15 Tips to Enjoy Camping in the Rain with Kids

Camping in the Rain

There are many things to consider when planning a camping trip in territories that encounter a lot of rain. This involves the stuff you need to pack and extra gear to protect you from the wet weather. However, what can you possibly do inside your tent if you are with kids?

To enjoy camping even if it should rain, the most substantial step you should do first is check the weather and try to find some information about the place before you go. Then, bring extra clothes for both you and your kids; pack some toys, cards or board games, and gadgets to entertain them; and defend them against the cold weather by layering their clothes.

We have gathered several tips from other campers that we find relevant in this case. There are some techniques that you can follow if the rain is only pouring lightly. But most of these are mainly to manage the kids’ boredom inside the tent.


Rain during a long awaited camping trip can be a huge bummer, especially for the kids. But, if you’re prepared, a little rain won’t break your camping trip. Save yourself from stress and bored kids by following our guide on how to prepare for a rainy camping trip with kids


15 tips for rainy camping days with toddlers

Camping in rainy weather is a complicated situation, especially with toddlers. Thus, you should check the weather before you go and look for an ideal place. Also, pack extra things or outfits, and don’t forget their toys or any entertaining gadgets you can use. If there is only light rain, create a campfire to keep you all warm.

The tips mentioned above are only a few of the things that you can do when camping in the rain. Other methods will be discussed under.

1. Check the weather beforehand

This advice does not only apply if you are with toddlers. In any kind of camping trips, you should always check the weather before going on your adventure. This way, you can decide if you should continue or just cancel your trip if it’s too dangerous.

Knowing the weather in advance can help you comprehend what to bring. Kids can stay inside your tent if the conditions can be difficult for them. For example, if there are rainfall or strong winds, it will be perilous for them to stay outside.

2. Try your equipment before you leave

There are several factors to consider when camping, like the size, types of tents, and the setup process. We advise you to be familiar with how to install everything before you go camping. Apart from the fact that it lessens the time spent building your tent, you will know what the other necessities you should bring are.

Kids need to be protected in all ways. Going with a group requires more than enough space inside your tent. By testing it before leaving, you will know if you can all fit on a certain floor size.

3. Pack things for toddlers

They have different likings and behaviors compared to adults. For sure, sometimes, they’ll get bored and you may not be able to entertain them. So to anticipate, bring something they can play with, even if they are just inside the tent.

If you walk to the campsite, you may not be able to carry all the toys the toddler brought, so you may want to consider to pack only one or two. Your backpack is a very essential storage, so you better prioritize your needs.

4. Be knowledgeable of the place

Take some time to read everything about the place. From the background of the campsite, you can ensure safety for you and the toddler. Know the animals, plants, and the trail surrounding the area.

Toddlers are innocent in everything and they are required to be under your guidance. Secure your child and don’t leave them to play around alone on your campsite, as poisonous insects could bite them or they might unintentionally eat inedible fruits.

5. Carefully select an ideal place

If there is a place that you like where there is no rainfall forecasted for the date you plan to go camping, you may want to consider going there instead. If there is no such place, you can just look for spots that are on higher surfaces, where you won’t be experiencing floods. Be careful when choosing places with intense weather conditions. Remember, you are with a toddler; it’s harder for them to withstand those conditions.

6. Use interesting gears

Any kind of flashlights or headlamps will grab the toddler’s interest. Apart from giving them lights at night, they will also think of it as their weapon. Their imagination is so wide, and it can expand just by letting them use or play with these.

We also suggest the use of rain gear. If you plan to go on a walk in the rain, you can protect them by making them wear rain gears. Check how intense the rain is before your kid goes outside. If it is indeed hard for a kid, you may reconsider letting them go outside. Always mind their resistance.

7. Don’t forget their essentials

Toddlers are sensitive in so many ways. Camping is an outdoor activity that involves numerous external elements that can be hazardous. Therefore, protect your child in all ways and don’t let them expose themselves to insect bites or rain.

Pack some sunscreen, insect spray, and anything that can keep them warm. Adults have a different resistance to cold than children. Choose substances and lotions that won’t harm your child. Be careful, and always check the specifications.


Camping is a good activity that will allow your toddler to enjoy nature. But, unlike regular camping with adults, there are certain things that you need to prepare so that your little one will be able to fully enjoy this activity. Read our essential guide for camping with toddlers to know more.


8. Pack extra outfits for your toddler

It’s recommended to check the weather at your campground. If you find out that it can get cold or rain, you can thicken your toddler’s outfit. The same goes with rainfall. If all of you got accidentally wet, it’s good to have an extra outfit to change.

Following these tips can prevent negative things from happening. Avoid your child being threatened by sickness, danger on trails, bad weather, and insects. We aren’t hoping that these will happen, but it is best to be vigilant.

9. Use your gadgets

Apart from toys, some toddlers get entertained by watching cartoons. So, you can use your phone and create a small theatre inside your tent. This can help them stay focused on the videos and not getting bored.

However, be watchful on the battery of your gadget, as it can devour it big time when used for a long period. There are still other choices that you can opt for, apart from watching videos.

10. Take out all the important things before night

We suggest you take out the things you’ll be needing from your backpack. Nighttime can be a hassle for finding your stuff. The worst outcome is that you could lose your stuff due to rummaging.

Another thing to keep in mind if you have a toddler and you are in the midst of rummaging your things is that they can pick some stuff and misplaced them. So, be attentive in this situation.

11. Fishing

If there is only light rain and you feel that your toddler can go outside, you may want to consider going fishing with them. They will be captivated by this activity too. Kids are so curious about everything that surrounds them.

However, guard your child when fishing. If possible, don’t let them anywhere near the water. Always check if it’s too slippery for them to prevent them from accidentally falling into the water.

12. Install an alternative shelter to hang your clothes

You can use a camping tarp for this. It is preferable to hang your clothes, even without sunlight, so that you can still use them once they’re dry. Certain weather conditions are really unexpected, so don’t wait for the sun to rise before you work on some alternatives.

Purchase a camping tarp if you find out that the state of the weather is very unpredictable. You can place the tarp near your tent, so that you can use it as a roof to dry everything that is damped.

13. A campfire is still an option

In light rain, you can still build a campfire, create a fire, and cook your food. Aside from these advantages, you can also keep yourself warm in cold weather. Beware of your toddler and don’t let them near the fire, as they could accidentally burn something, or worse, harm themselves.

14. Pack some board or card games

In the long hours of staying inside a tent, kids can get bored if they have only one toy to play with. Plus, it’s not possible to keep your gadgets to operate full-time because the battery will eventually be drained. In such cases, another option that you can consider is playing with board or card games.

You can hamper their boredom by having several activities they can choose from, even if you are just inside your tent. It is also a good way to spend time with them while waiting for the rain to stop.

15. Entertain them

You can entertain them by reading stories, making music and doing art activities. These are just interactive projects you can do. If the rain won’t stop, you can keep diverting their attention and even enjoy yourself too.


Although camping is a great opportunity to both learn and have fun in nature, it can seem hard to fill your camping days with enjoyable yet educational activities while you’re out in the wilderness. To help you with this predicament, we have 11 camping activities that are educational that you can enjoy with your kids and the whole family. 



Surviving camping in the rain is quite difficult with kids. You should provide them entertainment or toys, so that they won’t be bored while staying inside the tent. We all know that they really love engaging in a lot of physical activities, but with this situation, it is not just advisable for them to go outside.

Following the enumerated tips can definitely help you oppose the conflict. Whatever you opt for, protect your kid, provide them food, and warm them up by layering their clothes. Those are just the most important methods you can execute.

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