Arches National Park, Utah, Love Hiking?

Arch in December

Published: July 13, 2021

With a total of 73,234 acres, this is one of the top camping places in the United States. It’s full of breathtaking natural sandstone arches and different geological formations that include sandstone fins, balanced rocks, high pinnacles, and gigantic hoodoos and spires, all of them with impressive red colorings. The view of this park itself is a delight for anyone who goes and makes the trip all worthy.

Hikes and tours

If you like hiking, you’re going to fall in love completely with this place. There are a lot of hiking trails across the park, some of them easier than others, yet equally amazing. So, one thing you won’t want to leave behind when going hiking through the arches are your binoculars and a good camera.

Delicate Arch

When hiking the different trails you’ll find a lot of inspiring viewpoints where you’ll want to stop and just admire the natural formations. The most famous one in the park is the Delicate Arch, to get to it you’ll have to follow a 3-mile trail, that goes by the same name as the attraction, to the top and later descend to a natural rock bowl.

Park Avenue

Another designated point of interest in the park is Park Avenue Trail. This is a one-mile trail that descends into a canyon where you’ll feel like a dwarf surrounded by imposing towerings like the Courthouse Towers, The Organ, and the Tower of Babel.

Double Arch

This is another must in Arches National. The Double Arch is one of the park’s most visited features that you’ll probably recognize for the opening scene in the Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade movie.

Primitive Loop

If you’re looking for adventure and challenge, this eight-mile hike will do it for you. It’ll take you through seven different viewpoints where you can stop, drink some water, and recover your breathe in the company of beautiful arch formations.

You can find a lot more highlights and trails like the Balanced Rock, the Landscape Arch, the Fiery Furnace, and spots where you can see and enjoy exotic plants and wildflowers. It’s impossible to visit all the park’s viewpoints, so if you’re short on time or you want to see them all, they offer guided tours and shuttle drives that can take you to all of the park’s popular destinations.


In Arches National Park there’s only one campground called The Devil’s Garden in which you can find over 50 individual and group camping sites to set up your tents. It’s located right in the park’s heart and it’s elevated 5200 feet. You’ll be camping surrounded by the red rock desert and all its wildflowers.

Since this is an elevated camping site, even if there’s sun and seems warm, it can be cool at times, especially at night. So, don’t forget to pack a comfy sleeping bag and lots of blankets to keep you warm at night while you stargaze with your telescope and astronomy gear.

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