Badlands National Park, Perfect Getaway from Civilization

Badlands National Park

Published: July 13, 2021

Badlands National Park stands out for its prairie grasslands that contrast with imposing natural colorful formations like spyres, canyons, buttes, and fins. It’s home of thousands of fossils and skeletons from animals that used to live there during the Age of Mammals. The ambiance of the park along with its scenic views has the power to transport every persona to an ancient era as soon as they step inside.

This place is a perfect getaway from civilization. Its 244,000 acres will make you feel nothing but peace and freedom.

Activities and highlights

If you’re looking for a complete desolation trip, you’ll fall in love with this place. Badlands is a park where you can drive, bike, hike, and explore without its natural wonders ceasing to amaze you.

Explore the Badlands

The adventure starts before you arrive. There’s a scenic road called The Badlands Loop Road that you have to take to arrive and settle in your camping area. It’ll give that you an idea of the amazing landscapes that await. We recommend that you drive through this byway during the sunrise or sunset to see the Badlands beauty at its best.

In the park, you’ll be in awe with all of the natural elements it has to offer. You can explore the areas hiking and stumble upon a bison grazing the prairies or get to see the colorful wildflowers that live within the prairie’s grasses.


The Badlands is a place full of history and Native American traditions. For many years it has been the home to the Oglala Sioux Tribe that is now the one in charge of the park’s management. They organize events on different dates of the year where you can learn about the culture through musical ceremonies, dances, and crafts.

Camping area

Camping in Badlands provides a unique experience for backpackers because of the thousands of stars that fill the skies at night. You can stay at the Cedar Pass campground where you can borrow telescopes and equipment to stargaze. The skies here are so clear that they allow the campers to see other planets, moons, and even entire galaxies.

The second campground where you can set your tent is Sage Creek. This one is popular because of its proximity to the wilderness area of the park, so if you’re lucky you might even get to see a bison wandering the site.

Campers also have the option to settle anywhere they want in the park as long as they are at least half a mile from the trails and roads and aren’t visible from them.

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