BCP Adjustable Steel Mesh Zero Gravity Chair Review 2021

Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

Best Choice Products Adjustable Steel Mesh Zero Gravity Lounge Chair is a two-set reclining type of chair that can carry about 250 pounds capacity weight each. The package includes an adjustable and removable tray holder for your cup, phone, tablet or books. It has two headrest pillows, each for the chairs.


This zero gravity chair is perfect on your beach outing, watching sports events or any outdoor activities. It is strengthened with a steel frame and mesh seats for long-lasting use. What we like about this chair is the truth that you can get two chairs in one package just below $100 with the features that can satisfy your required chairs.

However, be careful and think about it if you want to get these units, you should consider the maximum weight capacity and the materials used to build this product are prone to rusts.


The visual representation of the product speaks of giving comfort to the user already. Since this is a reclining type of chair, you can guarantee that it will satisfy your relaxation. Reclining chairs are types of chairs in which you can adjust the back part of the seat. You can lower it or raise it.

Another name for reclining chairs is the zero gravity chairs. It aims to weigh and align your body and heart. Meaning, it will toss the tension you have been feeling when sleeping when using a usual camping or outdoor chair.

This reclining chair can be modified up to 160 degrees. Try to picture out, that’s an adequate angle to slant your body properly for relaxation.

Apart from the fact that this is a reclining chair, the manufacturer, BCP has added a removable and adjustable headrest for further relief when you are sitting on it. That will provide support to your neck and head if you lower the reclining chair for resting or sleeping purposes.

The headrest is already a substantial element for the idea of comfort however BCP has also designed for the stable footrest. With such, your head, body and feet can unwind equally without having trouble adjusting your position. The chair is just there to regulate that for you.

If you buy this chair, it comes with a detachable holding tray. This can be attached under the armrest but take note that this is only one item so, it’s your decision where to put the tray, may it be on the right or left part of your armrest.

This tray can have a 2 cup holders positioned in front and the back of the holder. It can hold your drinks while laying your back during your outing. In the middle of the tray, there is a perfect space where you can put your cell phone serves a stand if you aren’t using it. It has also an extra space from on the side that you can utilize to hold your books or magazines.

So if you are seeking comfort and almost-perfect relaxation, we recommend this recliner to you.


Dimensions: 38” x 25” x 6”

Weight: 16.3lbs

Material: Textilene Fabric

Weight Capacity: 250lbs

This zero gravity chair does not only offer focused on giving comfort and proper alignment of your body when resting, it has also some supplementary items for an extra advantage for you to hamper struggles when relaxing.

If you consider getting one of this chair’s unit, you will have a detachable and removable tray, two zero gravity chairs and two headrest pillows, one for each of the chairs. The sizes of the pillows are 14 inches length, 2 inches width, and 7 inches height. That’s a measurement for the individual pillows.

We have already mentioned the role of the tray in the comfort section of our review. The tray can be attached on both sides under the armrest. It consists of two cup holders, a phone holder, and extra books or tablet receptacles for your convenience. That will solve your worry about where to put your stuff when sitting. A great benefit since you won’t be standing up repeatedly just to get your drinks and belongings.

Let’s talk about the size of this chair. The open dimensions are measured with 32.5” -61” for the length with 25 inches width and 33.5” -44′ inches height while the folded dimensions are equals to 38 inches for the length, 25 inches width, and 6 inches height.



Expect the weight to be heavy because this is two chairs. From what we have evaluated, you will really need a vehicle to transport it from different places. We suggest you transport it with a vehicle for an easy carry since this is two units. Each will have different weights however, you and companion can carry it but not for a long period of time even if it is foldable equipment.

We warned you not to carry it physically as the weight of each reclining chair is 16.3 pounds. This is like bearing 16 footballs in one carry. Imagine how heavy that is if you are carrying it while traveling. That is a red flag for you to see.

We suggest you use this during your outdoor activities like going on a beach, watching some events or camping in a place where there is a parking space for your vehicle.

But if you are looking for another lightweight option, you can check Kelty Low Loveseat. It is around 15 pounds weight however, the design is a loveseat style. This is just lighter than two of these reclining chairs.

Ease of Setup

We don’t have much discussion to give when it comes to the setup details of this BCP’s zero gravity chairs. Similar to other portable camping or outdoor chairs, all you need is to extend the frame or skeletal framework for the full set up of this seat.

Based on our testing, this reclining chair has no carrying bag complement if you get one so, the unit is open and no cover when you transport it. You just need to find some alternative to coat the chair for safekeeping. That’s a disadvantage and it can cause damage to the equipment if it is vulnerably naked.

For the setting up aspects, you’ll just have to expand the folded chair like an accordion then attach the removable tray under the armrest. You can also locate the screw-like element that can allow you to unlock or lock the adjustments of the recliner.

That’s how easy to set up this chair. It won’t take a minute and only a few seconds will do for the full assembly.


BCP zero gravity chairs are made of the steel framesA fact that steel as the main support of the chair is naturally durable. This is a common element that the manufacturers fused with their products for a strong performance and long-lasting existence and use.

Aside from the steel frame, BCP has also forged this chair with steel mesh from the headrest part to the lower leg area of the seat.

However, the weight capacity of the chair is somehow limited. It is not really to be utilized by someone who is heavier than 250 pounds. Each chair can only carry the said weight. You can try using it if your weight is greater a bit from the maximum however, it is best to follow the specification provided by the manufacturer so that it won’t be damaged or break so that you can use it for a long time.

Since you can use it for outdoor activities, don’t be apprehensive to use it under the direct sunlight as it is braced with ultraviolet resistant.


Out of all the features we’ve mentioned, here’s a summary of what we like about this camping chair:

  • Easy to dry if drenched under the rain
  • Reasonable price
  • Adjustable lock-unlock system to secure your seat position
  • Steel frame


We noticed a couple of minor cons in this camp chair, these are:

  • Seats are vulnerable to rust because it is steel mesh
  • No carry bag for carrying
  • Low weight capacity


BCP Set of 2 Adjustable Steel Mesh Zero Gravity Lounge Chair is a potential reclining type of chair that can fill-in your relaxation needs. It is simply designed with steel mesh on the seats with a steel frame for the backbone of the chair. However, you may encounter some disadvantages the longer you use it in different weather just like the rust formation on the seats.

You just need to be careful in using it. It can fight under the direct sunlight if you are on a beach with a UV resistant feature. We consider this as one of the  Best Reclining Camp Chair we have reviewed.

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