaloft Gold insulation to provide warmth and breathability.

The Czone gloves are very durable, even when used in harsh conditions. They can be easily worn and removed and have all the features kids will need to stay warm and dry while playing outdoors.

What we do not like about the Hestra Czone Primaloft Jr is that the cuffs are a bit short, so you have to adjust the wrist closure and pull the kids’ jacket or coat sleeves over to ensure no cold air or snow can get in. Other than that, these mittens are super soft, waterproof, and very warm, making them suitable for kids who get cold easily.


Best Value

4. N’Ice Caps Kids Thinsulate

N’Ice Caps Kids Thinsulate

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Material: Polyester, Faux Leather

Insulation: Thinsulate

Closure: Elastic Wrists, Hook-and-Loop

For Ages: 3-15

What we like about the N’Ice Caps Thinsulate gloves for kids is that they are warm, waterproof, snowproof, and offer quality features at an affordable price.

This pair of gloves is best for winters up in the Northern Hemisphere. It features Thinsulate insulation to provide warmth without that extra bulk that hinders dexterity. Not only are they nice and warm but they also have grippy palm material for winter outdoor sports.

These N’Ice Caps gloves come at a very affordable price and still perform their job at keeping your kid’s hands warm and dry. These gloves also have 2.5 inches of knitted cuff, so you can tuck them underneath your kid’s jacket sleeves.

They are designed with elastic wrists and hook-and-loop closure so you can adjust and find the perfect fit for your kid. Additionally, since they are easy to wear and well-suited for little kids.

What we do not like about the N’Ice Caps Thinsulate gloves for kids is that they run a bit big, so you may have to size down depending on how big or small your kids’ hands are. Other than that, the N’Ice Caps gloves are perfect for anyone looking for an affordable pair of ski gloves that does a perfect job at keeping kids’ hands warm and dry, even for a long period out in the snow.


Once you’ve found the perfect pair of ski gloves, you need to maintain them and keep them clean so that they will last longer. If you’re not sure about how to clean your gloves, we have written an article about how to wash ski gloves that you can check out for information.


Best of the Rest

5. Columbia Core

Columbia Core

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Material: Polyester, Polyurethane Palm

Insulation: Synthetic

Closure: Elastic Wrist, Hook-and-Loop

For Ages: 4-16

What we like about the Columbia Core gloves for kids is that they are loaded with features for all-day outdoor play. This pair of gloves will allow kids to be out in the snow for a longer period as it is waterproof and warm.

The Core gloves feature an insulated and breathable fabric with a waterproof insert and water-repellent finish to prevent frozen red fingers from hindering a wonderful ski day. As the weather gets warmer, the breathable fabric will also keep kids’ hands from getting sweaty.

For a good tow rope grip, the Core gloves are constructed with synthetic palm patches. Along with these features are elastic wrists with an adjustable tab for getting the perfect fit and soft chamois lining that makes the interior soft and cozy.

What we do not like about the Columbia Core is that they run a bit big. However, you can choose to add a thin liner to make them fit comfortably. All in all, the Core is a lightweight, waterproof, and versatile pair of gloves that will keep your kids’ hands warm and dry while you are out all day in the snow.


6. Burton Breathable Vent

Burton Breathable Vent

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Material: Polyester fabric, Polyurethane Palm

Insulation: Thermacore

Closure: Hook-and-Loop, Wrist Cinch

For Ages: 5 to 13

What we like about the Burton Breathable Vent gloves for kids is that they can withstand changing weather conditions. They will keep your kid’s hands and fingers warm when it gets colder outside and reduce warmth in warmer conditions.

This pair of Burton gloves for kids features a small zippered pocket that you can open for ventilation or to stuff a heating pack when it gets extremely cold. Even without a heating pack, these gloves can still provide warmth through the Thermacore insulation.

Along with the Thermacore insulation is the DRYRIDE two-layer fabric that makes these gloves waterproof and breathable. And with touchscreen fingertips, your kids can still use their phones or cameras to document their ski trip.

What we do not like about the Burton Breathable Vent is that the inner lining can take more time to dry than other materials if it gets wet. But other than that, these gloves are durably made and can withstand -6 to 20°F. The waterproof membrane will make sure to keep kids’ hands warm and dry, and the adjustable wrist strap and drawcord closure will keep the gloves in place the entire day.


Ski Gloves for Kids: Comparison Table

Foto Ski Gloves MaterialInsulationClosureFor Ages
Gordini Aquabloc III

1. Gordini Aquabloc III

Polyester, Polyurethane PalmSyntheticHook and Loop6-16
Swany X Change Jr Glove

2. Swany X Change Jr Glove

Swany Softshell, Leather PalmTri-Plex Insulation SystemSpeedDraw System5-13
Hestra Kids’ Czone Primaloft Jr.

3. Hestra Kids’ Czone Primaloft Jr.

Nylon Shell, Polyurethane PalmPrimaloftHook-and-loop cuff3-10
N’Ice Caps Kids Thinsulate

4. N’Ice Caps Kids Thinsulate

Polyester, Faux LeatherThinsulateElastic Wrists, Hook-and-Loop3-15
Columbia Core

5. Columbia Core

Polyester, Polyurethane PalmSyntheticElastic Wrist, Hook-and-Loop4-16
Burton Breathable Vent

6. Burton Breathable Vent

Polyester fabric, Polyurethane PalmThermacoreHook-and-Loop, Wrist Cinch5 to 13


Frequently Asked Questions

 Are mittens or gloves better for kids skiing?

For kids who are just starting to learn how to ski or younger kids who just want to play in the snow, mittens with thin glove liners may be a better option. That is because mittens have less surface area, which means they can provide more warmth as they also allow kids to keep their fingers together. However, kids of advanced levels will benefit more from the dexterity and grip that a ski glove can provide. Whichever you or your kids prefer, you have to make sure that the gloves are made with quality materials and technologies and that they should fit your kids’ hands snugly.

How do you keep snow gloves on a toddler?

To keep mittens or snow gloves on a toddler, make sure they have more than one cinch strap and a bungee cinch cuff. You also have to ensure that the gloves are designed to be placed over their coat sleeves, and not under.


Buying Guide

Here are some key factors you must consider to find the perfect pair of ski gloves for your kids.


The best gloves for kids should always be waterproof. You must not buy a pair that is not at least water-resistant because your kids are eventually going to get it soaked.

With younger kids, it will be soaked faster than you can imagine since they will be playing with snow and might also grab something out of a puddle while wearing gloves.

As not all waterproofing is created equal, you should test the gloves right away by soaking them in water and checking if they start leaking after 1 minute and after 5 minutes.


Cold fingers will instantly ruin your kids’ day, so it is important that you choose insulated ski gloves or mittens.

While it’s great to have mittens or gloves that can keep their hands warm during a 15-minute recess, it is wiser to choose something that will keep them warm for 3 hours or more while they are out skiing or sledding. And even if they aren’t skiers, choosing quality over fashion is always better.

You have two choices when it comes to insulation, down insulation and synthetic. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Down is a lightweight and breathable insulation, but when it gets wet, it loses its insulation properties. However, this can be prevented with a waterproof shell.

Synthetic insulation, on the other hand, is less expensive and very durable but compresses over time, unlike down insulation. Synthetic insulation can also be a bit bulkier than down as a huge amount of synthetic insulation is needed to make a glove warm.


The shell or outermost material of the glove should be durable, windproof, and water-resistant if not waterproof.

The palm of the glove should also have a separate material to allow for good grip. Leather is one of the best materials to use on the palm of a glove because it is durable and grippy. Although, PU or TPU are great choices as well.

Furthermore, you have to be sure to take a look at the stitching of the glove as it should be stitched with a thicker thread for maximum durability.


The gloves you choose for your kids should also depend on the conditions where you plan to ski.

High-quality waterproofing and insulation are necessary for arctic areas, whereas light gloves might be more suitable for ski hills in places with milder or warmer winters.


Nobody wants to spend a lot of money on a pair of gloves that will only last a few seasons. Thus, you have to project your budget to something of high quality and based on how fast your kids wear through the gloves as you make your decision.


Gloves for kids are usually available in XS to XL sizes, which usually coincides with your child’s clothing size. Most manufacturers provide measurement charts to help you find the right size for your kids. Glove sizing is a bit more forgiving than clothing size, so it’s probably better to choose the larger size to allow room for growth.

Here are a few things to consider when seeking the right size of gloves or mittens:

  • The fingers should be able to touch the top of each glove finger/mitten. However, there should still be some room left.
  • Choose a glove with a slightly longer cuff to prevent snow and cold air from getting in.
  • The ski gloves should neither be tight nor uncomfortable.
  • Try out gloves from different manufacturers to see which one works best for you.

If the manufacturer offers a sizing chart and the products are true to size, then measure your kids’ hands.

  • Choose your kid’s dominant hand. For instance, if your child is right-handed, measure their right hand.
  • Start by measuring the widest part of their hand without including the thumb.
  • Then, measure the base of the hand until the top of the middle finger.
  • Look at the two sizes you got and use the larger one to determine what size glove you should get them.
  • Youth and adult-sized gloves will go by this size. For instance, if the largest measurement you got is 6 inches, then you should get gloves in size 6, unless the manufacturer’s size chart states otherwise.



Choosing the best ski gloves for your kids is as important as choosing your own. You should always consider quality materials and features over looks.

It is best to make sure that your kids are safe, warm, and comfortable, rather than worry about how fashionable they will look on the slopes. Whether you choose mittens or gloves, make sure they can keep your child’s hands toasty.

Our list includes great choices for your kids and yourself since some of these have sizes that can fit smaller adult hands. Besides, they are also great products for their prices.

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