AeroPress Coffee Maker (Review 2021)

AeroPress Coffee Maker

AeroPress is a durable, portable, and easy to use coffee maker. With a total weight of 6.4 ounces, it can be packed and brought anywhere with you. Ideal for camping, boating, and any outdoor activities you are planning to do.

Aside from these features, the ability to reduce the acid and making the coffee taste smooth and rich in a quick way is what caught our attention. We haven’t found any vast drawbacks in this equipment aside from the limited amount of coffee it can provide.

Let’s further discuss the features and performance of this coffee maker based on the following topics: brew features, taste, ease of use, group cooking, portability, weight, and value.


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Brew Features

Most coffee lovers are impressed with AeroPress Coffee Maker which makes it prominent in its field. The body of this coffee maker looks small but when it comes to brewing ability, we can say that it’s a monster.

Aeropress, the manufacturer of this product made this coffee maker in 2005 and is constantly receiving a lot of positive reviews from the users. This machinery is capable of fast brewing that only takes a minute to finish the brewing process. It also has a feature to take off the bitter taste and acid that shows up after the preparation.

The manufacturer has engineered their special paper Microfilter which allows you to easily remove the coffee sediments for easy cleaning. Take note that the coffee it can produce is americano or espresso. This feature is just very similar to other products of coffee makers.


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With proper preparation and selection of coffee beans, you can make the best beverage that will satisfy your taste. Although not all coffee drinkers have the same palate in terms of coffee, your coffee maker can aid you to produce the taste that you are looking for. This product has caught our attention due to its performance.

What’s great with AeroPress Coffee Maker is the fast brewing action while transforming your coffee to possess that rich and smooth flavor. Aside from making your coffee delicious, this machine also removes the bitter taste and reduces the amount of acid. Most coffee lovers have already faced this in different kinds of coffee so Aeropress might solve your problem.

You can make your coffee taste lighter by using the 350 filters included by the manufacturer or any paper filter. If you prefer stronger tasting coffee then you can skip this method.


Ease of Use

Basically, coffee makers tend to hit goals and one of them is to set it up into an easier process. If you are able to use this kind of equipment before, then the routine of brewing is not different. Bear in mind also that this is far from the french press.

The usage of this coffee maker is definitely easy. Not only easy but fast and capable of preparing several cups in one brew. Since almost all coffee makers are created to brew americano and espresso type, you are allowed to use it in preparing cappuccino and lattes.

Apart from the easy use feature, the cleaning process of this equipment is effortless and it won’t take you a minute to remove the coffee sediments. You just detach the cap of the filter then push the plunger to throw away the remaining coffee grounds. Before you do this, make sure you are positioning the filter in your garbage can.


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Group Cooking

In this area, we really don’t have much to protest about the number of cups it can cater to. For the brewing preparation, this Aeropress can make up to 3 cups of coffee after pressing it in a span of a minute. If we compare this to other products, we can say that there are several coffee makers that are more capable to brew more coffee.

However, let’s have a look at the size of this equipment. It’s a fact that if you have a small container, then it can hold only a small amount of liquid. And for the situation of Aeropress, the design is totally compact wherein it has limitations when it comes to the volume of coffee it can brew.

From our perception, 3 cups is not a bad measurement. If you want to add more coffee, then we advise you to fill the equipment again or repeat the brewing process.



This coffee maker amazed us when we were able to have this at first. Wonder why? It looks small and your first impression will make you think that this is good for camping or backpacking. But that does not limit the use of it. You can bring this in your office or even in your car while you are traveling.

Aeropress is known for its quick and straightforward way to brew a coffee but the key feature we really like is the handy and compact structure of this equipment. The versatility and portability are indeed the most substantial features that this coffee maker highlights. If you are planning to go somewhere and would like to pack a coffee maker then this may be the perfect one for you.

But, of course, you can certainly use it indoors. It’s just that the size is undeniably small which leads us to come up with an idea that this is mainly used for camping and backpacking. Be reminded that this is just a coffee maker and you can’t use it to drink directly. You will need a mug or cup in order to drink the coffee produced.


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From the portable size, the weight of Aeropress will not fail your expectations. This only weighs about 6.4 ounces or less than a pound. This means, the size also compliments the weight. The body of this coffee maker does not affect the parts. If you assemble it before you pack, the weight will still be the same. The product dimension of Aeropress has a 9.5 inches height, 4 inches width, and 4 inches depth.

If you buy this product, it comes with a plunger, chamber, seal, filter cap, funnel, filter holder, scoop, and stirrer.



We have seen a lot of potential and advantages you can get with AeroPress coffee maker and if we judge the price from it, we can conclude that the price is reasonable. A good price for versatile and portable equipment.

The price on Amazon is currently $29.95 which is not expensive and also not cheap. French press coffee makers are more affordable than this but if you are looking for better features, then AeroPress is perfect for you. Also, the body of this equipment is durable which was described by the other users as built to last.


After you’ve had your coffee fix, you’ll be left with coffee grounds that needs to be disposed properly. Disposing coffee grounds improperly is harmful for the environment and is not in line with the Leave No Trace principle. As a responsible camper, you should know what to do with used coffee grounds



The AeroPress Coffee Maker has been lifting its name since the year it was released. If you are curious, you can ask some users or read some reviews about their feedback from their experience when using these coffee equipment.

With a durable body, portable size, and easy-to-use process, you will not regret getting one unit. However, always remember that the volume of coffee it can brew is limited to 3, or that depends on the cup you are using. Lastly, this coffee maker is a complete package with exceptional performance.

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